DECEMBER 21, 2009 5:30PM

Greetings from Open's new editor

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Hi, everyone! As Kerry mentioned in his post introducing me, I've recently taken over for Thomas Rogers as Open's editor. Before I tell you more about myself, let me just say this: I have been reading Open since it launched, and I am both thrilled and humbled to be a part of such a vibrant site. The journalists, memoirists, fiction writers, poets and humorists that populate Open never cease to surprise and impress me. Of course, it isn't just your writing that I love -- it's also the powerful, supportive community you've created.

As Kerry wrote, I've been involved with Salon for quite a while -- in fact, I've been here in various capacities since just before Open launched and remember how excited and curious we all were about this great experiment. A longtime blogger who typed out her first LiveJournal post nearly a decade ago, I was especially intrigued about what a content site driven by the voices and interests of Salon readers might look like. And I'm still marveling at how quickly Open has become the lively, unique forum it is today.

Over the past year and a half -- and in the week I've already spent as Open's editor -- I've learned a great deal about many of you. During the next few weeks, as I continue to orient myself (with the help of Thomas and Kerry), I hope we can get acquainted more personally. I am excited to hear your ideas for Open, and I have a few new ones of my own: Currently, we're trying to set up a "guest editor" feature that would allow some of your favorite bloggers to share posts that they've enjoyed. And I share Kerry's enthusiasm about showcasing some of Open's strongest and most timely content on Salon. I can't wait to begin posting regular Open Calls. In fact, I already have a list of ideas two pages long.

Meanwhile, I will be maintaining an active blog here -- including not just Open Calls but also roundups of big stories you may want to use as jumping off points for your own posts. And watch out: I'll also be bombarding you with posts about my own fixations, most of which reside in the realm of pop culture.

I apologize in advance (and, if necessary, retroactively) for any hiccups that the transition may cause and ask you to bear with me as I continue to learn the ropes. As you did with Thomas, please feel free to message me with your questions, suggestions and feedback. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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First! (You'll get used to this kind of thing). Now, off to read... Welcome!
Judy, Judy, Judy. Welcome. Thomas Rogers is a tough act to follow, but I'm sure everyone at Salon is relieved that there is someone finally on board to do it.
Welcome to the Twilight Zone.
You are going to be barraged with reading requests. You are going to hear a lot of questions about EPs. If YOU could/would take the mystery out of the selection process in ADVANCE with a reasonable explanation of what you are seeking and what exactly makes someone's post EP worthy, you will endear yourself to many. It is probably the single most frustrating thing for the talented pool of writers here who almost always (seemingly deliberately) get overlooked in favor of a handful of autopilot picks. I would be happy to make you a list of those writers who are equally if not more worthy of attention. And so would several others.
Welcome, Judy! You'll love it here.
Rememer that the contract you undoubtedly signed paying millions of dollars in bonus money requires you to be patient with those of us bustling around the site. : )
By the way; for a spirited donation to my bank account, I can be paid to leave.
Welcome to the hell wheel.
Please mind cartouche.
She speaks for most of us and is a ringleader of sorts!

Welcome, Judy!
Welcome, Judy. I hope you'll interact with us!
Judy, so glad to hear that you're on the job and looking forward to the coming year!
Great! A new fresh authority figure to rebel against.

Again, welcome! I am truly grateful to see the "guest editor" position that General J.K. Brady suggested was taken to heart - I thought that was such a wise idea. There were many names thrown into the ring as to who might make a great editor around here (if hired from the OS base), and this idea emerged from her and it seemed like such a great synergy between the editorial staff and the writers.

Also, thank you for recognizing this as a "community." While some may use this word loosely, many here will vouch for the fact that Open Salon has proven to be just that.

