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NOVEMBER 23, 2009 4:27PM

Ten Top Unforgettable Moments from Dancing With the Stars

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Since ABC's Dancing With the Stars, the spinoff of Britain's 'Strictly Come Dancing,' first debuted to American audiences  in June 2005, it has delivered many unforgettable moments, from wardrobe malfunctions to trippy slips to ambulance rides. The drama on the dance floor has ranged from the silly to the sublime, from Adam Corolla Zorro-ing on a unicycle to Kelly Osbourne doing a sweetly elegant debut waltz. In nine seasons, it has seen unexpected illness, injuries, romantic pairings, and plenty of powerful performances.

In anticipation of the Season 9 finale beginning Monday night this week, with Mya, Donny Osmond and Kelly Osbourne competing for the coveted mirror ball trophy, here are ten of the most memorable of hundreds of moments from those nine seasons:



#10 - When actor Steve Guttenberg's professional partner, Anna Trebunskaya,  was ill during rehearsals, her husband, pro Jonathan Roberts, filled in.  For the exhibition dance that week, Steve and Jonathan did their two-man version of a tango, the 'mango.'
#9 - Extracurricular activities show up on the dance floor.  Judge Bruno Tonioli calls out Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff for a particularly sexy rumba.

#8 - Boxer Laila Ali waltzes a  love letter to her father, the great Muhammed Ali. 
#7 - Young Cody Linley finally finds his mojo, and does a fierce tango with Julianne Hough.


#6 - Scary Spice Mel B. does an unforgettablly powerful paso doble with her partner, Maks.



#5 - The racy racer Helio Castroneves plants an unexpected kiss on his partner, Julianne Hough, at end of their snappy quickstep.



#4 - Actor Cristian de la Fuente injures his arm doing a samba with Cheryl Burke.



#3 - In a stunning elimination, Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan and  her partner Mark Ballas get voted off early in a season where they had been favored to win. 



 #2 - Marie Osmond faints after doing a salsa with Jonathan Roberts.



#1 - Perhaps the best and most original freestyle final ever, Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke dance to "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy."

When Big and Rich showed up to perform live in a later season, Drew made a surprise guest appearance encore with the pros:



Bonus: Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas returned later in the season after their unexpected elimination to do an exhibition dance to Avril Lavigne:


The Season 9 semifinalists strut their stuff, Under Pressure.



My sisters love this show. I thought Laila Ali's Waltz for her parents was beyond beautiful. ~R~
Thank you so much, I didn't get a chance to see it.

Thanks for the links.
Drew ad Cheryl were awesome! Thanks for the links, fun to relive.
They're all great but, love #6! Wow! Pretty hot dancing there and the one with Mario and Karina also! Laila Ali was just wonderful also. Thanks, Kathy for the videos! I really enjoyed them!

OCTOBER 23, 2009 08:48 AM  

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Countdown to the OS cover.
Who cares!
Do you suppose ANYONE will sit and watch 45 plus minutes of inanity here at your post Kathy? Not even Thomas Rogers will do that.
Sorry, but this definitely does not pass the Mishima666 litmus test of what to give a "thumbs up" to.
Trotting this back out for the finale. . . Some of you will recognize it from a post that appeared briefly last month, when I pulled the trigger too soon. I pulled it then and am reposting it now for those who are interested in Dancing With the Stars.
My comment hurt your feelings Kathy?
You can delete this one too then.
45 plus minutes of youtubes on one post?
And of material that I would venture not a single soul will watch? At least not all of them.
Would anyone not consider this excessive and indulgent?
Well, I do, although I would not be surprised in the least if
this is put on the cover of OS like every single other
thing you post.
Still though, I am the only visitor so far?
I'll take my reads and rates over your EP's and covers.
Consider writing something, ok....
Don't let Trig intimidate you... If you had not posted this I would not have the opportunity to say that my life on Mon and Tues. ends at 8:00PM. This is when my love must indulge in this over the top crap. If you want to see real dancing with the stars ... rent a Fred Astaire classic.
I enjoyed the post. 'nuff said.
Thanks for putting all this together. What a lot of work!

Though I don't think she has a chance of winning, Kelly Osbourne is my favorite this year. She's overcome a lot to get to the finals, she's so likable, and she has my admiration. What a hoot if the spawn of Ozzy Osbourne wins DWTS. (And my kid says she has "good character," whatever that means!)
Marie Osmond fainted? Yikes! I didn't know that. I wonder what happened. I hope she's okay.
wow! Thanks for doing all of this work and reposting it to give the highlights! Well done.
I am a devoted fan of DWTS. i usually don't comment on your posts simply because i have watched 9and re-watched in slo-mo) all of the dances :-)

The only stand-out I can always recall the details of is Cheryl and Drew's Free-style, but you've posted some other great ones here!

I don't count Marie fainting, it was dramatic and unforgettable, but likely preventable. Enough said. Sabrina's elimination was unforgettable and the first time it truly sunk in that this is as much a popularity contest as a dance competiton, BOO!

Donny, in the Hall of Fame for his freestyle tonight as Carrie said? Not so sure.

LOL we had a huge debate with friends this weekend over Idol (which we hate and they love) and DWTS which we love and they don't watch. I LOVE DWTS, even when the finalists can't score perfect 10's.

Of course, Maya should win.
PS Thanks for the beautiful memories!
thanks for posting this--i've actually never watched dwts, but these clips were great...of course, now i hold you responsible for giving me another tv addiction...
davyboy, sorry for your Monday night freezeouts.

Ironguts, thanks.

Maria, Kelly is admirable and likable. I don't expect her to win, but then, I didn't expect her to make the final three, either, so anything's possible. I thought her performance kept up with the others last night. I get the "good character" thing. At very least, she has a good attitude.

Steve, a bad case of pr-itis, I expect. No cure.

zuma, you're welcome.

Kelly, I so agree about Donny's freestyle, thought Carrie Ann's comments were off the mark. Is she looking for future employment? And, you're welcome. p.s. I'm not much of an Idol fan, either, but adore DWTS.

mistercomedy, sorry for that.
Thanks Kathy: this is the only reality show I've ever watched, although the popularity contest thing is wearing on me. Then again, if this were about amateurs learning to dance, Kelly would win hands down; talk about the biggest improvement! I love Donny's attitude and I enjoyed his freestyle but three 10s - eh? Anyway, it was a welcome relief from catching up on all six hours of "The Prisoner" which left me looking over my shoulder and inside my head - LOL.
Nikki, I so agree. I think popularity figures far too much into the equation, and some good dancing gets ignored (witness Sabrina Bryan's surprise exit). Kelly certainly would win a most improved trophy, and kept up with the others well last night, I thought, something I couldn't have done. None of the freestyles met the "hall of fame" level in my opinion last night, so I was surprised by Carrie Ann's comment regarding Donny's, or that he got three 10's, but I suppose it surpassed Mya's, which was a disappointment. I enjoyed Kelly's the most of the three. I would like to have been blown away by one of them, and wasn't. I went back and looked at some past winning freestyles this morning for comparison, and nothing in my book ever reaches the creativity of Drew and Cheryl's, although some come close. If Mya loses the mirror ball, it will be because of the freestyle.
Watched Mario and Karina with the sound off and it was like slow lovemaking.
Final over on the east coast, but I won't spoil it for west coasters.
Congrats to Donny Osmond for winning this season! Only got involved in first season with Emmet Smith. Takes too much focus!