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by Kathleen Lange

Kathleen Lange

Kathleen Lange
Chicago, Illinois, United States
March 11
I'm not a writer in the "paid" sense... not anymore. I used to write screenplays of my own, and doctor up those of other writers for pay (for which I will always feel guilt). I've started writing again (after writing nothing more than psychology and education term papers in the past ten years) to get back in the habit. I'm not sure where it will take me, but it's nice to be back in the saddle again. I'm finishing up a masters degree in Education, and work during the day as a nanny (BEST job in the entire world). Life is pretty darn good. My Review Blogs: (See links below)


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JUNE 2, 2010 9:01PM

Blogging as Therapy

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I have just come to realize that this blogging business is really just cheap therapy in disguise.  I mean, who has $175 an hour to shell out for someone to listen to them talk?  This is simpler, more direct, and less painful.  Plus I get some really great feedback.

I just had no idea there would be so many people in on the sessions. 

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I do believe you've nailed it! And so succinctly! Perfect!!!:))))
Absolutely true. To write is to do therapy. Though, sometimes, I get really nervous when I read what I have written. *laughs
Susan: Thanks. I thought everyone would just think I was being lazy. I prefer succinct. :)

RARobertsJr: That's why it's so great to get it out there in a (semi)permanent form. In therapy, you may forget what you've talked about. Here, it stays to haunt you forever. But that's how we change, I guess...
actually I think that blogging should be recognized as a legitimate form of therapy, there is some motion in this direction.
I have one question. And six others.

You're right Kathleen 'Smack Down' Lange. You're clearly a bit succinct today. Although your brevity is equally appreciated. I except it's just the ebb and flow of the working mind.

When are we going to see a ten page exploratory analysis of The Pacific anyway? Why isn’t there any republishing of your old education essays on, um, comparative education or something? I want to be bored too, you know.

And what's up with this psychology caper? Oh, I did that crumby Personality Test by the way, and I'm an INFJ. Am I really done for? Why can't I just be a Scientist?

Why was Gary Coleman so significant to Salon bloggers in the US who Blog about 'How to Walk in the Park' and other inanity? Was he the Gen. X Zeitgeist or something?

Confused North Australian.
As therapy, yes ... though some things should definitely be left to professionals.
Hmmm... a lot more comments than ratings. I guess people really don't like brevity.

Trudge: Word.

vzn: I had no idea that I am part of a legitimate movement. Wow.

John George: Posing six questions in a comment is clearly not allowed.

Scarlett: I agree - like medicating.

Bonnie: Actually, my employers tend to read my blog, so we'll see if me getting personal poses a problem. Luckily, I lead a very boring life so I doubt they would find much of it objectionable. (Here's hoping.)
Which author was it who said "If I had more time I would have written less"? I believe we should all practice paring down to the essentials. Have you seen the magazine Brevity?

Gina: No, I haven't seen it. I'll look for it. (I'll stop there to stay brief.)
Why did I post this comment about levity when I didn't need to?
I definitely do blog for therapeutic purposes, but my friends and family use me for free therapy because 1) I'm unemployed and 2) they think I have all the answers.

Oh, to be so dumb!
Kat: I tend to give out advice a bit too freely to friends and family. I'm WAY better at living their lives than my own. You're smart to turn them away.
I have a blog post in the wings entitled "Bi-Polar OSers, What's the Attraction? Over the past 18 months months I have seen more than a few seriously mentally ill people pass through here. I am not a mental health care provider but it is obvious that OS is NOT a good place for people who are seriously manic or bi-polar or schizoid to be. It just never ends well. Sure can make for some interesting reading though.
If my writing doesn't feel therapeutic, the incisive and witty comments I get to give to others' posts usually do. There are some folks here in serious need of some help de-deluding themselves, and I am so not the person to do it.
Hope you feel at home! There is strange company in the mix here!
We know all your secrets and bad habits. And still approve.

How cool is that?
Ablonde and oryoki: Crazy people are everywhere. People on here just tell better stories about it.

Sparking: I do feel at home. Thanks.

Nick: It's pretty darn cool. (But don't be fooled into thinking you know ALL my secrets... not yet, at least.) :)
Group therapy at its finest. :)
I have come to the same conclusion. It is way more fun than therapy and free. Actually I think therapists ought to refer their patients to OS.. no wait they'd lose money. I live where there aren't many therapists available, it is a six week wait to see one!!!! Even at our community centers there is a long wait and they usually try to find ways for the patient to calm and heal themselves. In this way OS is perfect!!!!
Faye and Nikki: Yep - this is one crazy group therapy session, isn't it?

Zinnia: Great minds think alike. I live in a city full of therapists, but why should I put their kids through private school when OS is here for free?
Absolutely correct! This place is great therapy and the price is right.
That's quite an endorsement from a doctor.