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JANUARY 15, 2010 7:11AM

Postcards from the Eclipse

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A photo of the annular solar eclipse of January 15, 2010, showing the ring of fire.  The photo was one of many posted to TwitPic by those recording the event. 


Did you miss the century's longest solar eclipse earlier today?

So did much of the rest of the world.

The annular eclipse was visible in parts of Africa before crossing the Indian Ocean, where it reached its peak in southern India before passing across Asia.  Eager watchers posted photos and videos on the Internet, with many appearing on social networking host sites like TwitPic and UStream (see links below).

Devout Hindus took to the freezing waters of the River Ganges to ritually bathe as part of the Mela festival taking place in Hardiwar.  Temples were shut and religious statues draped during the eclipse to ward off what is believed to be negative energy during that time.  

India's space agency launched five rockets Friday afternoon to study the effects of the solar eclipse. 

The eclipse lasted eleven minutes, eight seconds.  The next time anyone will be able to witness anything comparable will be December 23, 3043. 

The next total solar eclipse will be July 11, 2010. 


On the Web:  

Longest Solar Eclipse of the Century - Live Videos  

Real Time Twitter Pic Search for Solar Eclipse - Twicsy 

NASA Eclipse Web Site 

Ring of Fire: Annular Solar Eclipse Over Africa, Asia (Telegraph) 



Path of the January 15, 2010, solar eclipse (animation: Wikimedia) 


More photos from TwitPic (taken in Nairobi National Park, Kenya):













Solar eclipse as viewed from Bangalore. This YouTube video is made from over 500 still shots.

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I literally gasped! The universe is too incredible for words sometimes. Thank you for this beauty. r
That first photo after the globe graphic--wow! (And the little dog, too!)
Stunning! Thanks so much for making it available to those of us who didn't have the opportunity to see it.
That is one cautious dog.
I saw this this morning and was hypnotized! Great Stuff, Kathy~
Interesting post, Kathy. Thank you!
Beautiful images - and I loved the nifty graphic!
interesting stuff! Thanks, Kathy!
Beautiful. I love cosmic pics. I'll always vividly remember seeing a solar eclipse in eastern NC in 1971 (I think that was the year but might have been '70). All got quiet and the birds started chirping loudly, and then fell silent - as if nightfall itself had descended.
Fascinating! Great photos, and I really love the animated globe graphic. Thanx for going to all the trouble!
How eclipsing! Love the dog with goggles pic. Thanks for the info - I'm looking forward to the one in July. Will I be able to see it in Maine?
those photos are breathtaking. i just can't stop looking back over them again and again. great job, kathy.
Doesn't look like it, Leonde. Check out NASA's information here: NASA Solar Eclipse Page
Beautiful. Of course, I like the dog best, but I'm a flake....
I did miss it... THANK YOU!!!
Can't even describe it. Appreciate this.
Way too cool, Kathy--thanks!
Great photos, Kathy. I can't wait until 12/23/3043 to see the next one. Thanks.
Beautiful! thanks for this!
Love the dog...

Thanks for these.
Beautiful photography, and an amazing record of this powerful, moving experience of the Capricorn Solar Eclipse. Even in complex times and amid chaotic, devastating events, we can be reminded of the movement of the cosmos and our place in the greater Universe.

Thanks for posting this, Kathy. I was blissfully ignorant that this was going on.

Those are some amazing shots you gathered together. Many thanks!

great compilation of coverage on this eclipse, Kathy! I adore posts like these, being the science-nerd that I am...but sometimes its just nice to ignore the whys and hows and enjoy the beautiful view!
Thank you so much for posting the photos! They are truly beautiful. I felt lucky to see a partial lunar eclipse on New Year's Eve while in Greece; I can't imagine the wonder the people who were lucky enough to see this solar eclipse must have felt.
No one told me this was going on today. Very most excellent pictures. Thanks for putting it all together. Especially that animation... I wonder if the earth knows it has a little red spot on it. Should really have that checked out.
The universe does know how to capture our imagination.
Amazing beauty! Thank you so much for posting this.

I'd like to get a pair of those glasses for The Beast, my huge and hyper puppy. He'd be looking fine on his walks through our neighborhood.
This was really cool. Thanks!
Wow! Fabulous and me in my little bubble world had heard nothing about the eclipse. Cheers Kathy.
Beautiful. Glorious. Incredible.