Wow, I feel very excited by all you have said above - thank you for such a great introduction. Welcome, welcome, welcome!
Welcome, Judy. Let us know when you're ready for suggestions. (Then be prepared not to leave your computer for a couple of days.)
Welcome Judy - I think Cartouche spoke for many of us.
Let me add that We are a well-oiled, dysfunctional community here - but relatively harmless. Most of the time.....Welcome
Welcome and good luck!
Welcome. We all hope you will take the suggestions of many of us and broaden the appeal of OS by dividing its front page, much more like a newspaper, and highlighting the best in different categories. Not only will it make it a lot easier to read, but I think you will find yourself able to show off the better writing more regularly. OS should fill a void, not be a mishmash of everything else out there. But then there are plenty of posts for you to read about that.
Good luck.
Hey Hey Hey! I'm Amanda from Alabama and I love you already.
Welcome Judy. Sounds like you've got a lot of great experience, an open and thoughtful mind and a good sense of humor. Looking forward to hearing more from you on your blog.
The solstice at planet Salon. Happy merry. Good luck and many returns of the day.
Judy, You will have a great time...with many exciting challenges!
Welcome, and very best wishes. As you know, we are all pussycats at heart, and never, ever complain. So...this will be the easiest job you've ever had! (And everyone promises to take back everything they said before you came.)
Hello Judy,
Congratulations and sincere best wishes on your new endeavor. This is the first time I'm responding to an editor's post, because I don't seem to find them. I'm kind of new too.
Not sure if editor posts are rated, but just in case,
Welcome, Judy. May this time together turn out to be everything you hope for and more!
Thanks, everyone, for the warm welcome -- and warnings!

While I don't think there's a formula for getting an EP/cover slot, here's what I tend to look for (at least, so far): 1) Strong, eloquent voices telling compelling personal stories. 2) Smart commentary on current political, cultural, health-related, etc. issues. 3) Posts that bring to readers' attention little-known stories that may be of interest.

Of course, there will be exceptions to this. Sometimes, we just have too much content on a given topic to highlight all the great posts. For instance, if I posted every interesting take on the healthcare debate, well... there would be no room on the cover for anything else.

And, finally, a compelling title and some quick proofreading never hurt.

@Dr.spudman 44
I've never been the authority to rebel against before, so I may not be terribly good at that role! But that sure will make my parents -- who remember my teen years well -- laugh.

@ Lisa Solod Warren
I am definitely open to suggestions. Some changes are easier discussed than made and many improvements are already in the pipeline, but I promise to listen and to keep working.
Judy, congratulations on being named the Open Salon Editor! As Stacey pointed out in his comment about the solstice at planet Open Salon, I would add that the days will now get longer starting tomorrow, but trust it will be a lot of fun!
I've enjoyed your writing on Broadsheet. Now, as an on-site member of the Salon editorial family, it's clear you'll manage this eclectic, burgeoning community of smart, cheeky loons with elan. Plus, Thomas (and Kerry) will have your back. So will we. Mazel Tov on your new position!
Hiya! I can't wait for you to find out how super fantastic I am! ::smooch:: ::smooch:: (I've very Continental)
Congratulations Judy! I know you'll do a wonderful job. What an exciting time for you this must be. I hope you'll weather the pending avalanche of OSmails about how OS ought to be run and then find the best path for yourself and for us. Cheers!
Don't pay any attention to the Canadiauns. They're all bitter about the U thing.
Welcome, and congrats on thew new job!
yes Cat, I'm oot and aboot with my Canuckistanian tiara! I'm no longer a hoser! Thanks!
Poor Barry, trying to distract us from his lack of chin with a tiara.
Hi Judy,
I want to just say a quick hello, this is a most revolutionary site. It has helped to have different perspectives to say the least. I love reading random things, anything from simple points of view, and then bigger news stories that have people talking. This is a great site, and I am happy to be part of it.
Congratulations and I wish you the very best as the new editor. Change can be good. Enjoy the banter. I do believe that down the road we'll be talking. Please... Please... listen to cartouche's advice.
Welcome to OS. It's a great place.
Welcome! And hopefully after you get an in box full of "why aren't I on the cover" I hope you still love the job. He he he he he.
Congratulations! We're a rowdy bunch, to be sure, but you'll grow to love us ....or run away screaming. You've been here long enough to know what you're getting into, and most of us are grown up enough to play nice. It's always fun to get a new job, and this is a fun new job. Glad to have you on board!
A warm welcome (again) and best of luck to you.
I was just kidding around by the way. You sound like a good one.

no, I can't speak Spanish, I just like hola, it's sort of like an olé for hello
Welcome! It will be lovely to have you, and I really look forward to reading more.
I do welcome you Judy and hope that you brought a strong chair and whip to keep the routies in line here!!
I do hope you can fix the server problems. it gets lod trying to log in early in the wee hours and not get on this wonderful site!!
Hi Judy. Welcome.

