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MARCH 10, 2012 1:49PM

Cigar Review- El Tiante Oscuro-Karen Rontowski

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Wrapper: Ecuadorian

Binder and filler: Nicaraguan

Size: Robusto 5 x 50

Strength: To the moon, Alice!

Price: Around $7 per stick

El Tiante appears to be a Nicaraguan puro, except for an Ecuadorian wrapper. I was unable to find any additional info on it.


el inlit 1



el unlit 2


Cuban-born baseball legend Luis Tiant, known as “El Tiante,” spearheaded his own line of cigars in 2007. This was around the period of the 25th anniversary of his final major league game.

The sticks are made at Don Pepin’s My Father Cigars Factory with Ecuadorian-seed wrappers and Nicaraguan binders and fillers.

Construction is very solid. Some veins but possesses the high standards of Garcia’s better cigars. The prelight aroma is earth, cocoa and some citrus.

This cigar starts with a whole bunch of red pepper zing, sweetness, and dried fruit that make up the primary bold profile expected in a Garcia stick. A half inch in, it mellows a tad, reducing some of the spice and picking up roasted almonds and a wonderful creaminess. The initial impact is a full-bodied blend. And the char line is perfect.


el ash 1


  I smoked one prior to this review and I want to thank New Hampshire Cigars for the samples. I liked the first one and this second one seems to fall in line perfectly with the last one. No difference in taste or body. Quality control.


el ash 2


As the burn drifts into the second third, I get a mix of cocoa and that dark molasses sweetness that I sniffed on the prelight. The creaminess leads the herd. The power of the cigar ramps up and I begin to slow down so I don’t end up on the floor begging for mommy to make the room stop spinning.


el ash 3



el ash 4


The last third has notes of dark espresso with a cocoa and cream finish and the perfect balance of sweetness.

Thanks to New Hampshire Cigars for the samples.


el band









 I made a new friend on Face Book. A very nice lady whose humor will make you pee your pants. Her name is Karen Rontowski. She has been on Letterman, Comedy Channel, and so many other shows that there is no room to list them. Look her up and be her friend.

I’ve always loved funny women. I’m a funny guy and find myself expected to perform at parties. I have a dry wit and a lightning oatmeal flash of a brain. Growing up, I was drawn to girls that made me laugh. Even at a young age, I noticed that funny girls were very withdrawn when not making us laugh. They also had self esteem issues because women weren’t supposed to be funnier than the men around them.

It’s hard to believe by looking at me now, but in my youth, I was a babe magnet because I dug women. I listened to them and if a woman was funnier than me, I shut up and enjoyed their presence. My wife, Charlotte, is extremely funny. I was immediately drawn to her because of her sense of humor.




Comedy has always been very prejudiced against women comedians. In a scene full of lefties and liberals, there was a skew to their mentality. That’s mainly because the male comedians had bigger esteem issues than the women. It still goes on today.

Karen is one of those fine jewels that makes you laugh at clean jokes. Sure, I loved Robert Schimmel. I thought he was brilliant. But Karen is brilliant as well. Go to youtube and watch and listen to a pro. Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOSKxomU4pc for a glimpse.

Thanks to my dear friend, Bonnie Vent, for bringing Karen to my attention.





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I agree that "El Tiante" is a wonderful full bodied smoke. It has flavors that keeps the smoke enjoyable. The Rosado is also another smoke that is worth trying as well. The taste in the smoke that was reviewed is consistence in the cigar. I have the pleasure to know
Dan Tiante and he is a down to earth and sweet individual that takes his time to converse with you about any subject. I admire him for his strenghts, perserverences and the love for his parents. When you know the person behind the cigar name, it seems the smoke is further enjoyed with pride.
Thank you, Iliana, for your comments. Say hi to Dan for me.