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April 27
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DECEMBER 23, 2011 7:35PM

Christmas Greetings

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To friends and loved ones near and far, good friends on Open Salon, all the best at the holidays and always.



The photo is one taken of us on the beach at 505 Front Street, Lahaina, Maui, a few years ago at the Feast at Lele.  It seemed to be right for this card.

Below is the letter I enclosed this year. 



May your holidays be joyous, filled with love and laughter, and may the new year bring you peace and prosperity.

To those of you who've extended friendship and supported my writing here, my many thanks.  I look forward to your continued participation and contributions here.

May you be blessed, 


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All blessings to you Kathy.....
Best wishes to you, Kathy.
WOW. Keys stuck. I wondered about you.

Qh! A Post reminds me. It's hand-written.
I love hand written seasonal cards. It smells.
I mean the card has a pleasant home smell.
You both smile beautifully. You wear leas.
I believe I do smell flowers. I smile too, ay!
I once participaTED (keys stink?) (stick.) in
a anti-war, out-spoken-ness, in DC in `80's.
I was supporting Veterans at the Memorial.
Vietnam's Memorial - Charlie Litkey MOH -
A Red Cross Nurse - She was a WW2 Nurse-
We were pro-peace when Reagan was what?
S. Bryan Wilson, Veterans - Great People `
It was in the 80's Contra - Crime Spree`
REmember - Oliver North - Drugs/Arms`
It was when we vets were - "Security Risk`
That hurt.
Be Peace.
This reminded me of Opening Letters.
The Veterans Fast For Life got Attention.
Former Chaplain Charlie Litekey, WW-2's
Nurse with a Bronze Star, and good people`
Like You sent hand written letters. I opened.
I opened handwritten beautiful letters. This:
O, I was reminded.
It was handwritten.
The post unfolded.
Yes. Peace. Blessed.
What a nice Greeting.
You sent a nice card.
Such a happy picture, may you be blessed as well.
May you have a happy Christmas, Kathy.
I hope you will find time to write regularly, Kathy. Best to you...
Merry Christmas to you too, Kathy. Hoping 2012 is a better year for you. I love reading your stories and posts. You are an amazing woman. I love your Christmas Card too. Larry was so well loved, and so are you.
Thank you Kathy. Love and life to you as well!
This is beautiful Kathy . . . Warmth and love to you.
And a most happy holiday to you.
Hey, Kathy, no thanks necessary: That road goes both ways, you know.

I've been collating and reading letters home from an airman who didn't make it home, so I know what you mean about the insights. I feel like I know the man in a way I couldn't have in real life. Worst problem I have had so far is dealing with the fact that I know the ending of the story.
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. I'm glad you have found the strength to move forward, however much it hurts at times when you are by yourself. My husband was just diagnosed with prostate cancer on TOP of his M.S so we are subdued and fragile this Christmas season. I am not feeling particularly tolerant of everybody's assholeness around me. SO, looking forward to doing more posts in 2012 and reading yours as well.
Killer pic Kathy . Have a picture perfect year.
To you, Kathy. & absent friends.