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Kathy Riordan
Florida, United States
April 27
One woman's view of life and the universe. Follow @katriord on Twitter.


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OCTOBER 12, 2011 2:14AM


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i never wrote your epitaph, but if i did

i'd say you liked hermes ties and hot dogs,

linen handkerchiefs and bikini briefs, 

the opera, paris, oysters on the half-shell,

bookbinder's soup, pickled herring, 

tennyson and longfellow, 

french champagne and corned beef hash,

irish whiskey and goldie hawn


you didn't have much use for






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Nicely done, Kathy. Specific and shows depth and as for the bananas, that just shows good taste I think. Sweet dreams. xo
the contrasts are poignant r.
Wonderful and strong. Corned beef hash is the food of Gods.

Distinct and well-rounded.

Lovely, Kathy.
Sweet rememberings. The bikini briefs cracked me up!
I liked this. It expresses so much between the lines.
How about raindrops on roses? This is a sweet remembrance, Kathy.
You make me want to do one for my late husband. Well done.
I love "irish whiskey and goldie hawn," would never have thought ot pair these two. That's why this is so good. R.
I really love this idea - what we know about a person, versus the traditional epitaph. Well done and poignant.
Lovely and so intimate, these rememberings.
Very sweet, Kathy. Really like this.
bananas! Just perfect. Amazing the little things that define us.
Sweet but not cloying, intimate but not mushy, loving and witty.