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DECEMBER 29, 2011 11:14PM

PUPPY WHOOPED! For Shiral (Love, Dylan)

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Our Grandson, Graydon (4.5)  with Dylan ( 10 months)
Dylan, hanging on his special pillow, day dreaming of Shiral!
Photo on 2011-12-19 at 13 
Daughter, Michele with her Frenchie, "Cooper" (Dylan's BFF) 
Dylan and Cooper snuggling at naptime (after running a race track around the house!)
Photo on 2011-11-07 at 14 
Youngest daughter, Julie, having a special moment with Dylan (a very mushy family)
Grand daughter, Sydney Rose, hanging with Dylan ("What dog?!") 
Grandson, Graydon, with an appreciative, Dylan (who adores him)
Really too bad the dog can't stand the kids! 
See how much Dylan has grown in the last 5 months! 
Loving my grand puppy, "Coops!" 
 "Gotta sit in front of the TV to get some attention!" 
Daughter, Julie, loving Dylan in the living room. (No shortage of love for Dylan)!
Graydon, Dylan and a break from Lego towers. 
Dylan's concerned look   (like there is reason to be concerned)! 
 For the love of God, isn't anyone into cats?!  "Fred and Bruiser"  (grand kitties) 
"Well, good night, then!" 
Dylan tonight while I ignored him to write this post for Shiral 
All photos are the express property of Dylan, Cooper, Fred and Bruiser.
Special thanks to Shiral, without whom, this post would not have been possible. 

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"Ask, and ye shall receive." Shiral asked for this; I simply obliged.

Puppy lovers unite!
PUPPY PIX!!!!!=o)

OOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Thank you Cathy! Dylan is adorable. And I can see he has his whole family eating out of his paws. =o) But who could resist a baby corgi?

A lovely end to a mildly trying day. =o)

rated with tail wags and a wiggly back end!
Shiral - Dylan thanks you, too! He is getting extra attention over all this! Puppies have a way of making all our thorny paws...ahhhhlllll better!!!
Fabulous Family Photos!!
Susie - Thanks, Susz!
It is so much fun watching Dylan grow and have so much love.
rated with love
RP - Big warm slurp across your cheek from Dylan!
I miss my grandaughter the frenchie.. Miss Bella.. sigh..
So cute.. Is there love in this blog or what??
Linda - You know it!
Ain't nothing wrong with puppies that being cats would cure them of.


(*don't let that preposition at the end of a sentence bother you - no dog lover will ever notice it; or they'll think it's a tail*)

Wonderful family photos. Love Dylan. R
Let me add that your human and feline family members are stellar, also. And Coops has a sweet face. It can't be easy to be upstaged by Dylan!
And Oh my gosh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CATHY! How thick am I to miss your special day when it's right on your profile in plain English? I hope you had a wonderful time with your favorite people....and puppies. =o)
I almost ran into poor Thoth on Open Salon's Feed.
The dog is served dinner with his slippers and paper.

Julie and Dylan are served milk and hot tea before bed.
Thoth sips something from a jug. He's not quit sure what.
Thoth guesses the beverage is coffee, tea, gin, or goat milk.
I didn't notice your birthday either.
If I see a new poster I'll read a BIO.

What a grand way to spend the day.
I recall your Sister shares my day.
If you lived closer I get a coffee.
We'd go to Starbucks for coffee.
I'd guess you drink yours black.
My photos are usually all black.
No forget to remove a lens cap.
I was curious by the title. You would of had me at the word puppy and I decided to open up your blog with curiosity. Delightful ears on Dylan and what a happy charming set of photos! Made me smile.
This was so neat. An animal lover like Terri and I. Dylan looks just like another dog we had years ago. Cats too? Fantastic~~
Dylan looks like a lovely lil pup, Your Gran Daughter is particularly precious; and your new Avatar is quite stunning I might add.

Brightest Blessings for the New Year. BB.
I am not a pet lover, but I see why people love their pets. Even I have to admire these pictures.
Sky - Thx for coming by to punctuate the paws clause that cats will impose when sharing space with a puppy face!

Thoth - Thanks much.

Shiral - Thanks again! Dylan and Cooper are pretty cute together and unknowingly, Dylan does take some of the puppy spotlight away.

Art - I would gladly serve you coffee from my own fine machine;
with sugar and milk or fresh frothed cream!
Nay, no black caffe' oh no for me,
as there is something so fine in the o'lait or grand latte with glee!
Thanks for joining me this morning
for my first cup of java with milk
and some words offering pleasure
like finely woven silk.

Mango - Thanks for reading and commenting on my sweet puppy's ears. They are a bit like low hanging fruit, ripe for the caressing!

Scanner - Yes, our dear, sweet 'mals are so important to we mere humans as we pass through the years. Thank you!

BB - Thank you for your lovely comment..all...and returning the wish to you for a wonderful new year, through and through. Cheers!

Paul - I am quite certain that you would melt in the paws of my puppy, Dylan. His quirky ears and smiling eyes would snare you into puppy bliss. Thank you for your equally appreciative comment!
Utterly charming. I am so smiling! r.
Jon - Thanks much! The babies, both the grand ones and the fur balls, are easy inspiration.
Rated for PUPPIES and GRANDKIDS (and daughters and family)
My grandson's name is Graiden and we call him Gray (he's 5).
Happy birthday and Happy New Year to you!
Ladyfarmerjed What a co-inky-dink! Our Graydon is named after my father, German in origin and he is turning 5 on March 4th! So happy ou came by! Thanks!
Beautiful family. Grand photographs. Thank you for sharing.
Oh what happy babies! A nice way to start the day with puppies and kitties!
OMG...your going to have many fine years with this one.HNY too!
Adorable family photos. Kinda makes me want a dog again.
Scylla, Poppi, Algis and Lschmoopie - Thanks much for coming by to see how big Dylan has grown. He's getting to be a big boy now!