A suggestion for OS---What about having ratings for comments? Spoilsports/trolls should not get away with fly-by night destructive comments. Personal ad hominen attacks, or evil barbs should have consequences, as they do nothing to advance the conversation.
And when the weather turns warm in California, some of us like to play a little frisbee at the beach. Nice to see you, Judy. Good luck!
Welcome. If there is one thing needed around here, it is more editorial input. Good luck ...
Welcome, Judy - we look forward to having you at the helm! This group seems eager for some new energy, and I wish you well.
Wow, lots of changes on a site that I'm just getting the drift of.

In the future I hope OS showcases more varied front page choices. From the mere week I've been here it seems that only topical cutesy concepts with kicky titles get picked for the cover, while creative non-fiction and fiction is ignored.

I hope this is because of the holidays, or that it's a newbie's misperception. There's enough silly cheesy journalism on the web to last several lifetimes. If I want to read that kind of thing it's much easier to just hop on over to HuffPo or The Daily Beast and stay there. Is OS supposed to be a breeding ground for official Salon blogger wannabes?

It's my take that the editors here should promote good writing, not just spiffy concepts with little behind them. That would be a real service for everyone here—and for the entire web.
Damn, I've googled you and evidently you're not Canadian. But I do agree that Calvin Trillin wrote the best response to Roman Polanski. And Baltimore rocks. So, again, welcome.
Greetings Mlle Berman! So nice to see fresh blood at the helm. Here's hoping your gig here is as fun as it has been for the rest of us!
In the slightly more than one year I've been here, I've taken on the task of compiling a couple of detailed lists comprising the names of this sites most notorious sycophants and trouble-makers.

Trust me, you WANT this list.
(So ask already)

Great post by the way - I can't rate this piece highly enough.

Your biggest fan....
Welcome, Judy. There's plenty of great work here. Also: I am a sycophant, although not yet notorious.
Happy to have you Judy. There's no other place like the cyber world of OS. There's so much good writing here and the interaction among bloggers is like no place I've ever set words down before. Good luk and enjoy!
Lots of changes in media. This is an interesting piece of it. Most importantly, though, have some fun with it.
Welcome!!! It's an unruly, anarchistic, left-leaning bunch of cats you will be trying to herd. Good luck! And, all the best for the holiday season.
Welcome Judy and congratulations!! You've earned yourself a great job herding cats, er, bloggers. As terrific as Kerry and Thomas have been, I also look forward with great interest to your ideas and changes for OS - it's always good to keep things fresh.
Congratulations Judy! Hope your up for a challenge...Did they mention who'd that prolly come from?
Enjoy as I do every day... Welcome!
welcome..... to the JUNGLE =)
a rotating guest cyber-editor or team would be a great addition.
also, geez, who does your software?!?! why the heck are they so invisible??? look, the site is driven by software. software is driven by features. the best features are often suggested by power users. use it or lose it.
I like how you talk about "community". the mass mob here does at times approach something approximating/resembling that. other times, not.
Congratulations Judy, and welcome as Editor!
Congratulations and welcome!
Hi Judy!!! *waves*

"I've learned a great deal about many of you."

None of that stuff in my file is true, Kerry made it all up!! :)
Greetings and welcome to your new job Judy. Please let me know if there's anyone you need me to inform on. I work cheap:)
Welcome, Judy! Here's hoping you'll enjoy the new gig as much as we enjoy being here . . . and Happy Holidays!
Welcome aboard and have a great 2010!
Thanks for introducing make 2010 sound pretty exciting!
Just thought I'd drop by and say hello. "hello."
Hi, Judy. You appear to have two eyes. That may make you overqualified. But don't worry, a couple months of slogging through here will take care of that.

