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OCTOBER 30, 2011 9:49PM


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Just for the ghoolish fun of it, let's post some of our spooky pumpkin designs; carving extraordinaire and all that ghostly gobbledygook!
I am a push over for Halloween and have all the cheesy Halloween decorations in my front yard complete with pumpkins in my dead planters and a motion sensing scary ghost that makes haunting sounds when you come too close!  
Parade of hallowed corny decor:
Pieces of Franken Pumpkinstein
Beware or bemused 
Not so scary scarecrow
"I ain't afraid uh no ghosts!" 
Cheery candle with a view 
Lone uncarved pumpkin on porch 
Painted scene of Lake Tahoe with eerie shades of aging Autumn 
Ghostly photo of over-exposed daughter with electric blue eyes 
Roasted Sticky Pumpkin Seeds 
2 cups rinsed, drained fresh Pumpkin Seeds
Toss in heated mixture of half cup of melted salted Butter and quarter cup of Maple Syrup
Spread evenly over non-stick baking pan and roast in 300 degree oven till browned for about 40 minutes.
Sticky, gooey, yummy mess!
Credits:  Carved pumpkins at top were created by my daughter (above) and my son-in-law. 
Have a very happy and safe Halloween! 

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I've already sampled the Halloween candy...just to be sure it isn't stale!
Share some of your Halloween fun and creations, too! Boo!
Have you seen this guy's work?
Sky - Back atcha!

Jan - thanks very much!
Wicked Cool Pumpkin,
Blessed Be, BB.
HAPPY HALLOWEEN.. I envy you..
BB - Love that comment! Wicked!

Linda - Ahh..thanks and have a great night!
We aren't pumpkin carvers and decorators, but maybe just out of sheer lazitude. I think if I had a lovely home with a lovely view of the fall in colorado, or anywhere there is a lovely fall, I'd probably have pumpkin vines growing all over my front porch. Cheers to your roasted pumpkin seeds, hope your day is toasty.
PS, I realize you don't live in Colorado, but the view reminded me of the old days in Crested Butte. I'd love to see the Tahoe area.
I am going to make the pumpkin seed recipe from the lone pumpkin that grew in my garden. Great photos~
Thanks for spreading the fun and spirit. Happy Halloween!
Jealous could never do anything with 'em besides a mushy mess. This is great! r.
Can't wait to carve that gourd now. Happy Halloween!
A while back, I carved a pumpkin to resemble the jackolantern image of Cheney that was on the cover of the New Yorker. I decided to do George Bush, too. A photograph of these pumpkins is on my blog:
Okay, Cathy, hands down you have it!
I'm not carving the precious sugar pumpkins I bought two weeks ago - they're going to be slow baked for a yummy treat. No kids or grand babies around here to put me into the mood. Call me the Halloween Grinch.
Great carvings. I could never carve a pumpkin with any kind of skill. Happy Halloween.
Beautiful! and I love Lake Tahoe. R
Orioki Bowl - I have a sister who lives in Crested Butte! And, notice that I didn't do any pumpkin carving myself! I am dangerous with sharp objects and usually end up cutting myself in the process.

Miguela - Thanks and let me know how the seeds turn out!

Paul - You're welcome! Love Halloween! Into the candy already!

Jon - "...a mushy mess!" Indeed!

Linnnn - Good luck!

Steven - Now that's a carving of a whole other order! Thanks for the link!

Fusun - You anything but a grinch! Have a great day/night! Thx!

Sheila - Thanks!

Geraint - Niether can I!

Christine - Thanks!

Thoth - Thanks and me too!
I didn't have a kid again this year(last two years, I'm guessing the rumors of me killing a whole bunch of trick or treaters must have gotten out!! :( :D) oh well, I guess more peanut butter cups and other nummies for me!! :D

I just tried candy apples. What Do I know from a hard crack stage? The stuff boiled for about 20 minutes so it should have been right. kept spooning it over the apples and had a sea of stuff...sigh...

R, chokes and bugs...bwahahahaha
"Zu": Was going to try to post something appreciatively relevant to all the blog and all the nifty comments but now you have me worried. "Hard crack"? C'mon, we're not discussing drug running here..... or are we? Nifty pumpkin soup recipe (if you're up for a nine hour work of art) in yesterday's NYT. Anybody see it?

Cathy, THANKS for all the nifty photos, and comment-ers for your comments. Maybe I'll post a "Day After" Blog, tomorrow. Best to all,

P.S. Would somebody please send podunkmarte a thesaurus? Is "nifty" the only adjective she knows???? :-( ;-)
It has come and gone. Boo hoo!