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June 19
Kage Alan is the Detroit-based author of comedic novels A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To My Sexual Orientation, Andy Stevenson Vs. the Lord of the Loins and Gaylias: Operation Thunderspell. Additional info can be found at KageAlan.com


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MAY 21, 2012 5:00AM

MotorCity Comicon Weekend 2012: Fondling My Twin Peaks (Part 1)

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Just how much can you pack into a weekend? You’d be surprised. Between my husband and my friends, I don’t think I’ve had a short vacation where I’d come away feeling refreshed and rested in fifteen years. And no, I’m not whining and crying. I’m just pointing out the obvious. It’s also only fair to say the tradeoff from not getting any rest is the sheer amount of fun we have! Take the past four days with my best friend from college and his girlfriend. We had phenomenal homemade food, delightful food prepared for us at exceptional restaurants, rubbed elbows with a few celebrities, shopped, watched a couple of movies and kicked a little ass playing laser tag. And don’t think for a second we weren’t completely and utterly exhausted at the end of each evening.

Now you can feel sorry for us.

The major event for us this past Friday was attending the MotorCity Comicon in Novi. Don, Lindsay and I were up early that morning and I thought I’d let them see a little bit more of the area than they’d taken in before. Rather than hop on the freeway and heading downtown like we usually do for our pre-con activities, I took them down Jefferson, through the rich area of Grosse Pointe where they oohed and ahhhed and through some of the less than rich areas of Detroit where they asked if the doors were locked, past the Renaissance Center and past Cobo Hall to John King books. It’s a fav place for us to explore and we almost always walk out of there with a handful of books. They don’t carry my books yet, but maybe one day. Then too, I’d probably feel sorry for myself to see my books sitting there on a shelf…used…abandoned…and buy them back.

Kage Alan and Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks)

From there, we were off to Novi where we partake in a weekend kickoff lunch at Red Lobster, then head over a few miles to whatever they’ve decided to name the Showplace this year. Rock Financial Showplace, Suburban Collection Showplace…pick a damn name and stick with it already. That’s when we go our separate ways for a couple of hours. Don looks for specific comics, Lindsay walks around and lets people admire her costume (she had more than a handful of requests for her picture!) while I look for rare movie posters, rare soundtracks (there weren’t any this year) and chat with a couple of media guests. There were three who I was eager to meet at this convention.

Coincidentally, all three were sitting right next to each other, which was incredibly convenient! First up was Sherilyn Fenn. I’ve only ever met one other actor who starred in Twin Peaks (the late Don Davis), so I was really looking forward to meeting her and she didn’t disappoint. It turns out that I’d seen a couple of her lesser known films (Hit Man and Meridian), and we had a lovely conversation. Lovely woman, too. Kinda spent the most amount of money with her, too. A signature on a rare DVD cover, signature on a Just One Of The Guys poster and one photo later and I’d quickly already gone through $80.

Kage Alan and James Duval (ID4, Donnie Darko, Nowhere)

Next to Sherilyn Fenn was James Duval. Most folks would know him from Go and ID4, but those of us into slightly alternative cinema know him from Donnie Darko, The Doom Generation and Nowhere. I admit that I had a bit of a crush on James after seeing him in Nowhere. And who wouldn’t? Total yum! Fortunately, I neglected to mention that to him when we chatted for a bit. It’s never a good idea to allow them to get the deer caught in headlights look in their eyes while calling for security. He’s a sweet, sweet guy and a huge fanboy around some of the other actors in attendance. It was really quite refreshing to see that in someone with his breadth of work.

Kage Alan and Danielle Harris (Halloween 4, Hatchet 2)

Next to James Duval was Danielle Harris, whose career I’ve followed since she first starred in Halloween 4 and 5. I’d seen her most recently in Hatchet 2 (she told me she’s leaving in a week to shoot Hatchet 3) and Chromeskull: Laid To Rest 2. Danielle is so tiny!!! It’s hard to believe she’s stood up to so many movie monsters and lived. She’s not only warm and delightful, but also a consummate professional. I’d missed meeting her at DragonCon, so I was glad to see they brought her in for this convention.

Post-con, we had a delicious dinner at Lockhart’s in Royal Oak, stopped by to pick up Lindsay’s chocolate cassata birthday cake from Tringali’s and then headed home to watch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. I didn’t have high hopes for the film–not a huge Tom Cruise fan in the last decade, which probably screws my chances up of getting  a decent anal probe on the mothership when the aliens rescue us before the earth is destroyed–but it blew me away! This is one film series that continues to improve with each sequel.

And on that note since I’ve probably lost several of you with the verbosity of this post, I’ll save the rest until Thursday. =)  Just remember our motto; authors are celebrities, too!


Kage Alan is  the Dead Snow watching, M83 listening author of “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Sexual Orientation,” “Andy Stevenson Vs. the Lord of the Loins” and the first book in a separate series, “Gaylias: Operation Thunderspell.” He completely and totally meant to talk about the weekend in one blog post, but he just kept going on and on and on and remember more and more details, all of which came before talking about the new Jason Statham film, Safe. He’ll tell you to avoid it in the Thursday’s blog post. Stay tuned!

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Sounds like you had a geek-a-licously good time. Was James Duval in "Gone in Sixty Seconds" (Nic Cage version)? And no matter what you say, I shall never stop watch Jason Statham movies. My favorite part is in the fight scenes where in the middle of this massive fight his shirt comes off for absolutely no reason! Awe-some!!!!
Yep, that's him! I think I really, really started to appreciate him after watching him in Nowhere.

As for Jason's latest film, I address it in Thursday's blog post. It's not Jason's fault. The director/writer just... You'll see. I'd be hesitant to watch another film by this guy again.