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FEBRUARY 7, 2012 7:21AM

Madame Strauss-Kahn tells her side of the story

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Anne Sinclair and DSK

Anne Sinclair and her horny hubby 

Discretion is the better part of valor, as Falstaff used to say, and for journalist Anne Sinclair, the long-suffering wife of world-champion skirt-chaser and former IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn, it is also the essence of her virtue. Finally, more than half a year since her husband’s arrest and imprisonment after allegedly raping an African hotel housekeeper in New York City, Sinclair has not only burst back into journalism as the editor of the French edition of the Huffington Post, but she has also given her first full press interview since those events first hit the fan. In an exclusive interview with editor-in-chief Anne-Cécile Sarfati of Elle magazine, appearing in Paris today, Sinclair – whom a French website named “woman of the year” last December for her stoicism under extreme pressure – answered questions about how she has handled her husband’s scandal and also responded to charges by feminists that she has played the role of shrinking violet – I mean, devoted wife – just a little too convincingly.

How does Sinclair view herself? “I’m neither a saint nor a victim, I am a free woman!” she says. When asked whether one can be a feminist and still support one’s husband unconditionally, she responds: “There is no such thing as unconditional support. One only supports [him] if one has already decided to support him. No one knows what occurs within a couple’s intimacy, and I deny anyone the right to judge my own. I feel free in my judgments, in my actions. I determine my own life in complete independence.”

She admits that many women, particularly feminists, have taken her to task for how devotedly she has stood by her man, Tammy Wynette-style. “If women feel deceived by me, then I’m sorry to say it, but that’s their problem! … I don’t have to understand them, they express positions and feelings, I listen to them, but the idea of allowing others to judge my private life is utterly alien to me.”

“I claim my choices,” she adds. “The notion of people appropriating my life is intolerable to me.” She concludes: “I understand very well that this business attracted a lot of attention and that the press has been all over it. But it seems to me that, in this case, all the dikes protecting one’s private life have been breached. 

Not that her private life is going to be any better protected in the future: American director Abel Ferrara has just announced that he is making a major motion picture about the DSK affair, starring Isabelle Adjani opposite Gérard Depardieu. 

But it doesn’t look like Sinclair is losing all that much sleep over her husband's most notorious impropriety. She’s now got bigger fish to fry. She says she regards her return to journalism at the head of the French Huffington Post as “a return to the light.” “It gives me pleasure to return to my profession, in the euphoria of participating in something new. (…) I think I can still bring something to this profession! What worries me is the launching of a newspaper, not being ready in time, the stress, all that. … (But) the professional light is always the most pleasant one.”

So for those of us who have been wondering how – and why – Anne Sinclair puts up with it all, there we have it: It’s her life, it’s her business, life goes on, and for Sinclair, at least, being a woman includes being granted her own discretion to deal her own hand in life as she sees fit. That may not be very satisfying to the rest of us, but who among us wants to start judging her? Are our lives ultimately all that different?

Yes, I know, there are some differences, such as that pesky little detail about the couple’s vast fortune in cash and art – and the fact that Sinclair knew all about her husband’s special interests long before they tied the knot in 1995. But can’t we allow the lady her moment “in the light” for just one day?

May we all experience such a moment - but without the disgusting prelude, if you don't mind.



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I can remember seeing this movie about a woman who put up with her husband hitting her. I was shocked and disgusted. Even more so when it was me in her position :/ You just don't know until you are there, so easy to judge from the outside looking in.
Who am I to judge? (*gallic shrug*)

She is, obviously, master of her own fate......
This is a great contribution to the story bc her pov has til now been largely ignored.

And then there's this stuff coming out now about JFK and the intern. According to her, she had her first sex ever, lost her virginity, with him...in the First Lady's bed. I remember some truly shocking stuff that came out some years back (sort of water-boarding a prostitute during sex - causes fantastic pseudo orgasm on her part). You think Jackie was totally *innocent* of even the slightest suspicion about his behavior?

There are, I guess, perks in some marriages that outweigh the humiliations...
I'm not up to date on this scandal but it sounds like she might be one of a growing number of woman and minorities that are looking the other way when it comes to climbing the political and social ladder; not that I intend to offend the real victims and in some ways she might be one.
Yes, I suspect Sinclair has much to lose and nothing to gain by showing DSK the door. Wasn't that the deal all along?
a major motion picture about DSK starring Gérard Depardieu...

