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December 29
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JANUARY 9, 2012 6:24PM

Point of "View"

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Photo taken late yesterday afternoon in an attempt to capture the layers of pink and blue in the sky behind the cabin, when another view 'into' the window appeared quite by chance. 
The moon last night as it appeared through the living room window into the darkness of the night's shining blue beacon of light.  Not blue to the naked eye but a true blue moon to the camera's eye.
Same view from living room window at the break of day.
View from another window to take in a marvelous unwintry sunset.
A view of the lake from the top of the sunroof, where little eyes nearby were nearly, safely home for the evening.  A daily commute, not too difficult to take in, time and time again.
Celestial view from a deck on high..."high above the maddening crowd."  A visit to another big city where the views penetrate one's imagination.
"Too Close for comfort" smoldering view near our home during the Angora Lakes, Tahoe fire in June 2007. 
"A room with a view" and a peek into the feline's point of view. 
View from the can only imagine!
View from the big blue tractor in the hay fields at "the ranch" in Fallon, NV. 
A view of winter last with no winter in sight anytime soon.
Wish I could say this is my view, however, it is a view nearby, taken by my daughter from a boat on the San Francisco Bay. 
A salute to the view from a daughter's workspace in Point Richmond, CA.
 And, a fond farewell.
"And last but not least..."
 My incredible view from the kitchen window as I complete this post. 
All photos are mine except the one of the Golden Gate Bridge, borrowed from my daughter's collection and also the photo of the Angora fire, taken from local coverage at the time of the fire.
Locations of photos: Lake Tahoe, CA., Fallon, NV., San Francisco, CA., Point Richmond, CA., Berkeley, CA., Minneapolis, MN.  
Special note and thanks to Linda Seccaspina for her beautiful post today and her daily inspirations.  And also, a big thank you to my grand children, Graydon and Sydney Rose, whose innocent point of view keeps me grounded and sane.

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Yes, the Christmas lights are still on the house...
CATHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.. thank you.. but being a friend is what I am .. no inspiration.. just love on you girl.
I love the clouds. I never see anything like that.
A little piece of heaven.
Linda - A friend who is also an inspiration is a dynamic duality! And there is sooo much more! Thx!
Having a point of view is really important to me...I was out taking photos to put into a blog. January is amazing! Hugs to you and those grandkids!
Buffy - Can't wait to see your post! Thanks!
So the blue moon rose after all! :o) Yes, Christmas lights are still on in my neighbourhood too, and I like them still for a while. Lovely photos, Cathy - especially the little darlings.
Fusun - Thanks! And all the other Christmas stuff is packed away except the outside lights. Something welcoming about them past the holidays.
Loved the views in your world, Cathy!
These are simply lovely...thank you for sharing.
The cabin looks like a wonderful place to be.
lschmoopie - Thank you very much!

Michelle - Lovely of you to say. Thanks!

Snarkychaser - Not a day goes by that I do not count my blessings! Thank you so much!
Your views (and your view of life) are lovely.
Magnificent photos. You and Linda are both inspirations to me in many ways.
rated with love
Lea - Lovely you. Thank you.

Romantic Poetess - As you are to everyone who knows you! Thank you for such a wonderful compliment!
Touche in absentia! Watching the moon last night, from my vantage point it looks we are going to have a beautiful full moon this month. Simply marvelous. R
Thoth - Where you be looking at the moon? In absentia of what? You are present and accounted for! Thanks!
Seriously jealousing about your kitchen window view. However, you can keep the wildfires and 50 feet of snow.
Stim - Hah! No argument with you there! Thx.
You've got a beautiful spot up there, Cathy. Savor every moment there...I'm sure you do.
I love the photos and the trees you see from your kitchen window are so inspiring. thanks for sharing!
Smithery - You know I do! I have often thought that we are given glimpses of heaven here on earth. I am sure that I have seen them here.

Zanelle - My pleasure! Thank you.
Loved these Cathy! We reluctantly took our lights down yesterday and I miss them.
My favorite picture is Sydney Rose in the blue tractor. I hope she will be a "future farmer"-we need more gals!
All the best in the year ahead!
ladyfarmerjed - Sydney is already a farmer/rancher's daughter! They have a hay ranch with cows, horses, dogs, etc...and she and her brother will be 4th generation operators of the Camp Richardson Corral Horse Back Riding and Pack Station facility! "If," they so choose! Thanks!
Love all the pictures! So beautiful! The smokey one was scary though. I remember when your home was threatened by those fires. A well deserved EP!
Mary - Thanks for the props, sis. That fire is still fresh in the minds of Tahoe residents; especially now, as the fire danger is extreme with no moisture, rain or snow in sight.

blu- Thanks, you.
Oh my your live in a wonderful place. California is truly a place for all seasons and all reasons...Bet the whole just rules!
Algis - Couldn't have said it better! And it sure doesn't suck! Thx!
Your photographs and words are pure poetry -- and make me terribly homesick for former times and places. What a colossal glimpse into the depths of your curious heart. love you!!! xoxoxo

Ahhh...your response to this is poetic music to my ears. xo
They make those tractors a few miles up the road from here in the UK.
I can send parts.......

Looks nice there.
Fabulous photos! It is the 16th and I still have some lights to take down as well! Hahaha!
I would like to appreciate your efforts for exploring this issue. Thank you for your information.EXGF
The moon last night as it appeared through the living room window into the darkness of the night's shining blue beacon of light. Not blue to the naked eye but a true blue moon to the camera's eye.Tips by Coninver