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December 29
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FEBRUARY 15, 2012 2:14AM


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Returning from the mountains after five days, snow all around...finally...I was  struck by these first signs of Spring in the Bay area.  Surreal to me, really.
Where do these colors come from, if not from the outer reaches of planetary impossibility?  Impressed by vibrant colors, you might say, but, really, it is difficult for me to imagine colors so vivid, amidst a sea of colorless, seasonal yearnings.
What, say you, is that?  We wonder.  Color, such as this, has me wondering.
Just as I was about to call it a day...long drive back from the elevations of drab, dirty snow and barely a peek at the blue sky...there was I.  Knowing, there was a season awaiting; beckoning, reasoning, coming into its own.
This little budding beauty, has nary been seen in rhyme or reason why now, she peeks her paralyzing pink heads above the midst of greenery.  To surrvive is to say the obvious.  She lives.   She is.
I dare not wish for the new season ahead.  Ahead of myself, as dire winter waits for her greatest moment.  She waits, as if the spider to her web; she will catch it before it's too late.  Winter waits.  She yearns for bitter temps. She knows her potential and she is patient.  Her prey awaits.
Voices in the night, reflect the shadows of the dawn.  Hazy moon, relaxes in the inky blackness of stellar perfection.   It glitters.  Never falters.  Gives new life.  Takes away the imagination that fears no distance.  She prevails.
"Hope runs eternal," she once said...time and time again.  But where is she now?  She festers in our memories.  She lingers in our fears.  She waits in Heaven, where the promise of eternal life tantalizes our sense of self.  Can it be?  
Mother Nature or one's mother, to be sure, she is always lying in wait of all that is unsure.  We try to be like her.  We want to live up to her expectations.  We need to try our darndest.  Don't we?  To please a lesser God would be to fail all that we have come to be.  Or is that another man's failing?  Another one's plea.  A cry in the hearafter; a sigh in the now.
For looking foward is really all we have right now.  Because, to look back is a trivial waste of time and effort, in the littlest scheme of things yet to be. It is the looking ahead that has us all in a dither; whether to think the worst of mankind or the best of what will be, it is all the same, isn't it?  It is not for us to know, but for us to anticipate and appreciate.  If that is all we know.  If all we know is nothing.  In reality.  If all we know is spoon fed. Handed down, so to speak.  Taken for granted.  Wasted in the end.
This one isn't mine.  Found it on line.  Used it before.  This much I know for sure.  The red enhanced dew drops; the hints of lavendar green giving life, is all that matters.  I cannot think of another thing, but to wonder, want and anticipate the luxury of the coming Spring.
Oh, snap out of it now.  Grab hold of your senses.  Be they 5, 6 or 7.  Think only of the possibilities.  The trouble we find when surely we seek to avoid all that was warned.  It finds us as surely as we cover our eyes, ears and mouths.  Barely audible gasps where screams once lived.  Where did it go?Time infinite.  Lost.  Yet ticking so loudly that we cannot find solace in sleep's escape.  A night's revenge.  Minutes, scraping like nails on a chalk board, we cannot rejuvenate that which we must forsake for all that we failed to learn.
Alas, all is not lost.  We fight the nightmares that haunt our brightest hours...and we cover our heads in hopes of slumbering discontent.  We search for answers in the night.  The constellations of hope that yield not what our mothers whispered in our innocent ears.  Their looks of anxious prayers, in constant doubting.  They quickly reassured us.  They consoled.
Now, it is on us.  To continue the march.  To listen to the faltering music that is ours to perfect in this moment.  To define moments to come and go. To find a balance that teters in the distance and threatens to send us into a spinning abyss.  We can try to understand it.  It is all we really have.  It is given to us, to figure out in a split second; this moment in time.
Gladly, we accept this.  Reluctanly, we move forward.  For if we do not, the backwards motion of this unreality, will be our undoing.  Will it not?
"Spring forward..."  If we can?  It is the guarantee of the universe, that time heals all that ails us.  In that one glance of the colors that burst outward; that leap at us, dance in the daylight and mesmerizes our senses......I sense that a new season is upon us.  
And very soon.  
As, "wonders never cease." 

