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MARCH 20, 2011 1:33AM


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Actual photo of "Moon Love" 
A twenty year moon is infrequent and scarce.
It illuminates our energy, our fears, our worst kind of emotions.
And, indeed, our best.
It is light incarnate in its rainbow of colors.
It is only ours to see.
It is seen and unseen.  Like our Lord above.
It is mystery; in its secrets untold.
It is subtle while it's suddenly more bold.
It is ever present
Although we don't always choose to see.
It's luminosity so magical.
Upon it we can only make one wish.
If only it were true.
That one thought, one promise, one moment...
When stars on high shine through.
All the doubts, the wishes, the blunders
The skin so thin.
Cannot handle its meaning, its portent;
The discovery that is you. 
Come together then,
Bring your alignment that is always there.
Whether we see it or not,
Give us all that you've got.
Show us your brilliance, your wisdom, your legacy,,,
The entire of the universe;
Your lot.
We barely know the secrets you possess,
Under layers of heat, shadows, shivers
and darkness, of which we can only dream.
Scary in its infinite reaches.
Farther than we can sense with tendrils of desire.
Hope that runs more eternal than the unknowns
And the change that can only be measured in pain.
Let us join forces then and worship its bounty.
The boundaries are limitless, untouchable, fearless hearts.
Rejoice then, the possibility of survivors.
That which is incredible and unseen, yet shockingly real.
We wait after all,
All that can be wanted, needed, searched for in all its glory.
Will we ever find it then?
Will we put an end to our private story? 
"Yearn for peace,
Dream of peace,
Pray for peace...?"
Never take our eyes off the moon.
Never wish for more than we deserve.
Never hold back that which we must give,
Unselfishly, boldly, sacrificially necessary.
Can we look in the mirror and truly see
That which is the greatest belief in ourselves?
The winds of change are upon us
and will take us by surprise. 
No other choices at our disposal,
Creating conflict, the turbulence that will  not end quickly.
The hope in our eventual creation,
Of freedoms merely chanted in days 
We no longer remember.
We squash all that is uncomfortable, that upsets the norm.
We celebrate only that which we can embrace;
That which we can tolerate and others can only despise. 
If given a choice, can we be honestly open?
Or would we prefer to repress that feeling that muddles in discontent?
Looking for opportunity in every waking moment.
Can the lunar sky maintain some semblance of peace?
Lest we might have the opposite of what all people want,
We linger in hesitation...
when blinded by its hypnotic light. 
 Pray then, for the light of day.
Photo credits:  
Red Ringed Moon over Lake Tahoe, taken by daughter, Kelly, last December 2010.
Favorite secluded beach in Puerto Vallarta, taken by me on vacation last October 2010. 

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Totally inspired by the moon (Scylla, Thoth and James M. Emmerling).

They have no idea. Only the moon knows. It's in the beams.
I loved this Cathy. I am guessing you know the myth behind Thoth? I mean in mythology. That or fate and the moon just had such a strange mixed up way of appearing with these post tonight.
The moon was absolutely stunning, Cathy. I couldn't take my eyes off. I can see its effects on you too. Beautiful poem!
Cathy, you're one of the very first people in OS who I fell in love with. You're a wonderful person, and so probably is James and Scylla, but Thoth is just repulsive. It amazes me that people don't see what a gangrenous, disgusting thing he is.
Ever since I've been on OS I've heard about this guy, who in the hell is he?
I just saw the extra large moon rise tonight. It is enormous!!! This poem was perfect. Easy to be blinded.
"Thoth" appears to each person differently, I suppose, He has been nothing but inspiring and kind to me. Or, that is what I choose to see. The light of the moon illuminates the good in all things. That is what I see. That is what inspires me.

These three were in the readings I randomly chose tonight and the rest just came out, by the light of the moon.

Victoria - Yes, I am familiar, though I speak of the person I have come to know here. I have been struck by his genuine tenderness, though it all.

