Cigars...Strudel...& Hollowpoints
JANUARY 28, 2012 1:11PM

Concealed Carry Senior Citizen

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Yesterday, a Kansas State Trooper pulled over an elderly woman for speeding on Interstate 166...upon presenting her license and insurance, the Trooper noticed her concealed carry permit.

He asked the woman if she had a weapon on her? She said, "Yes. I have a .45 automatic in the glove box."

Her body language prompted him to ask if she had any others? She said, "Yes, a 9mm Glock in the armrest."

Upon that admission he had to ask if that was all she had? She said "No, I also have a .38 special in my purse."

He then asked her, "Ma'am, what are you afraid of?"
She looked him dead in the eye and said,

"Not a fucking thing"










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Hah~He's the one who should be afraid, very afraid!
I would expect nothing less.

Rated with an Ug.
I've read this a few places now and I love it! If I was packing that much heat I wouldn't be scared of a fucking thing either.

Peter G