(Don't feed Cindy Ross. Or JoJo. Although why we're not allowed to feed JoJo, I haven't figured out yet.)
Congratulation and condolences are in order. Yours is a great job if you have a thick skin -- the barbs around here can be very pointed, but I guess that goes with the level of talent and intellect.
Welcome . . . relax and enjoy!
Welcome to the crazy train.
cartouche writes: "If YOU could/would take the mystery out of the selection process in ADVANCE with a reasonable explanation of what you are seeking and what exactly makes someone's post EP worthy, you will endear yourself to many."

Yes, absolutely. Also, OS lacks what in many businesses would be normal customer service.

Consider a monthly newsletter with information about the site and how you hope to develop it.

Consider polling OS members to find out what they would like to see.

Consider responding to emails -- or if you can't, or don't have time, or whatever, let people know that. The auto-reply says "Someone will answer your email as soon as possible." But then we don't hear from anyone.
Congratulations, Judy, and welcome!
Watch your back! Most of the people commenting here applied for your job, and many of them were highly qualified and are very opinionated. Some of them are probably a little pissed off.

My off the cuff suggestions?

Stop putting Dr. Amy's posts on the cover. And that goes for a lot of other teacher's pets. Yes, they write some good stuff but lots of other people do too, and the cover has achieved a certain rubber stamp quality that speaks of laziness rather than editorial acumen.

Bring back the right hand feed which gave each new post at least a moment in the sun. It is difficult, if not impossible for people who aren't among the chosen cover folk to get a little exposure, 15 minutes or so on the right hand feed is better than nothing.

Let's not give EPs and CPs to brief posts that are parroting CNN headlines. That's ridiculous. There should be some skill and some writing attached to these honors. I laughed when I came across a swine flu video game, I posted it with two sentences, and BOOM, there it was on the cover, and an EP! For what?

So that's what I have to add to the Welcome Wagon. Try to make your communications with us a two way street if you can.

We are much more interested to read your comments on our posts than say, another weekly post about what you think are the best whatever sort of posts over the past week. We already have people here who do a great job, and that job is to point out what the EDITOR has neglected to highlight on the cover during the past week.

It is ironic that a member here, berrycomposer held a generous contest for the best piece of fiction. OS gave the go ahead. And a $1500 prize was awarded to a highly deserving writer who had been completely overlooked by the powers that be here, and most of the rest of us too.

Berry Composer Announces Winner of Contest

The Winner!

Welcome to Open Salon!
Exciting! Welcome, Judy.
Welcome Judy,

There are a lot of Woodstock vets here on OS who probably really weren’t there in all the mud and tedium and slop during those days. But we all like to recall how peaceful and groovy things were back in the day. I know the “younger” gen tires of the 60’s at times, and yet is transfixed by it too. But, as you’ve noted previously, Woodstock is more illusion than reality for most.