Fusun - Yes, "it's effects on me..." and the Zinfandel! xo

Nanatehay - And I, you! ;) Different strokes...I never saw the green.

Fred - I cannot speak for others. He is a mystery wrapped up in mystique...or something like that!

Zanelle - Thanks for coming by so late!
.....and you write poetry, too? You're a woman of many talents.
PS - My daughter took the first photo of the moon over Lake Tahoe last December and the 2nd one I took in Mexico last October (yes, I still travel to Mexico!). Andale!
Patricia - My poetry is legend here! Ha! Thanks for coming by this late in the moonlit night!
I have had similar thoughts. And someone else once described him as a mirror. So what you get out of Thoth's writing is that which you already have in you.

But, I first read him because I had an obsession with the Egyptian Goddess Seshat. I sort of love books.
Goodnight Cathy! I loved every bit of your poem including the lovely picture. I am beat and it is really late here.
Victoria - Thanks, sweetheart. Rest well! xo
This is grand, beautiful writing and I am touched beyond words to be included. Thoth and James Emmerling are two fine writers well beyond my poor power of prose. Thank you very much.
What a stunning post and photos, I love everything about it. I think you chose all three very well. I had a wonderful day starting with a face to face with a peregrine falcon on the wing and tonight the glorious moon. This was icing on an incredible cake. Thank you Cathy.
What a gorgeous moon my friend. It was so bright and lovely here this evening - the first clear day in weeks. Lucky us! We all shine under the same stars.
Beautiful poem and just right for the occasion!

Wait, late night scat?? WHERE? EWWWWWWWWW!! I think I stepped in some!!

No wait, it's chocolate!! :D

(Psssst, it's never too late to post!!!! Actually, better to post at night, OS is like speedy fast then!! ;D)

**Wanders off back into the thorn bushes**
Only two words: Moon Struck!
two more words: Cosmo's Moon!
A nice piece of poetic beauty!
The moon was stunning...and since appartently the world ends in December of 2012, was the last time ever for us to see it. was raining here.
....and Cathy, I agree with you on Thoth.
Well. Congratulation. You etc., enter Loon Lunar Level that we hiccup folk in the boondocks call moon-beamed. Be careful. If you are in a canoe and see the Moon's Reflection - Embrace the Moon within your seat-of-wholesome emotion.

Heart is the inner seat.
I read in Greek is a temple.
Holy Tabernacle Sanctuary.
Heart is vital pure emotions.
No walk on moon's water path.
Poets have walked a Moon Path.
Poet forgot they were in a canoe.
Purgatory once made commonsense.
Life must Be Examined ref r.s. 's blog.
Let's not miss awe-Muse jolly ride too.
Parable are concealed and or revealed.
You write like you cause hiccup canoes.
You better not burp along the beaches.
People may begin a rumor.
You Just Cathy Loon Bird.
They may call You a Hick.
Very nice! We could not see it here, being very overcast.
I loved this poem.
I do have more than one wish, but I don't expect fulfillment of all my wishes through the moon's auspices (I can go get some of them myself). The moon is for the ones I give to Nature to grant.
Drink more wine, Babes, you are hot with a pen on Zinfandel!
poetry that teaches
poetry that expresses
what we have inside
our human minds
inspired by the moon
a super moon indeed
rainy here, no super moon to see
imagining the moon
that inspire you
to this beautiful poetry

rated with love
This is beautiful writing. I'm so unhappy that we couldn't see the moon last night because of the cloud cover.
Scylla - As you have touched me. We never really know what stirrings of inspiration will befall us by the light of a giant moon. Its effects are invisible to our senses and play tricks on our sensibility. It pushes our mood swings, inner drive and touches tenderly those rarely felt emotions.

L'Heure Bleue - I am so happy you liked it and that you had such a unique day as well. To see a rare falcon as well as a rare and stunning moon in the same day, is a nice touch of luck and awe.

