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APRIL 18, 2012 5:27PM

Just a Little Remembrance of Dick Clark

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Ed I Tor is way too young to remember Dick Clark.  But many of us grew up with him.  Gawd, who can forget "American Bandstand". 

It spawned a host of other shows--can you think of a few?  Like "Hootenanny", "Hullabaloo"  and "Lloyd Thaxton" to name a few. 

 But rather than go on, here's a song, written by Barry Manilow (for you youngsters, check out one of disco's classics "The Copa"): (zap the commercial at the beginning)

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See ya on the flipside, Dick!

He will be missed.

My mom danced on American Bandstand once or twice when it was in Philly.
I always feel old when I mention someone in my posts, like Dick Clark or a song like 'The Twist' and get a comment, who? what?

I AIN'T THAT OLD!! HISSSSS!! I just didn't have a lot of radio stations playing the new stuff back in my days. ~WEEPING~ I thought Rockin' Robbin' was hip and new back in 1988!! WAAAA!! ~:D

Rest in Peace Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest, you stay away from anything cool. YOU AREN'T COOL!!! Deal with it!!
Dick Clark was the product and an example of a different time in our history and I did love his show and the music and the dancers and all the rest. He had a long life, a good life, and he touched a lot of people, what more could a man ask for.
Well damn, the guy was older than my Mom!
Ah, Walt you make this Philly Boy Smile! I just posted a vvv short piece on this, too!

The generally forgotten thing about Bandstand is that it was among the first TV programming with integrated participants... and they were for the most part high school and college age. Very radical at the time.
It had a good beat, and we could dance to it. Remember that?

i learned to dance watching bandstand. dick clark was a righteous dude. thanks, walt.
He opened up an era.
Thank you for introducing me to another American legend, enjoyed reading all the Dick Clark posts and his music and dance. Rated.