I wish you lots of fun with Open and look forward to your voice here.
Another voice to listen to and to get to know. Welcome to our community!
Welcome Judy! And congratulations!
you're cute, for a girl!
best of luck in your new endeavor.
Welcome. Ok, enough of the pleasantries. :) Down to business:
1. Please read posts of everyone, not just personal friends. As an editor, deny yourself any RSS feed to OS posts, lest you create a separation in status between those easily visible to you and those not.
2. If you want to feature certain people, say you're doing that. Say it's a regular feature if it is. Say why we should recognize these people so it doesn't just look like cronyism or idol worship. It could be that you just love their stuff or you just have to have their name cachet. But if that's so, just say so. Because if you put people on the cover for being who they are while they're writing schlock and there are people writing really good stuff and not making the cover, that's going to (and does) create resentment. Being transparent will help a lot to calm people.
3. Please let us know what you want for a theme, because right now I'm guessing “tabloid tacky bordering on NSFW&rduqo; is what you're shooting for. During the election, I thought you wanted something sharp that appealed to politicians, like what HuffPo or Slate does. But I no longer think that.
4. Invest in your community, or why bother to make it? If you just feature names from other places, the only thing you'll ever be able to say about it is “We feature people you can find elsewhere.” If you want something that says “You can't get this elsewhere” you will not get it by allowing RSS feeds to download junk from other sites. You won't even get it by paying eternal homage to people you adore that you've coaxed in from elsewhere. It will be because you really allow the people who write just for here to shine. And if this site later fails, it will not be because you failed to get enough imported RSS feeds, it will be because you failed to find an identity for the site itself.
5. Don't make the mistake of hiding from being part of the community or you will not come to know it. If it's overwhelming, maybe that's because you're offering bad tools. I have asked many times for a PM to Email option that just forwards PM into Email like Facebook does. That would be way easier to manage and very easy to implement. It would also mean many of us would be happy deleting the stuff on your disk because we have it archived elsewhere. The inability to move any stuff out of your sluggish PM browser into another tool is the reason Joan and others don't read PM. And that's a shame. (Consider, too, getting rid of multiple-recipients so that people don't send those abominable blog whoring emails... The things seem to work, and people who do it get ahead. Those of us who try not to use that approach feel discriminated against. Better editing on the site's part and less powerful spam tools would combine to make a better site.)
6. Read what's been written by way of critique and suggestion. There are lots of posts on that. Permit me to mention one by Mishima and me entitled Reaching for the Open Sky, and a couple just by me: Reflections on the OS Editorial Policy and Bring Back the Recently Blogged Feed.
7. Go meta. If you're up against a hard problem in figuring out how to make the site work or make it break even economically, blog about it. Let the community help you. Don't keep us in the dark and then have disdain for us as if we never have anything relevant to offer. We're only as relevant as the data we receive. Some of us have a lot of experience with technology, web, business, etc.—not all the same person, but that's the beauty of community. Don't squander it.
You have your work cut out for you with so many talented opinionated writers second-guessing everything that you'll do. (not me....not me.....NOT me!)

Follow your heart and your instincts and you'll do long as the EP's aren't silly choices.

When we see an EP with dog-poop ratings on the same day that really great, highly-ratedposts are overlooked, we've all wondered if the editors are paying attention. Tis normal, don't you think?

In any case, you're clearly qualified, and I agree with everyone here that you are very very welcome and we look forward to working with you. From my heart, I say congratulations and let the new fun begin! This is a wonderful place to write, and you have a wonderful job. Best wishes to you.
Congratulations and welcome to your new post. I went away for a while for various reasons, but I'll look forward to seeing how you steer the ship. Never an easy task to channel and direct all this creative (and at times fractious) energy. Best wishes for a good run!
Wow Judy!

Salon promoted from within which is cool and all, and I felt a little bad that I didn't recognize your name right away. You have published stuff on BIG Salon sometimes nearly every day.

I just started reading your archive on big Salon as way to "get to know you" and I bet lots of OSers would like to get to know you this way too.

Judy Berman Salon Archive

P.S. Kent Pittman is so over the top brilliant it isn't even funny, so is his buddy Mishima. They have a lot of great ideas that have largely been ignored -- till now, perhaps?
Hey! Welcome and congrats on your new position as editor!
Hi and welcome. Feel free to blame Kerry and Thomas for all the complaints you'll be receiving.
Welcome Judy! Love the idea of a guest editor!
(I warned you about the troll) Welcome! Now I have LOTS more to read - all the stuff referenced in these comments, darn. You must be quite a speed-reader to keep up in this arena! Good luck.
great! Welcome Judy, here is wishing a very Merry Christmas and an exciting year ahead. Hope you get to enjoy every moment in your new role.
so was it you that put James Mark Emmerling on Front Page? that was commendable and good change :) I also like the guest editor idea.
hope you bring up in your meetings sometimes of having a comments edit feature, where one can preview before hitting save.
Lonnie forgot to add the link to his comment...

"And when the weather turns warm in California, some of us like to play a little frisbee at the beach.> Nice to see you, Judy. Good luck!
Lonnie Lazar
December 21, 2009 08:00 PM"
Welcome! (And, hey, since you share a birthday with me, you can't be all that bad.)

Again, welcome. Can't wait to see what you do!
Hi Judy. Seems a bit presumptuous of me to say "welcome" because I'm a newbie here. But welcome. It's such a great site.
Welcome, Judy. It's my hope that you'll have a special section on the front page open only to short guys named Floyd--we have suffered, you know. (I'm singing "We Shall Overcome" in my head right now, but then, I'm rarely not.) And we have a unique perspective: specifically, from down below everyone else.

