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Fooled around and fell in love 2 girls in their 20s, and an autistic son who is 23 y.o. We have too many pets to count and believe that a sense of humor helps to win the battles that this life presents. I hope to spiel my crazy self onto these pages before the poison peaks. Oh yeah, my husband never stops talking.. "All the lonely people, where do they all come from? All the lonely people, where do they all belong?" The Beatles


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JUNE 15, 2011 11:33AM

I Wonder How Honest A Blog Rating Is...

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I recently read a comment about blogs, questioning how true the ratings and comments are. It brought to mind the thoughts I had when I first started posting on OS. I believed that the comments were exaggerated and  ratings were handed out like candy on Halloween. 
 I questioned the honesty in these comments and what good could actually be gleaned from the overuse of   superlatives here and there, and here. I know for me, besides raising an eyebrow at the apparent praise from some readers, even if it was just a few readers, I gained a bit of confidence and maybe a little inspiration to continue to write.
And soon, I fell into the very habits I had critically questioned when I first joined OS. I was using superlatives that one might see on an acclaimed bestseller's cover flap and I was feeling guilty everytime I did this. Even though some might gain some confidence and/or inspiration, was this practice of exaggeration, white lies, I guess I would call it, was this practice the right thing to do? I don't know what the answer is and I'm hoping someone wiser might.
In the meantime I'll take comments posted to my piece with a grain of salt, maybe believing that my post is good instead of fantastic, or my imagery is fine instead of incredible, but please don't misunderstand my conundrum here, I love getting these great comments. I just want honesty so I know what you're saying is true.

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I like to say something nice, if I can't I just don't comment or rate.
If I find something in the piece that resonates with me, I write about that. I find so many of the posts here touch me in some way.
I rate them all with love or some other emotion they evoke because it is with love that I read and appreciate them.
rated with love

:-) HA. You must have known that was coming from me, Lady J.

To answer you seriously,
I think that when one gets one's feet wet here on OS
one learns to...sift through one's friends and separate the
well-meaning obsequeties (is that a word?)
from the objective comments.
Nobody is going to come on here and say, well, you didn't
really do your best on this or that piece. It's not that kind of place.
It's a social network first and foremost,
and one puts one's whole personality out there:
we love and admire each other perhaps too much to be
objective at times. As R. P. says, something resonates and touches us.
And if it does, it is good writing, yes?

This is a fine, extremely well written piece of OS self-query.
It subtly stretches out to be a nice little metaphor
of life itself. It works.

Also, i am beyond delighted to see you writing again, so
in that sense it is one of the best pieces i have read this month.
Romantic Poetess-If I had continued with this post I would've written how so much of what I read here rings so true in my heart. I find answers here and this makes me tend to praise and rate galore!

My dear Jane Smithie-You are so right when you say much of what is written here is superior to much of the stuff that's published. Our writing mates are just top shelf .
So the honest comment would be: "Please spell check your work before you post." Typos & spelling errors in comments don't bother me, but in a post that has supposedly been thought through, they are unacceptable.

The polite comment is "Interesting point. Should make for some good discussion."

Which do you prefer?
truth is sometimes grey skies
cannon fire is muffled
and it's all not for nothing
My Dear Sweet Sir James, when I first came to OS, I was really hoping that I would be given some constructive criticism because I know it would've been helpful. That is the kind of site I was looking for, but this site is so much more than that.
Salt this if you must but, when I find nothing more to add than superlatives I generally just rate silently. If I give praise while it is only my personal opinion I try not to inflate it beyond reality. I would hope that you feel the same about those you've left for me. I don't mind questions or criticism either as long as it is of a constructive nature.
kh3333-Spelling errors are not acceptable when we have all the software available, and the way you worded your comment is easy to understand and not offensive.

