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MARCH 25, 2012 2:04PM

"Love Thy Neighbor"--a Sunday Quickie

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Just thought I'd throw this into the feed today before I check around to see if I can get the ESPNU streaming of the University of North Dakota vs University of Minnesota hockey game today to see who makes the "Frozen Four" next week.  Here it is:

 Love Thy Neighbor

Kind of says it all, doesn't it?

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Very cool.

This should go on the back of the OS Official Hoodie, the one with the "Be Kind" motto on the front still to be designed by someone who knows how to do that kind of thing. I'm just throwing around a few ideas...
VCorso--I like that idea. Thanks.
I loved this. Im going to post it on my Facebook. We all need to read that over and over again. Especially those right wingers.
Well, I don't know — how will we know who we are if we don't know whom to hate?
Zanelle--thanks, I'll be putting it up on Facebook too

Brunhilde--the haters can just change that one word at the top--run an "x" through it and insert a red "Hate". Then the one concept can do double duty I guess. Scary thought.
Great shirt... where can I find one?
Yup and hope people read and understand it.
Linda--What!!??? Read??? Understand??? That's expecting a lot anymore isn't it?
Wow. Really makes you think.
Yes very cool and needing to be said!
Right on! Too many people think "neighbor" means anybody who looks/acts like me.
Kind of does say it all. I applaud you for your taste in hockey.
Interestingly when Jesus did the whole "love your neighbor" bit, somebody asked Him who/what is a neighbor.
And Jesus said, any stranger who is willing to help you in a spot of bother is a neighbor.

I think that's probably something we can adopt, irrespective of how you feel about Christianity (though I'm not really sure how that would work practically- do you have to wait till somebody does you a good turn?)