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APRIL 30, 2011 1:15AM


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Having a family feud over naming our new puppy to be.  He is an 11 week Welsh Pembroke Corgi, runt of the litter, a "Red" and fluffly cuteness, to beat the band.



Rocker names welcome.  His cousins are, Alice Cooper (a French Bulldog) and Freddy Mercury (a rescue cat that looks like Hitler)!  Go figure!

Rejected names:  Toby, Cody, Manny, Dexter, Mickey, Chester, Hitler, Vulcan, Queen, MC Hammer, Elvis,  Rufus, Ollie...and more!

Names under consideration:  Wilson, Miles and Harry.  But no unanimous support from the peanut gallery...AKA. the whole fam damily!

So, I need some help here.  I have already googled all Welsh male names, all Flemish male names and some Norwegian  male names.  Just doesn't work.

So sorry to use up valuable space here to trouble you with such a menial task, but there is a family dispute going on that merits some attention to what others may think or suggest.

 I am drowning here.  Throw me a line!

Out last Corgi was named, "Nick at Night."  Nick/Nicky for short.

The new puppy is all boy, thought the runt and precious fluff ball of spit fire and energy.  Something to prove to his elder sibs and mom and dad.  He is capable of melting your heart with his facial expressions alone.  He is undaunted by his wee little size and could charm the skin off of a snake.

Just in!  "Jovi!"  Short for John Von Jovi!  Why not?!  We have "Alice Cooper," my daughter's Frenchie and Freddy Mercury, my youngest daughers's rescue why not Jovi?  

Other Rocker names suitable for a fluffy, wittle corgi?  

Tough, right?!

Thanks in advance for helping me to brain storm a good name for our pup to be!

I just know there's a name out there in Outer OS Space! 

Bring it on! 



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Seriously, do need help with this! Family members at odds over this decision. Have done various name name it! Well, precisely! You can help us name our new pupster!
OK so. The queen has corgis, today was wedding day. Do any of the names of "that" family work for you. Harry? What about Kate's crazy cousin Gary Goldsmith. "Smitty?" Prince Philip. "Here is my dog, Phil." I can find humor and good cheer in that.

Or maybe, just "Prince"?

Ozzy. It has to be Ozzy!!!!

Or Prince.

He is so so so cute. I hope you post more pictures, whatever his name is!
Had many dogs over the years. Sparky. Prowler. Roger Mexico. Carmen Carmalita. Victory. Hope those help. Had a few cats too. Miss Priss. Hombre. Babe. Tar Baby. Jet. Shiloh. Looking to get a Jack Russell terrier soon myself. Will not name him Psycho. Why not call yours Red? Or Lefty. Lefty is a sporty name imo.
He is Buggles. I'll be bitterly disappointed if he isn't named Buggles.
Two for your consideration....


....or a piece of mine own!


How can I possibly think of a name when I'm confronted with such outrageous cuteness? =o)

I WANT THAT PUPPY!! (Well, not really, but I'm experiencing puppy lust.

Alas, I'm no rocker in any case. My vote would be for Jovi, though. it sounds kind of like jolly. And I think that little ball of adorableness is going to raise the roof on your family's 'jolly' quotient.

too cute!
if he were mine i would name him pickles... wait, no...noodles!

but in keeping the musical theme, i would go with Zappa
Corgis are the BEST DOGS in the world!!!! I have one named Arthur (I didn't name him but it suits him). And they are the cutest puppies in my opinion. First of all, I have always wanted to name a dog Explodie (from Ren and Stimpy) but have always been shot down. You may have it if you want.

If I were naming a Corgi, I'd go for something dignified and Welsh like Griffin or Dylan. If you want a rocker name how about Angus (Celtic). I also like Kiefer which is a variation of Cooper. Jovi's cute and they ARE pretty jovial dogs. Whatever you name him, he's adorable. Do a Google search for "Corgi in a swing" to see a hilarious picture of a....Corgi in a swing.
Radar--as in Radar Love---
Bogart-or Bogie--- As in Don't Bogart that Joint
Sly--short for Sylvester--as in Sly and the Family Stone
Spencer--As in the Spencer Davis Group
Mick Jagger. But I'd call him Jagger.
P.S. Especially since you said he is a spitfire with lots of energy...just like Mick!
First thought is Elton. They're both short.
Well if you want to continue with the Rocker name tradition, then why not name him Tom Jones after the original Welsh crooner of the sixties. Personally I would name him Buford though.
He is so adorable, Cathy ! Oh, I'm not a dog person, but I could just hug that puppy. You already have a lot of suggestions here but I'll offer one before leaving. LOKI - He was a crafty, rascal, trickster of a god in Norse mythology. Good luck in selecting one, and let us know what you call your new baby.
How about for
Rockers (since he is a white corgi):
Edgar or Johnny Winter
Stefani (after Gwen)
Gaga (after Lady)