Hey Chuck-I understand the gray areas and I can even take the criticism, especially if it's for improvement. I don't want people screaming fine wishes and false beatitudes.
bobbot-I, too, have rated but not commented. You never have to worry about my comments to you. Your writing is most often spot on, and I can honestly say I don't remember ever being disappointed. If I ever have been I would let you know because I feel safe doing so.
Thanks for not taking offense. Looking forward to seeing a corrected version!
I have the advantage over these virtual lovers of your work,
having had the dear pleasure of
almost blowing you up,
cig & o2...
blowing the whole
place up, ha.......

anything you have to tell us is to be treasured.

some personalities can be interesting reading the phone book,
as they say...mighty spirits are far and few between in this wretched
backwater galaxy.
neilpaul-That must be so refreshing to hear those good things being said, and delving in the honesty! I feel for you and your beliefs in your readers!
Sir James, I'm sorry I've screwed up the order of my reader comments. You're too good for me, my fine sir.
I don't get ratings and don't deserve them either. So the system seems honest to me.
yes i am often a good good person.
once in awhile i slip up.
yes i am often a good good person.
once in awhile i slip up.
yes i am often a good good person.
once in awhile i slip up.
It is an interesting situation. I would love to get more feedback on my writing, but I do not know if I could handle a lot of criticism.

I like to tell people that someting was a good read, if I thought it was, and sometimes I like to give my ideas about what makes a piece work for me, or not work. But mostly I just like writing.
I believe that writing is difficult and that it should be encouraged. Compliments build courage and courage builds confidence. Writing is all about voice and we know that takes confidence to sound. If I don't like a post, I don't comment at all but I try to say something if I get to the end. I do admit to rating my favorites--when I remember.
And another thing that I don't like is trying to stay active when you think you are writing something not so bad, and a couple of comments are encouraging, but that's it, you get 5 ratings, four comments and then its done.
Lady J,
I hear a rumor that your daughter is also a writer.
If this indeed is the case, I would forthwith & without hesitation
have some kinda girly girly Momma-Daughter rap session with the
gal. I hear she has something of importance to communicate.

Yours. Sweety Pie James.
Sometimes the honesty of a moment can be hyperbolic. I react emotionally to much of what I read. If something really whacks me between the ears I might get a tad carried away with my comment. I always try to give an example or two of just what it is that strikes my fancy so.

There are some here who have appointed themselves arbiters of "proper" comments and legitimacy when it comes to rating and commenting on particular blogs. This group has coined the word "fuckmuppets" to represent bloggers who rate each other regardless of perceived merit and who invariably leave gushing commments. These "critics," of course, do the same thing within their own little group, which makes one wonder if they are simply playing the junior high game of insies and outsies. They snigger and cybersmirk among themselves, but need not be taken seriously despite their air of authority over what is good and what is not.

I, for one, always rate a post I read. I've made a habit of hitting the rate button first thing, even before I read, so I won't have to wonder after leaving a comment if I rated or not. I rate regardless of what I think of the post, because ratings are the only means of keeping a post in the top-rated feed, which runs down the right margin. A post in this feed stays up at least four hours, giving potential readers a chance to open it before it disappears.

The only time I worry about what anyone might think of a comment I leave is if there's a chance they might misinterpret what I was trying to say. Anyone who thinks I'm gushing gratuitously in a comment and is rude enuf to accuse me of such, can kiss my ass.

My apologies, Julie, for taking so long to read your post. I was having computer problems all week, and have been spending all day trying to catch up.
Having not fully returned here but more than in the last year, it seems to me that many many blog posts are ignored. I've written about this before and I plan to again. Superlatives and hypbolic responses are not, for me, a problem. But I do have a problem with those who are always top rated even when an unknown writer does a bang up job. I try to answer those but the slowness of the site is a big reason why I don't do that often enough. R

PS: I learned long ago from Margaret Mead helas! that free associating to any text is a way to honor it without undo comments that are not really warranted. I think very few do this, free associating, but to me, that is actually interesting to heart of how to respond. I know I am alone with this, but it's what I learned to do.
OOPS. guess your writing daughter is a figment of my wild
imagination... she writes little now, or nothing, or...less than nothing.

well, i went and "poked" her here on os. i know she is a modern and
somewhat tech savvy artist, so i hope i shall annoy her into
coming out of self-undeserved exile from
beauty, truth, and goodness...

love she got down. for the unfortunate. like critters.

i hope bukowski pays a visit, with his whore anne sexton.
or maybe, to make shit good, camille paglia.
or any interesting
woman with a mind like

i am plagueing her.
think camus: i dont give a shit.
hm. tell yr daughter, sleepy gal, to upwake & get bizzy on her
blog or i will sic alot of wild wacky womanz on her,
crazier even than julie
or me.

correction; not more than me.

we need the likes of such a shy stick figure
who collects sticks and makes bouquets for a fine fella
who likes em but...well...huh...

she needs real work. like os. tell her i sd that, ha.