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Julie Delio
Texas, USA
August 30
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OCTOBER 13, 2008 10:08PM

Cross Country Fall 1977

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I'm still at it -- scanning in "vintage" slides and memories along with them.  In the carousel I was working on yesterday, I found some (but not all -- now where are the rest?) photos of a six week trip my children's father/my ex and I took with our one year old son and 2 1/2 year old daughter.*  We left the Philadelphia area the last week in September 1977 and drove to Illinois and Iowa to visit my family.  From there we drove through what can be some of the most boring traveling known -- the plains of Nebraska and South Dakota.  But it was harvest time and the fields were full of activity.


After the plains, we went through the glorious Badlands and Black Hills (photos among the missing) and then into Wyoming.  Cody was freezing cold, even the last day of September; just a taste of what was to come.  The last day of driving before we got to Yellowstone (photos missing, too)  was amazing.  This is our covered wagon and one of the roads we traveled.  Had to stop to take in the glory of fall.
*We didn't spend all 6 weeks driving -- or I probably would have gone insane.  We spent 3 weeks with my parents in Santa Barbara.


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Those aspens look like they are on fire! Wow.

Don't you just love a road trip? I do.
Not only have I just had the good fortune of spending the weekend in Boston and Cape Code where the trees were bursting with the passion of so much color, I wanted to cry...but I was in the Colorado mountains weekend last and those aspen were slaying me. I love your last picture of course. Thanks Julie!
I do miss the fall color so much. I noticed today that some photinia hedges outside my office were getting their "red tips," but it's just not the same. What I do not miss are the cold and the snow.

Mary, I was in New England last year around this time. Breathtaking, huh?
Well, we were in Illinois together sort of. I was still there in '77 a year after graduating from Wheaton.

Lovely retrospective Julie. I love being on the road, and still look for interesting things even in the flat boring spots.
Julie, beleve it or not I have seen outstanding color in West Texas, of all places. I've seen golden aspens surrounded by red maples in McKittrick Canyon out in the Guadalupes. I've seen the mesas west of Abilene blazing red with autumn sumac. I've seen red sweet gum among the pines east of Tyler. The color is there, you just have to look a little harder!
Actually, Procopius, you're right. Hubby and I spent one Thanksgiving around Carlsbad/Guadalupe Mountains Natl Park. It was gorgeous. And you're also correct about the sweet gum trees. In our little community we have several sweet gums and they do shine, but later. We have some newer Chinese pistachio trees and they are golden beauties. I need to get my camera ready for the color a month or so from now around these parts.
Yes, there's nothing quite like fall in New England. Although the aspens of Colorado are a close rival.