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JANUARY 26, 2010 9:55AM

As Apple Soars, Gates Tweets

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Microsoft founder Bill Gates parties with the crowd at the Onitsuka Tiger party at Sundance last Saturday.  (photo courtesy The Wrap)


It's no coincidence that Bill Gates is in the headlines this week with his annual letter and official induction into the Twitter fold.

This is a huge week for Apple.

The computer giant just posted record gains for the first quarter, up 50%.  Revenue ending Dec. 9 was up to a full $3.38 billion ($3.67/share) over $2.26 billion ($2.50/share) a year ago for the same period.  The exuberant profit news comes just ahead of Apple's much hyped and semi-secretive product launch of their tablet computer, purported photos of which were leaked to Twitter yesterday.

Apple has sent out invitations to the unveiling of their "latest creation," which is scheduled for 10 a.m. Pacific Time tomorrow, January 27, in San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater.



The coveted Jackson Pollock-meets-tech-giant invitation to Apple's product launch tomorrow, January 27th. 


Meanwhile, Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates is squarely in the headlines this week, with interviews from Sundance to The Daily Show.  He just released his second annual letter, and has initiated his first official Twitter account. 


"Hello World." Hard at work on my foundation letter - publishing on 1/25.2:59 PM Jan 19th from webRetweeted by 100+ people

Gates might be busting a move from one end of the country to the other, but Apple is counting down to upsetting the cart tomorrow.  With the iTablet/Slate/Apple e-reader ready to be born, watch for both of them to be chasing the headlines.

I'll be the person in the corner watching it all, hoping for a big iPhone that does everything the iPhone does, along with everything the MacBook does, and more.  If it does windows and floors, is as smart as Bill Gates, and can bust a move, all the better. 


Bill Gates Sundance 2010 interview. 


 On the Web:

It this the Apple tablet?  -  Washington Post 

Bill Gates on The Daily Show - Huffington Post 

2010 Annual Letter from Bill Gates - The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 

Gates Weighs in on Google-China Spat - AFP 

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Ah, timing is everything...and it's true - Bill Gates is all over the place this week. as a dedicated bet-hedger (I own both a tricked-out Windows 7 HP AND a Mac Pro), I'm watching the battle with keen interest.
As I stifle a copious yawn, both events mean nothing to me. I loved the writing, Kathy. But both events add no value to me. I will never be an Apple customer, and I long for the day when cloud computing puts Microsoft out of business.
I saw Gates on The Daily Show last night, and I tend to stay tuned if I run into him on a biography channel or a business show. I don't know why the guy intrigues me; I think he's the most mild-mannered dude around. He's brilliant even as he sits there appearing for all the world confused about his own celebrity and the pop culture around him. I've heard him included in lists of Aspberger's personalities, and I suppose that rings true. I think he's got good instincts, anyway.
I have always been a Mac guy, but I'm less than thrilled about a new device which will be obsolete by the middle of June and incompatible with my one-year-old computer by Sept. If Apple really wants to come out with a revolutionary product, how about a gizmo that remains useful and operational beyond the length of its warranty.
Thanks Kathy. I am still trying to wrap my hands around the Windows 7 on my new laptop. Its frustrating because if you don't have Windows 7, recievers of attachments can't get the file to open.
Maybe its operator error :-)
You do a great job in your postings. Very creative and interesting. Rated.
Twitter....I am so out of touch with any form of technology. xx A
Ha, Akopsa! I see you over there sneaking around.
There's much to recommend both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. I'd take tea with either one of them, or party down with them in the Minne-apple.
Let the bust-a-move-off begin!
Gates's idea of partying and my idea of partying are not the same.
Steve, considering your adventures in Fort Lauderdale, I imagine he'd say the same.
I missed the pics of the new Apple tablet "leaked" to Twitter yesterday. Got a link for that?

@Jeff Brawer: what are you talking about, dude? Apple products are famously long-lasting and retain higher resale values than the products of just about any other computer/electronics manufacturer. As one small example, the computer I use every day is seven years old and going strong. I know people with Apple desktop systems that are a decade old and working just fine. I don't think the same could be said for anything produced by HP or Dell.
Yes, Lonnie, link for that is first link listed in the "On the Web" section, from the Washington Post (which links to the pics on Tech Crunch).
Seems like there will always be plenty of room on the planet for Apple and Microsoft to thrive and be jealous of each other. (Rated)
This is kindly written and adds to the anticipation in a really nice way.

I've been using Macs since their inception. I'm one who feels that Steve Jobs rarely fails to offer anything that doesn't live up to, or surpass, the hype.

The few times Apple has tanked will never diminish my enthusiasm for these launches, which often have changed the techie and user landscape dramatically.
Rated and appreciated.
@ Lonnie Lazar, maybe it's the software incompatibility that pisses me off. I love my Mac, but I resent spending $60 bucks for a new external charger because my two-year-old one won't work with my new iPod. Nor will the operating software on my wife's five-year-old laptop interact with her Nano. I had a G3 for years that finally couldn't take the strain of late versions of OS X. Since I make my living on a Mac (freelance TV editor), I get blindsided every time they "upgrade" and leave their old devices and programs in the dust.
Kathy, this post ignores the fact that Bill G has been out of Microsoft for over a year, focusing on the Gates foundation. I am delirious with joy to see Apple continue to innovate and soar, but whatever happens to Microsoft now has more to do with Steve Ballmer.
I see. So the Washington Post puts up a speculative item passing on photographs teased by the notoriously unprofessional TechCrunch and they suddenly morph into "leaked photos" of the actual product.

I'll send you a $100 iTunes gift card if the device Apple unveils tomorrow is what's pictured there, Kathy.

I just have to say part of what drives people crazy about Apple is all the "reporting" out there masquerading as "news" that is in reality a bunch of tongue wagging and rumormongering.

The fact is no one outside a small handful of people at the highest levels of Apple has any idea what the company is going to unveil tomorrow.

A responsible journalist interested in reporting the true story of Apple's event tomorrow would report on the amazing job the company does in maintaining corporate secrecy in the face of so much prurient interest in its products among the press and the public alike.
Spray paint is Jackson Pollock? No.
I love my Imac and macbook and ipod. Thank you Bill.

This just reminded me; an acquaintance of mine dated Bill before he got married. Let me put it this way: if he wasn't a bizzilionaire, he'd be a bachelor.
If Gates does have Asperger's Syndrome, as is often said (after all, he's been known for rocking), then he is all the more inspiring. Another clue that he may have Asperger's, which would mean empathy isn't his strong suit: He and Steve Jobs were on a stage together watching demos of new software. Gates spoke to the technology. Jobs talked about how people in different professions would use it. Afterword, Gates said he was in awe of the way Jobs understood software users. Gate said that seemed like magic to him.
Maybe it's just me, but I'm expecting the Tablet to be a big letdown. Apple can't hit a homerun every time.
Tell Bill to sponsor WIFI in the Seattle airport. It's absurd that, of all cities in America Seattle does not offer free WIFI.
OMG, Gates has aspergers [maybe?]. That explains a lot.
Can't wait to see it, Kathy. After many years as a "what's the difference?" guy, I would now not give up my Apple products. Except for my Kindle. We'll see...
You can actually go back at least five years and see that, just before every product introduction by Apple, Microsoft makes an announcement or demo of something they have which is kind of like what Apple is doing. When the iPhone was being unveiled, the day before Microsoft unveiled their, uh, Table that bills your drinks and also has multitouch. Yeah, I carry one of those around next to my iPhone. They've been like the kids who collect just in front of your lens if you appear anywhere with a film crew.