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APRIL 11, 2011 2:38PM

E.P. Carillo New Wave Gran Via- Cigar Review-Annie Oakley!

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Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan and Dominican

Body: Medium

Price: $125.95 (B0ox of 20)



carillo new wave 2




carillio new wave oil paint



The wrapper is an extremely consistent light brown. The wrapper gives off sheen from it’s silky toothiness. There are some larger veins running the length of the cigar leading up to a Cuban-style triple cap. The cigar is extremely solid with no noticeable soft spots. The Construction is stellar. There is a trend emanating from anything Carillo has put his name on since leaving La Gloria Cubana. Superb quality

Upon light up, it is very smooth with a lovely sweet tobacco flavor and some caramel, a bit of light coffee, some cedar and a sweet apple note. Not exactly a Connecticut flavor profile.
carillo new wave ash 1
There is a slight spiciness that would come and go. It also was full of sweet cream and an under the radar  nuttiness. As the cigar continues to burn, there is a slight honey-like sweetness that melds with the other flavors nicely.
We spent so much time at the range that the owners made an odd offer. My daughter, Katie was 11 at the time...and a crack shot with her Browning .380 pistol. I bought her a tactical holster which made it easier for her to draw. We took classes together. Safety was always the dominant program but we learned techniques and styles that improved our target shooting.
She got so good, so fast, that she was starting to shoot better than everyone around us, including me. She got so comfortable with a gun at her side, she thought nothing of it. It was nothing to brag about or show off. And it gave us some great Father/Daughter time together.
The range was in Mesa, AZ. It also was a store for all things weapons. The range was indoors and had a glass partition between it and the store.
On the weekends, men would bring their wives in, trying to convince them to buy a gun. The men felt their wives should be able to defend themselves and should take classes as well. It was a hard sell for most of them.
carillo new wave ash 2
As I get to the halfway point, the sweet apple, creaminess, and nuttiness is prominant to the point that I feel the only thing missing is a stick. The flavors are not quite as complex as I anticipated but the profile is nicely done. Plus, we must remember, that this is basically an inexpensive Carillo. $6 each instead of the $13 on some of his cigars. It's an entry level stick into Carillo's line. So while it may not be a complex cigar, it certainly is a delicious one. It is still an incredibly well balanced and medium to full flavored cigar while maintaining a mild-medium body.
carillo new wave ash 3
We would spend a couple hours at the range and then something strange happened. The owner, would come into the closed off range area and hand me a new box of .45 rounds for me and .380's for Katie...so we thanked him and hung around.
And then it happened. As we left one day, the owner took me aside. He handed Katie a couple bucks for a soda and some Skittles. He wanted to know if we'd be interested in spending the full day at the range on the weekends?
He told us that the wives were shocked and impressed to see little Katie knocking out rounds on her semi auto like it was a video game with natural aplomb. She followed all the saftey rules to the tee...of course, there is a range master inside the range to make sure that everyone followed those rules.
Katie was nick named "Annie Oakley" by the range/store staff. And when the women saw her fearlessly shooting her weapon, it was easier to make a sale.
The last third is all sweetness, cream, and fruitiness. I swear it's like a caramel apple. I made sure to buy the Gran Via which is a Churchill just so I could enjoy this stick for 90 minutes or more.
carillo new wave ash 4
The owner said he'd pay me $10 an hour if I could have Katie hang and shoot all day on Saturday and Sunday. She wouldn't have to shoot all the time, but hang in the store for awhile...the treats would be on the store...and let women see her with her tactical rig on her hip. Katie was completely natural with a gun at her side.  That naturalness shone through like a beam of sunshine. Couples would talk to her, and me, when we were in the store, taking a break. And Katie was very articulate. She was very proud that she took a 2 day concealed carry program with me and passed both the written and practical tests. She was very disappointed when she didn't get her permit. It still makes me laugh today thinking about the ride home and her whining that she couldn't have a permit.
carillo new wave nub
Needless to say, I courteously declined their offer. I did not want my daughter to be some icon put on display so that they could increase gun sales to women. It just wasn't the right thing to do to a 11 year old.
But when we came in every weekend, they rolled out the red carpet for us. They even called us during the week to find out when we'd be coming in so they could hold a booth for us in the range. Everyone called her "Annie." Katie like it when she found out what it meant.
As a result of that experience, she's become an expert at just about every type of weapon at the age of 25. No she didn't become a cop. She's an EMT in Milwaukee.
back to the future_0007
Katie age 11
katie with glock 
As I wind down on the New Wave, it's a simple pleasure that the cigar delivers. It's a great morning cigar, especially if you don't have much in your stomach....no danger of getting the spins as you might get from a stronger cigar. Because of the superb construction and the triple cap, I have no trouble with errant bits of tobacco getting stuck between my teeth. The cap stays solid and intact the entire smoke. That's a nice surprise.  

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Too bad some of the many hoplophobes on this site won't be reading this, as it might do them some good. On second thought, it likely wouldn't do them any good. It's more fun to be smug than to keep an open mind.

Brava, Katie.
What the hell's a hoplophobe?
I think it's someone who is afraid of Hopalong Cassidy. Am I correct, Matt?
You got it, Katman. Actually, Crankster, it's a word coined by legendary gun nut Col. Jeff Cooper to mean an irrational fear of weapons - as opposed to a rational fear of same. The distinction may seem obscure, but only to those who've stared down the barrel of a firearm held by a stranger.
Trying that again, ...the distinction may seem obscure, but only to those who have never stared down the barrel, etc.
Jeff Cooper was a man's man. He made John Wayne look like Rosie O'Donnell. This man has killed every animal on the planet 12 times over. He participated in every war and skirmish during his lifetime and became very famous instructor. People bowed down in his presence. He's been dead about 5 years.
Jeff Cooper was a man's man. He made John Wayne look like Rosie O'Donnell. This man has killed every animal on the planet 12 times over. He participated in every war and skirmish during his lifetime and became very famous instructor. People bowed down in his presence. He's been dead about 5 years.