Sparking - "We all shine under the same stars." That is a great visual. And so good to hear from you!

Scanner - Thanks very much, Scan Man!

Tink - Your reactions always put a big smile on my face. Thanks!

Out on a Limb - "Moon Struck" is such an apt expression for how the moon cast its spell last night and its affects on my mood.

Blinddream - Have not heard of "Cosmo's Moon" before and like the sound of that. Although I love imbibing well concocted Cosmos, my two glasses of Red Zin worked their magic as well.

JD - I do not believe in the end of the world, especially when I see it splayed out on billboards with biblical quotes declaring the Lord is coming and other climactic dates beginning with this May 21st, followed by October 21st (both 2011) and then this one you mention in conjunction with the ending of the Mayan calendar on Dec. 21st, 2012. As a realist, I feel pretty sure it will only be an end to the ancient calendar and we will be relaxing at home, banging away on the keys, writing about the big survival of the planet while throwing back a glass of champagne with resounding cacophony heard around the globe. (fingers crossed)
Art James - You know all too well that I am a hick at heart. You knew I could throw a baseball, so near and dear to my heart. As you are. And how you could know of that time of my youth, caught in a canoe by the moon light, blinded by its blinding light, lost in all directions; blanketed by night. It was quite a fright, though better off for the sight. Nary a fight could be heard while navigating my plight. Take reassurance we did beach our canoe, made simple camp by the lapping water's edge. Laying awake long into the night's early morning, sleepless chirping stirrings of unfamiliar sounds surrounding. Morning came calling and none too soon, as no sleep was granted, by the light of that moon.
I was going to ask how you got that picture with the monsoon rain.
I just wish everyone would get along
rated with hugs
Trudge164 - Loved your moon photo of the doorway and your curious kitties. What a shot you got! I'll say t again here. That is one award winning photo and simply stunning!

Sheila - it was blurry in the mountains last night, giving it a shrouded, eery glow. That mixed with a little wine made for a typing frenzy while the moment lasted.

Cleotheo - Funny thing about wishes...once granted, we always want for more. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

Romantic Poetess - Such poetic response does touch my heart; your words full of inspiration and kindness, right from the start. xo

Christine - Thank you very much. There was also some eery cloud cover in the mountains as well, however, its larger than life shape challenged the light blanket of shimmering white, still reaching through in emerging light. It got to me.

Jane - Last night's moon was far different from my daughter's photo of the red ringed moon over Lake Tahoe last December. Yet, the inspiration of last night's larger than life moon could still be seen taunting the wispy cloud cover that gave it layers of emotions.

toritto - lucky you to have caught this emerging moon for days ahead. Dewars and a short cigar makes me nauseous but the coffee will be warmly welcomed.
Linda - Monsoon rain? Not sure I follow? Red Moon over Lake Tahoe was taken on a perfectly moonlit night, sans rain. Thanks for coming by this morning.
Such beautiful verse! Just what poetry should be:
inspired by what is happening now,
a raw private experience taken up
into a beautiful soul's mind
& made human by being expressed,
made universal.
But what a ragged triumvirate tis devoted to!
The Three Stooges come to mind.
One can be a stooge for God,
an opaque oracle, a mirror clouded by too much
hot air,
& yet be most unsaintlike in one's persona...
"touched" as they say, howling in the wilderness
at the moon...
it was so close last night that i took a jump at it.
Linda - I just got it. You were referring to the crazy rain in my "other domicile." The mountains had a nice clear day and evening last night, with some shrouding clouds that did allow the luminous effect of the large and rare 20 year moon. It had its effect either way. I see we can expect more monsoons into Spring, bringing many more feet of snow here and flooding in all the low lying areas of our fair state. Nature's spring cleaning. Our nightmare.
James - I am so glad you found this post which was inspired by the readings of you 3 last night. No stooges, none. All with such uniquely diverse gifts and all in inspiration to me at various times and subjects of inward and outward perception. Seemed fitting to dedicate as such, when the words flowed as a result of each one casting a spell over me in unison with the looming shadows of the moon. Recent events came over me with certain influence while the writing was in progress. Thank you very much for your role in all you write and what is reflected in my lunar ramblings.
last night i missed the moon
this morning i read your lovely verse `
i looked in her eyes
and saw the wonder
of a lunar delight
Chuck - Love in kind, your poetic response. Thank you.
Beautiful moonbeam poetry that transported me! Rated~
To be serious: thank you.
This is why I write.
This is why I read.