I can't imagine any film with less erotic appeal.....
there is something about the transparancy of her ambition that makes her no less unappealing than her husband. she reeks of "status seeker" like rotten eggs. they appear made for each other. "class" my ass.
Look at Hilary Clinton. People who aren't ruined by ugly situations but rise up, save themselves, and work out proper compromises in life which don't destroy their self-respect and lives are admirable.
Also, just because you've been treated badly doesn't mean you aren't smart, good, and attractive in many ways.
I don't really care what their "prelude" was. I still respect Anne Sinclair and admire her as much as I admire Hillary Clinton.
She is absolutely right in that none of us can see into their marriage. It's their business; if she has that grand a capacity for forgiveness, more power to her.
Maybe he doesn't snore. In my experience, it's far easier to put up with infidelity than snoring.
Bah - he's fat and old: He snores.
Judy, I would have approached this a totally different way, confused as I admittedly am by the Hillary Clintons and the Anne Sinclairs that are more comfortable staying on what I would assume is an emotional roller coaster of being mate of a sexaholic (spelling). We all have issues, and they have their own co-sexaholic issues or maybe their own covert addictions, themselves, as well as probable opportunism.

ANYWAY, my issue is Sinclair's being a loud-voiced positioned journalist and the mate of a highly political person. And her celebrity as a wife of a famous though notorious DSK shines up her resume for the job all the more?

I am disgusted that Andrea Mitchell so very much helped evil Alan Greenspan cultivate too much benign cronyism from what little is left of the fourth estate in terms of critical analysis. After all Greenspan has done with the economic devastation of the US and the world, still obsequiousness to Greenspan prevails in the US idiot box, though there is oodles of evidence what a rat bastard he has been. Dear God! WTF?

But journalistic CELEBRITY cronyism and access obsession (right Charlie Rose?) with amoral power brokers show the tragic enmeshment of celebrity cronies from politics and journalism, bonded also with their mutual wealthiness and K Street, Hamptons cocktail parties, etc.. The power brokers and the wannebe access climber upper journos who want to claim journalist cred at the same time bringing a social/cultural propaganda and cover for the one percent to a primarily lemming American public that gobbles up celebrity cronyism and couldn't be bothered with those responsible for devastating the quality of their lives.

So Ms. French HuffPo, wife to DSK, whatever his political future will be next, is in my eyes compromised, too compromised for this new role, though even with DSK's disgustingness (though I suspect the maid thing was a setup, but he is slimy nonetheless), I find Alan Greenspan, probably non-cheating (but what do I know?) husband, even more vile. In America I see Andrea M. as highly compromised but nobody seems to give a sh*t and lets the Greenspan whitewashing cover up slide by. Vomit bucket, please. Personality and cronyism vs. character and reality-based integrity journalism? Style wins over substance. This is America.

ps. oy vey, nothing like movies to promote propaganda. I like Gerard. Look at Meryl helping the image of Maggie Thatcher. Let's memorialize the likes of Reagan and Thatcher in the most flattering lights post their deaths. Look at what they have done to the world economic plight, too.
Ben and Libby
I think you've both nailed it! Which makes me think it will be worthwhile keeping an eye on the new French Huffington Post...
I don't know what to think about this. If DSK raped that maid, then I think it would be disgusting for his wife to stay with him. But if he didn't...what's the big deal?
I don't have a problem with her ignoring her husband's affairs. But if my husband raped a powerless woman, I'd cut his balls off. Not that I'd ever be with anyone like that in the first place. She claims to be an independent woman. I think her marriage has been convenient for her, and that's not my definition of independence. To be fair, I suppose dude has a lot of charm. Not all his women were victims. But I feel her attitude to his victims has been callous. I have no respect for her. It's not about standing by your man, it's about condoning rape so that you maintain your social status.

She is no Hillary Clinton.
It seems they have an arrangement, of sorts. Sounds like she doesn't mind his dalliances: to each their own.
I can only say that for some it appears the new feminist model is professional success over a personal one. She is correct, she is the master of her fate, she may also be a slave to it as well. Maybe Newt's second wife let us in on a little known secret that open marriages are necessary when you are part of a power couple, because no single relationship can bear the weight of such overblown egos.
I had some wise ass clever remarks for my comment, but then I read this:

"...but the idea of allowing others to judge my private life is utterly alien to me."

Paw! K.O.! Now this should shut anyone up. Women like that are idols of strength! Great choice of topic and an excellent post. R