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JANUARY 6, 2012 5:30PM

Cigar Review in Waiting-La Palina El Diario

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Received 2 La Palina Cigars-Torpedoes from Courtney Smith of aforementioned company last week.

La Palina is owned by William C Paley Jr. Yes, that Paley. The father of CBS.

Mr. Paley brought back the cigar business to the family after a long time dormant. The results are shown in prior reviews by me. Not cheap sticks. $20-$30 each. They are marvelous cigars.

Bill decided to put out a cigar that everyone could afford called the El Diario. It goes for around $10 each.

The torpedo is the newest in the blend. 

As cigar enthusiasts know, humidor aging is all important to the cigar profile. The longer it sleeps, the better it gets. Aging for years is common. Most, like me, let cigars rest a couple months or so. 

But in this case, I'm chomping at the bit. I've smoked the El Diario before and it's a great cigar. I can't wait to see how the new shape affects the flavor profile. But I must be patient. I plan to smoke the first one around the middle of January. And then the second one a couple weeks later.

The La Palina Company has been very kind by posting my reviews on their web site. So I'm anxious not to let them down. In fact, it's not so much a review, as it will be a tome of praise. I have no doubt.


el diario


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Hello mate,
FRed(tm) and I thought we'd try OS again and by_shit it's possible to connect again - must be 2012?

I know you like this brand and it's featured in Cigar Press magazine - well, the firm advertise in it so that is a no brainer but .....

They are a cigar I intend to try on a non windy day by the Estuary based on you previous post and especially as I'm a torp tart.

Not sure about you but when spending what for the USA is a serious amount on a cigar (they're much cheaper in your country than the UK) I'd expect to be able to smoke them straight away, or at least some of them.
ooops. A senior moment there and a poor connection.
When I said expensive I was referring to their $30 cigars.

Just a point a UK supplier even wants 300 pounds sterling = $460 for a box of 20 Indian Tabac Robustos as opposed to the peanuts they're sold in the USA so imagine if these superior brands you get sent were for sale in England?

Best Wishes