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April 27
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SEPTEMBER 3, 2010 4:49PM

Chasing a Summer Sunset

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Sunsets and sunrises have always held special fascination, whether in Vancouver's English Bay, the west side of Maui overlooking Lanai, or the nightly ritual at Key West.

These shots were taken in the Wisconsin northwoods as summer draws to its inevitable please-don't-hurry close, first spotted from a hammock overlooking the lake, a quiet dock,  and finally from the lake itself.











I am reminded of the lines from Robert Frost as I witness this.  "Nothing gold can stay."


(all photographs taken in the Wisconsin northwoods © Kathy Riordan)  
(poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" was first published by Robert Frost in the Yale Review in the fall of 1923, and in 1924 was part of a collection that earned him the Pulitzer Prize for poetry)  

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I sometimes wonder what I will do with the gorgeous sunsets I also shoot...the answer comes to me as I view yours, just admire when I see them again.

Beautiful Kathy. Nice quote to go with it.
Wonderful photographs Kathy...makes me want to go to the lake. When I was growing up, my best friend's family had a lake house. After doing that 15 album thing, today has just been a nostalgic day, and now this. Thanks for sharing.
Oooh. Ahhh. Mmmm. Thanks!
that's just beautiful...and as a Wisconsin gal, I appreciate it
Beautiful--those clouds are amazing!
Sunrise is beautiful here in Wisconsin as well, especially when the sun climbs out of the horizon of Lake Michigan to begin a new day. Your photos and words are beautiful.
And judging from the photos, another line from that poem seems appropriate: "So Eden sank to grief." I grew up into young adulthood in Wisconsin and am familiar with the northwoods loveliness. More appropriate poetic lines, from Wallace Stevens' "13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird": "I do not know which to prefer,/ The beauty of inflections/ Or the beauty of innuendos." Stevens would not have that dilemma in the Wisconsin northwoods: it has both.
Dusk and dawn, very special spiritual times...
Oh my these are stunning! The last two look like models for some classicist painters... Waning summer, sure enough. Great quote, too.
Aw, God. Sunset over English Bay. Me and The Redhead sitting on a driftwood log watching the night close in.... Brings back some memories, Kathy.

Lovely photos, by the way.
Stunning, Kathy, just stunning...xox
Gorgeous pictures!
Just beautiful, Kathy. Have a lovely weekend.
I love the shot of the tinged clouds in the sky, I can still feel the energy of it.

What a beautiful place on earth you get to inhabit Kathy, it has a real "On Golden Pond" feel. Thank you for sharing.
These remind me to breathe...
Ah. Thank you, Kathy.
Gorgeous pictures, Kathy. Thanks for persevering, and for posting the results.
Gorgeous... and then the lines from Frost.
I can never get enough lovely sunsets! Besides the beautiful colors and light it is also the promise of a new day! And that Robert Frost quote is to true!
A lake in Wisconsin without an ice layer? How long is that window-of-iceless-water -- like a week?

If only the sunsets of our lives could be as breathtaking, beautiful and serene. Lovely photos.
The last picture is the beginning of my favorite moment - when the sun has gone, but it lights the clouds directly overhead with pink.
And THAT my friends, in so few photos, is why so many peoples of this Earth have worshipped the sun.