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Sometimes, you just cannot go to sleep till it's done.
When the mind bubbles like champagne, sleep waits patiently in the wings, knowing that in due course it will claim its hour upon the stage.

Yes, the changes of the seasons can take us down to a deeper place of self-reflection. Good piece.
What beatiful pictures ;specilly the last one!!!!!
Ahh, to sleep, perchance to dream. We live in this fitful state, never sure, always certain, running, dallying and pretending to know all that we cannot comprehend.

Who's to say, definitively if this is not our sleeping fevered dream from which we cannot 'wake? How can we know if we do not slip from the bonds of consciousness and this is our life, lived in a state of slumber and that the waking, which we call dying, becomes but one more day in a life we know not while we sleep?

The sprigs of springs rising, moving to new color, new hope, new ideas and the pleasance of the moment when things grow, push up, forward, out, release and literally spring from the hibernatory death of the winter, where all is monotones, monochromes, cold, dank, damp, dull and drear where hope is muffled under deep snow, ideas blown by harsh, cold winds, and the weight of our years becomes more apparent each time it rains.

This could all be the dream, the nightmare at times, from which we may yet find ourselves waking and scratching our heads, brows wrinkled in furrowed thought, considering the import, the omens, and implications until we can no longer contain our pensive ruminations and shake awake our other in the bed beside us and say, "I had the strangest dream last night..."

But I've been known to be wrong -- as well as excessively imbued with imaginative fancy.

Made my day, thank you.
Sky - Love your response! So well said and wise.

Patrick - They certainly do! As well as the notion of Valentines Day and all that it implies.

blufeather - Thanks much! Last pic are my two daughters. Two of 3. Their bond of joyful sisterhood says it all!

Jon - Ahh, thanks!

dunniteowl - Wow! That is one incredible response and extension of what lies in the in the crevices of imagination, growth and the resultant wisdom rising to the surface. Thank you very much.

Guss - Why, thank you, kindly!
Beautiful pictures and words. Oh spring won't arrive here for a couple of months at best. I'll live vicariously through your colors and hopes for a brighter future.
Looking back is a waste of time and effort, indeed, Cathy. We must look ahead with lessons we've learned from the past. Your words and pictures are just lovely and full of that yet unawakened hope hidden in spring buds. And the cyclamen! My god, I have trouble keeping one indoors.
Beautiful writing and pictures. I am definitely a spring person. r
This is like a lovely poem of hope and rebirth.
Thank you for bringing us these spring colors on this grey day here.
rated with love
This is why I never saw it.. I was asleep hahah
The last picture says it all.
Mary - Was thinking of you this morning while sitting in the back "family room," brimming over with memories of happy occasions and a bunch of siblings jamming together in this small but adequate space filled with loving energy. Miss you.

Fusun A - Thanks so much! And yes, that little cyclamen peeking out of an overgrown mixed pot, was a delight to see! Impetus to write this last night.

Christine - Thanks very much. I am so ready for Spring, although, there really hasn't been much winter to speak of here or in the Sierras. A new storm brewing will change those stats.

Romantic Poetess - Love your warm comment and thoughts this morning. Thanks!
This was wonderful Cathy - I shall "continue to march" - forward.
Linda - Yes, the last pic is of my happy daughters, having a sister day recently. Really sums it all up for me, both as a mom and just a happy spirit, roaming this planet for some worthy purpose.

Trilogy - Thanks for taking up the march!
hope springs eternal
hope springs eternal
hope springs eternal
This is gorgeous, and beautifully said, Cathy. R
Lovely balance, of seasons & mood, thanks Cathy.
Sheila - Thank you!

Tink - I love kitty cats!

bobbot - Yes, yes and yes!

Thoth - Thank you, kind sir!

hilarad - Hi!

Fay - Back atcha!

Kim - Thanks for coming by and leaving such lovely words.
Spring has sprung!
.°•.¸.•°❤ PEACE ❤°•.¸.•° •.¸¸.•*`*•❤
Algis - And your creative comment art just made my day!
Can't believe I didn't leave a comment here. Old man-old brain... maybe spring will wake me up. Looking forward to seeing the dogwoods bloom up here.
jmac - Thanks for coming by! This is more my style, over the last one you saw. Cheers!