Or as a true OS member:

Or in honor of the Royals
Pip, Pippo (after Pippa since she wore white [Kate's sister])

Good Luck.
He looks like a little "Sixx" to me. : )
Tom Jones? He's Welsh.
Cathy, a cute Corgi he certainly is and how 'bout "Saltney" after the Welsh town of the same name?
The dog is just adorable. OK I've got some names. What about?

Louie and I'm leaving out Dewie because I just don't like it. :-)
Jackson, after Jackson Brown~~
Well, you could cross the Irish sea and call him "Bono" after the U2 lead singer. (pronounced bawno, not BOENOE)

My favorite rocker is Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam.

And Duffy, who's actually a woman, is, I believe, Welsh.
I was always careful not to name our pets by "people" names, due to neighbors etc. In fact, on one side our neighbors have a dog named Sally, on the other side of the fence is our neighbor named Sally. Why not name him "Spit fire" just like he is? Just a suggestion. R
Can't believe you found your puppy so quickly. Congrats! I like "Harry", but I'm just hoping all these additional name choices doesn't create more of a family feud! Can't wait to meet him.

HellHound or Maximus Killus!! :D

What? Cute dogs should have evil names --- evens the formula out!! :D

DEATH DAWG 2033!! :D
I really like wilson!!
He looks to me like a Sherlock.
Mick Jagger?
Jagger sounds like a good puppy call sign to me if you go rocker.


All of your suggestions are terrific! The bomb!

We are digesting all and will be thinking on it more during our vacation to AZ and the hot desert!

You are the best! Knew I could count on my OS family for great names and support! xoxo
Hi Cathy, I'm getting Roscoe. I don't know why nobody else heard him say that his name is Roscoe.
I like the Welsh God "Dylan ail Don" or "Dylan the son of the wave"
He and his twin brother "Lleu Llaw Gyffes" are the yin and yang of Welsh lore.
His breathing is said to be the sound of the waves on the shore.
rated with love of that darling dog


I just named my new puppy Finn. His official name is Sir Finn of Locke.
Charles, Prince of Wales. he's definitely a keeper.

Or Sid as in Sid Vicious.
Ted Zeppelin. Fred Nugent. Mr Beauregard. Cooter. McGee. Snooker. Elvis Finklestein. Dog. Mr Magoo. Dr Funkenstein. Pepe Lepew. Caka.

Mookie, Hercules or Odysseus. He looks like a little Hercules to me, with that little block body.
Update - We have been going back and forth over, Wilson, Buster, Riley and NOW, "Roscoe" and "Dylan."

So, for me, it's between Riley, Roscoe and Dylan.

So like in Hawaii, if you don;t like the weather, it will change in about 5 minutes. So will the names!

I am so grateful for all your suggestions and enthusiasm. Will be back again to see what has transpired in the name dilemma. Thanks!
Bowie, as in David Bowie.
like Riley, but think he looks like a Pepper (Pep for short)
I'm torn,
I think Bandit, that little mask around his eyes; and he's going to be stealing hearts for some time; but those Big Old Paws, I know Corgies don't get big, but he looks like he wants to get big. Looks like a little Husky he does. : ) How about London, for Jack London.
Oh well those are my thoughts, Blessings, BB.

Love the Welsh folklore that goes with this name.

Can't wait to meet our new little Dylan (the Dylster!)

Here come the split off nick names for Dylan!

Dill pickle, Dylly Dally, Dilz, Dylicious, Dandy, Silly Dylly, Dyl can do!
According to my wife, and I have learned to never disagree/dispute her, there is only one permissable name for a critter--dog, cat, hamster, turtle, horse, armadillo, guppy or canary--and that name is "Spike". There. Dilemma solved.
Dylan is great. Congrats and may we please have some more puppy photos?
kh3333 - I will put up a new post with more puppy photos, per your request! Thanks for the encouragement!