Inspiration, pure and simple.
Ain't it just the best thing?
I am addicted to it.
So much beauty here ... filled with love and hope and prayers for peace. Very, very nice!

Unfortunately I missed seeing this special moon - It has been raining here for three days and the sky blanketed with heavy cloud.
No moon for me, it stormed like crazy last night. Nice post, Cathy.
Did you know that we had a supermoon in February, one in March, and will have one in April, too? Booga booga.
Beautiful. "Never ask for more that what we deserve" now there's something to ponder.
This moon rising over the ocean the last couple of nights makes my mouth open so that I find I'm imitating it
Susie - Lovely response. Thank you!

James - Yes, writing is just the best and a worthy addiction.

Little Kate - Thank you so much! What kind words!

Sweetfeet - Thanks much!

Xenonlit - I did not know that! But not surprising as some of the moons of late have been incredible.

Mimetalker - Thanks for that call out. Most of my writing is full of my own ponderings.

Gabby Abby - I'll bet the moon is spectacular over the ocean of late.
And rated for Cathy's beautiful poem.
Cathy, this is such a beautiful poem for the moon and for three of our most luminous OS'ers...xox
We had a dinner party that night and kept running out to moon over the moon. When everyone left, Nick and I ran out like teenage kids to the hot tub and soaked in the light of the silvery moon. It was magical. Loved this post, the thoughts and the pictures.
Mary - You and Nick had more fun mooning the super moon or super-sizing mooning it or dancing naked in the moonlight! Whatever! It has been a spectacular sight...much as you and Nick must have been (and are)! xo
Rainee - thanks very much!

Robin - Thanks to you, too!
One can only imagine how such sights would have affected the ancients who must surely have thought The End was near
Beautiful. Blessings, BB.
Blackbird - Back atcha, BB!
The moon has always been my Goddess. Thank you, Cathy, for writing so beautifully about Her.
Nanatehay - You sound very possessive of her charms. As you should.
So tell me, with so much feminine mystique in "her" shadows, where did the "man in the moon" come from? Just a lucky guy?
Beautifully written. I love it. At lost for words to express the poetry.
To the three of them.. Only the moon knows.. smiles
I, of course, came back because I missed you.

Cathy, this is just incredible...I will bookmark this and be re-reading it over and over.
This seems like wisdom out of a devotional or something.

Too bad for us there was such heavy cloud cover that night...
Fireeyes - Thanks for your sweet response! So good to see you back!

Dean - Why, thank you! And where Have you been?

Just Thinking - Even through the cloud cover prevailed, the moon did its magic over the mountains. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment.
Hello Cathy,

Do you remember, I asked something about how much pollution (CO2) did an all electric vehicle truly produce? Well, no one could answer that for me. So,, I began reading and studying. If you go to read the two new posts, take a coffee, or a tea, or something stiff in a snifter. Laughing, you'll know where I've been.

The one thing I have been wanting to tell you ! One of the poems? "Astride the Gale" Was the national award winner , Mensa PRP Awards, Poetry 2009. Are you the one who nominated me?

I missed you. I hope you and yours are well.

Dean - Congratulations on the poetry win! Well deserved! Um...and a lady never tells...
Will definitely get over to read what's new with you!
OMG I am just over whelmed by this fine poetic piece. Bravo!
Seer - Thanks for your lovely poetic comment.

Algis - My humble thanks for such a fine compliment!