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MAY 2, 2012 12:21PM

I loathe politics, election years and global distress

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I loathe it all.  And then some.

I loathe the way it turns neighbors against each other.

Family members who dare not speak.

Friends who distance themselves.

A media divided.

A people divided.

A nation divided.

A world divided.

Governments divided.

Economies on the brink of universal disaster.


Human enmity.




Not boobs but bombs.

Failure to praise life.

To sustain the ideolgy of gratitude.

To protect the right to appreciate our birth right.

To love in harmony.

My five year old grandson told me, "Harmony is love." 

My mouth dropped.  How would he know this?

Whether from his own heart, his parents or school...he believes it. 


You know what I loathe.  


I love this:




A 3 year old in a tutu loving a 2,000 lb. beast of pure, gentle affection. 

It's intrinsic innocence.  The purity of the bond.  The trust.  The brilliance that exists in a child's imagination.

I love this:


Colors of the earth inspired that defy imagination.


I love this:


Just trees, blue skies, fluffy white clouds and mountains in silence.


I love this:


Uncertain weather that will certainly come again.


I love this:


The artistry of sunsets.


I love this:


The majesty of the desert and the open road.

The freedom to enjoy it.


I love this:


The first signs of spring.


I love this:


Photographers who capture the mysteries of life.


I love this:


Art in nature in the middle of a big city.


I love:




I love more than I loathe. 


An unexpected gift.

Just want to spread the love...while I can.










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it's a new day! Yee hah! Gotta avoid watching the news and go outside and play! Y'all have a great day!
Cathy I, too, love what you love.
I also see no reasonable alternative to politics despite the fact that it can turn ugly, in order to effect Justice.

Thank you, I need this.
Jon - I wish I shared your wisdom. With our current system of politics, I see only division. I send my love to you! And thanks.

RD - Apparently, I needed to express this, too. Haven't been to inspired to write for months. Thx.
I know exactly how you feel, but I also know you are aware if we turn our backs to it entirely those people and things we love may not be receive the lives they deserve.
I do totally understand why you hate the current political anger and division. I hate that aspect of it, too. It didn't used to be this toxic, and it shouldn't be. Disagreement is healthy and it can be done with courtesy and mutual respect. What we've currently got is... something else.

I can also understand loving the trees, the flowers, the peace, silence and beauty of nature. And of course, little girls in tutus getting and giving equine love!
"My five year old grandson told me, "Harmony is love."

The young shall lead us hopefully into a better future!!

And oh yeah, don't watch the news!! EEK!!

Can't people just be nice?
Ben - I so know that we cannot, nor will not, turn our backs for a second, if we are passionate about what is holy and good for the heart of this country. Sadly and frighteningly, the masses who feel this way, seem to have little or no effect on the outcomes that have become our reality.

Gary F - Thanks very much and for coming by to make your acquaintance today. Cheers!

Shiral - Thank you for your wonderful thoughts and comments.

Tink - I am such a lucky gramma. I have real hopes that the likes of my grandchildren, will pave a better way. Lord, willing.

Nick - I know so many who are and want to know as many as I can who believe as you do. Thanks!
Cathy I'd also say this...if everyday people do not engage in politics for Justice, only the crass and cynical will be in politics and Justice will never happen.
I love those things too, yes, I love your grandkids too! Kids get it! I've been trying to avoid the news, thanks for the beauty.
Jon - "Engaging in politics" is a very dicey preoccupation and difficult to define. Many of the folks are equally concerned, participating in civic and local interests without contributing to the negative beat of the drum, so often heard all around us. "It" brings out the worst in us and sickens the soul.
You sure have the correct world view. I hope more would share it. Great post, Cathy; I wish you all the happiness. R
I agree with you doll. One thing always means something else in the end. Maybe they should concentrate on LOVE. Rated with a Loving Jali Smile of course. :-)
Never trust anybody over the age of eleven!
L'Heure Bleue - Ahh, thanks much! There is so much beauty, isn't there! I marvel at it daily.

Thoth - How kind and welcome! Thank you!

Jali17 - Yes! "Harmony IS Love!"

Jmac1949 - Isn't that the truth! Thx!
I'll tell you what I love. I LOVE YOU! I am so grateful to have such an amazing sister who walks besides me through good times and bad. I love all the things you talked about, but today, in this moment, my heart is overflowing with gratitude for you. Love that sis!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you hit on what a lot of us feel right now. Sometimes I turn off the TV, radio and everything else so I don't have to hear the horrible political ads, and candidates talking smack. ... Your little girl is absolutely adorable. R.

You are a miracle to me. Since you were wee... xo ;)

Deborah - Thank you!!! "Candidates talking smack!" YEP! Both sides...
Yes, she...(my grand baby girl, is pretty special, all right)! Thanks!
Well done Cath! I turned away from it twice because of the title though. I have truly buried my head in the sand as much as possible to the strife and turmoil because the angst expressed in your peom is deadly, literally. So many people I know could be so much happier, including me and you, if the fucking strife would slow down. The problem is .... life is ALL policitcal now. OK, stop. Not, going, there.

The stuff you LOVE is beautiful! And gratifying! And literally did slow the pulse that had quickend on clicking in and starting the read. Nature is the closest thing I know to a god, and it is all powerful. Including healing powers. No wonder they call her Mother Nature, hmmm? Mountain nature is the highest Natural world in my opinion :-)
Kelly Lark! You are soooo right! The title may just be the come on to the wrong kind of attention or reaction. However, it was what was heaviest on my mind! The sheer loathing of it all and then, the pure rush of what is most important and loving to my spirit, so I gave in to all of it!
Thanks for giving me a shot on this one. I sooo understand what you are saying and feeling. Completely! xo
Me too. All of it.
"A 3 year old in a tutu loving a 2,000 lb. beast of pure, gentle affection." Pure beauty there.
Painting - She paints my life happy!
I think it is only hard to trust after we lose our innocents. I think it is only hard see ourselves as one and not individuals after we feel we might have worked harder than the next man or woman. But we never think about what Jesus said, "that it would be harder to fit a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to gain entry to heaven." Beautiful pictures.
My Heart - Lovely comment and sentiment. Thanks.
Great pics! Your family swims in the deep end of the gene pool. I can't understand why you love politics, tho.
Your post cheered me up. Thank you for that.
I love the way you spread the love. :))))
Tom C. - I know. One of my many human flaws...working on it. Thx for sweet words on my kookie family. They're all I've got and darn grateful for them!

Emma 2 - You are so welcome and thanks much for coming by!

Brie aka Babs! Thanks a ton for that! I want to be known for that so much and yet fall short of my expectations daily...keeping me in line.
Oh WOW! A heartfelt thank you. Love the first two pictures.

From the mouths of babes.