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MAY 21, 2012 6:35PM

Views of the Eclipse seen from Lake Tahoe and San Francisco

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Eclipsed cloud formations as seen through living room window.
Eclipse shining through sprinkler in front yard.
Eclipse over San Francisco Bay by Matty Daley
A composite of 34 exposures over five minutes. 
All above Lake Tahoe photos taken by daughter, Kelly Ross between 5:36 and 6:49 PM PST yesterday evening. 

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Too good not to share. Quite an event around the neighborhood and the world.
Love the last photo!
Cathy,the cloud formations magnificent.Thank you for sharing..Rated!!
Great stuff, Cathy. Be sure to thank Kelly from all of us.

I love an eclipse!
Thanks, Cathy! Somehow we missed it over at our the way, we have similar trees in our yards : )
I was at that exact location of the latter photo. Took some great shots.
What a great night!!
Incredible phenom in the sky. Thanks for all the great comments.
Wow! Beautiful pics! Wish we could have all been there!
And the top 3 photos, my daughter, her husband and two children were looking at the eclipse through 4 pairs of sunglasses. Never hear that trick before. We were going to make a box for viewing but then watched it live on TV instead. Two bumps on a log.
Great photos. Those cloud formations are so startling in their other-worldly beauty.
Oh that last image is just great. Thanks so much!
Very cool. Thanks Cathy!
Yes, those other worldly cloud formations are kind of spooky, even. Especially, given they were seen at my grand babies house. Coolio.
I somehow missed all of it ... but like a lot what you've shared here, Cathy. Thank you!

And Cheers! : )
Those eclipsed cloud formations look surreal! Thanks for sharing, Cathy. Isn't that something, indeed?

Lovely! I love the gauzy look of the filtered light in the 2 middle pictures. Thank you for sharing!
Happy to share! These things belong to all of us. You're welcome.
Fabulous, thank you.
Neat stuff Cathy. You're right thanks for sharing.
How awesome! I wish I had been in San Fran to see it!
:) :) On the East Coast we have these a lot. The Mean-Spirite call it Pollution Haze.

LOVE the cloud photo. It seems I've seen some of her work here on OS before. She's very good.
Thanks again and more "your welcomes" as your comments are terrific!

Yes, Kelly Ross, is my daughter who lives full time in Lake Tahoe and is an amateur photographer on the side. Mostly she captures her two children in the act of perfecting the art of being toddlers and also the amazing natural phenomenon that is breathtakingly Lake Tahoe.

Her website is: where she posts other photos for the horse back riding facility she manages with her husband in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Just a little plug for a wonderful third generation family business they own and operate there.
These pictures are so striking. Thanks for sharing!
Caroline - Thanks very much for coming by!