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FEBRUARY 21, 2012 7:53AM

Eyes Wide Shut redux: DSK back in jail

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 Eyes Wide Shut
Getting an eyeful:
Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut

Who ever would have suspected that Stanley Kubrick's final masterpiece, Eyes Wide Shut, was a documentary? But it's starting to look less like a movie and more like a simple slice of life. Case in point: Former IMF boss and accused rapist Dominique Strauss-Kahn isn’t just back in the headlines today, he’s also back in jail. The French press is reporting that he was arrested in the northern French town of Lille this morning for his alleged participation in “organized criminal procuration,” i.e. pimping, and conspiracy to embezzle company funds. This all comes in connection with nude sex parties the 62-year-old former presidential hopeful celebrated at luxury hotels in Paris, Vienna, and Washington DC, usually in connection with IMF events.

The Belgian call girls, together with the travel and hotel expenses for the lavish, “Eyes Wide Shut”-like events, were paid for by two French businessmen from Lille, Fabrice Paszkowski and David Roquet, who were likely using the sex to bribe the mighty Strauss-Kahn for favors. The call girls were allegedly paid between 500 and 1,600 euros for their services. Paskowski and Roquet have organized several of these parties in the past, and have likely been providing DSK with a steady stream of discreet sex workers during his visits to Lille. There, the local police chief regularly hired prostitutes, some of them underage, to service him - DSK has been known to cavort with four at once in the jacuzzi. Last November, a prostitute who claimed to have celebrated eleven orgies with the economist, testified to police that he "showed exceptional energy" and normally had sex "with every girl in the room." At these parties, Strauss-Kahn "was treated like a messiah."

Under French law, it is legal to have sex with a woman over the age of eighteen in exchange for money, but it is unlawful to pimp. The French authorities have already shut down three luxury hotels implicated in the pimping affair over the past year.

Eyes Wide Shut 

Strauss-Kahn will likely be held for forty-eight, possibly up to ninety-six hours while the court decides whether or not to prosecute. The man himself claims he was unaware the women were prostitutes (a very tall tale indeed) and has asked for a complete investigation to clear his name.  

Will it be as easy as that? He already has a small army of lawyers and public relations experts at his beck and call to scrub is besmirched reputation. If he asked me, I’d suggest buying a gallon of Clorox and take it from there.

While the seemingly endless DSK saga is distasteful, it nonetheless opens a window onto the sensibilities and corruptions of the rich and powerful, a.k.a. "The One Percent," who are increasingly laying claim to the planet we all share. In researching his case, I feel more than a little like Tom Cruise's "Dr. Bill Harford" on his wide-eyed odyssey through a phantasmagorical vision of a city he no longer recognizes. I, for one, want to know more about this shadow world. Not for titillation - I can't think of a less titillating plutocrat than Monsieur DSK - but rather to get some idea of where all that money is going. I'd like to hold on to some of mine, if it's okay with you. 


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As in the excellent movie, this makes me wonder who else is hiding behind those Venetian masks...

I don't know either, but it would be brilliant if Santorum were one of them!
Yes, choosing between Strauss-Kahn and Santorum is like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea.
"I can't think of a less titillating plutocrat than Monsieur DSK ...."

agreed.....I wish I weren't rubbernecking but I think it's a lucky miss he's lost a lot of status and prestige in recent months.....

"If he asked me, I’d suggest buying a gallon of Clorox and taking it from there."

witty, and yes.....
Your point is well-taken -- these kinds of excesses are metaphors for 1%-ism. Ew, is all I can say. I had no idea of this latest freak show.
[r] thanks, judy. i missed the movie but may check it out belatedly. loved the title. sounds like america. as for dsk, he was supposed to be the more populist plutocrat so it was sad.

ah, sex addiction. addictions of any kind, signs of profound dysfunction and like with Clinton really disturbs balance, though we all have our secrets, but sounds like dsk, French notwithstanding, was out of control big-time.

This resonates with our New York Spitzer with his insane bankrolling of call girls just when he was on the brink of doing something about big time corporate corruption. They wait until they need the ammunition and the rat bastards haul it out.

The insane over the topness of the patriarchy who are so too long protected by their wealth and cronyism from accountability. Some addictions are not as devastating to others in general as they are to oneself and the significant ones in a smaller orbit.

For example the addiction to war as if it were a macho game that Obama, US/Israel/NATOWarMachine is playing, now that is an even more disgusting and devastating addiction.

Dsk like Clinton and the other celeb pols who could have done some greater good things if they didn't have a serious achilles heel of sex addiction. A symptom of something wrong and unintegrated and out of SPIRITUAL alignment! None of us are perfect, but if you don't face down recovery the slippery slope to off the charts problems for all happens. Narcissism and denial!

All that being said, I don't begin to trust the schadenfreude media as well. best, libby
Thanks, Libby! Believe me, I'm not ordinarily puritanical on things like sex and sex addiction, but DSK's sense of entitlement and his preference for "the rough side" of sex, frequently against a woman's will, which the witnesses all attest to, tend to cancel out his progressive credentials in my book. Maybe he could have sought treatment, but it looks as if his sense of entitlement got in the way. As I understand it, the Lille arrangement was a convenient way to keep a lid on the worst of his excesses by keeping it in the provinces. His latest arrest has been in the making for decades.

Not that a real puritan or an Opus Dei freakshow would be any more appealing in his position, which gets us back to Santorum et al... But one sicko a day is all I can handle.
Gives a whole new spin to the speech by King Edward:

Once more into the breach dear brothers...

A poor man, or even those of moderate to middling means would have learned their lesson the first time and just practiced being discreet. Not the ultra wealthy power brokers, no sirree.

They get caught, look around surprised and say, "Really, these are hookers? I didn't know (put your clothes on my sweet, time's up) they were prostitutes! I'm shocked!"

Of course if that doesn't work (or if they decide Plan A instead) they are worse the spoiled movie stars. "Do you know who I am?! I'll have your job for this! You'll be lucky they hire you as dogcatcher!"

Outrage is the elite's new version of contrition and remorse, I suppose.

King Edward into the breach? Dunnitowl? Harry V, me thinks. And most of the rest of this is likewise unsourced and bloviating in its unsourceness, tho DSK surely appears to be a first class ass.
Unsourced, you say? That's why God created hyperlinks, Scot.
Not sure what you mean Judy M. By unsourced, I mean the drek that flows here on OS, unsourced drek, submitted by drekians, and others who do not think, or read, or study, or know, or bother to find out. King Edward? There goes dimwitowl's credibility. Your's, too.
DSK`s lawyer really helped his cause by pointing out that a naked prostitute doesn`t look much different than a naked amateur. I imagine that comedians on both sides of the Atlantic will be sending royalty checks his way for years to come.
Well, it would be hard to source King Edward for that quote, seeing as I recall Kenneth Branagh uttering it (or was it Sir Laurence Olivier)?
I'll bet the French standup comedy scene can't believe their good fortune.
Read your post this morning - it was breaking news to me. I hope the charges stick one of these days. Until then, I'll go on picturing that very special circle of Hell (version 2.1) for DSK, Berlusconi, and the like. Thank you!
It certainly does appear that Strauss-Kahn is a sex addict with possibly mental damage due to not seeking medical attention when several of his erections each lasted longer than four hours.
Oh, the lives of the rich and depraved. So many shadow worlds we know nothing about. Rated.
The term "hookers" is so rough ... I prefer "social workers"