Also, a salad bar would be nice. With a sneeze guard.
Hi, Judy. Glad you're here. I'm sure you're already inundated with ideas. Do your own thing and make it great.
Welcome to the funhouse known as OS.
Congratulatuions on your new position. I think you are an excellent choice based on this post that shows your commitment to OS.

Warning: I tend to be rather prolific in my writing.
Congratulations on the new position.
Best luck in TwentyTen.

What Kent said.

And I think that Sandra Stephens would make a wonderful first guest editor.
Warm welcomes, Judy. I'm sure you'll do your job according to your lights. Some will like it, some won't. My only request is that no-one appear on the cover who cannot actually write with some semblance of style and correct grammar, whatever his or her topic. But hey, I'm a pedant. Oh, and watch out for WSFTC. She _won't_ be herded, and as someone who lives in the same country she does, I can tell you that we have national bulletins out on her all the time. REAL trouble. ;-)
Welcome to the saloon, Judy. :-D

Looking forward to seeing more of you around. I've been enjoying this site for over a year now, and look forward to even more.

Now that you're here and settled in, is there any way you can pressure the techies to fix the private messages? Can't send anything.
Hi Judy!

What Bill said --there's a little " -1 " that's showing up on ALL posts (even yours) and appears on the Compose page of a PM.
What does it mean???
Anyone get a -2 yet?
Congratulations! I am your newest member, part of the fashion pack!
Welcome to this wonderful place.
hmmmm... ummmm... kids.... how about we let the nice lady unpack her troll dolls, adjust her chair to the right height, cover her monitor with post-it notes, and get her toes wet before we tell her how to do her job!

Oh and welcome... happy holidays... and all that kind of festive crap.
Judy! I'm late to the party but BOY ARE WE GLAD TO MEET YOU!!!!


Glad to know you're here, you're going to be actively involved, and you're all over it.

Pleased to meet you.
hey judy, glad to have you here.

i like the guest editor idea, and the linking on
Hello, and welcome as the new editor! It seems to me that I have seen you hangin' on this corner before now. In any event, I look forward to hearing your 2 pages of ideas, and potentially inspirational voice.
I've been here for just a year now, and I can honestly say I wasn't aware that Thomas was the editor until about 6 months into my tour, partly from a negligence on my part, and partly from unfulfilled responsibilities of Thomas's.
You might notice, unlike Cartouche, I am seldom the 1st to a post, and quite often the last to comment. This isn't from disinterest, but from trying to read too much. With all the talent here, it's easy to fall behind on the posting, reading, commenting ratios. You might have found this true for yourself, as well.
Well, again, welcome aboard. I think you'll enjoy the ride. Oh, could you let me know the going rate of an EP or cover during your tenure? Thanks so much.
Julie Kiernan
May I add another comment? This, once again, is from a newbie here, so it's from eyes that have not gotten used to the terrain.

The food shots that people post, and OS puts on the cover, look disgusting. 98% of them do, anyway. I was an advertising Art Director for many years. Do you have any idea what goes into making an appealing food shot? It's not real food, I can tell you that much. Food stylists practice a bizarre craft—but their work looks stunning, and mouth-watering—even though the materials they use are poison. Real food in a photograph looks exactly the way it looks here—disgusting. Like someone just barfed.

So I'd like to know how invested OS is in showing such turn-offs. It doesn't do anything for the image of the site. Maybe the regulars here love the funkiness of it. Maybe the "foodies" here think these pics are cool. They're not, but then maybe I don't know enough about the fine points of the blogging world yet.

Bottom line: every time I see a new food pic posted on the cover I gag.
Delayed welcome, Judy! Glad to have you at the helm. Of a crazy ship. Of fools. And poets. And everywhere in between.
Hi Judy :) Very nice to meet you.

Geeez people ... couldn't you just start with, "Nice to meet you."

Everybody has an agenda. And we wonder why nothing gets done in Congress.
Judy is my favorite name...
Apparently it didn't occur to "Judy from the Home Office" that she might introduce herself with something besides meaningless blather.

"Thrilled and humbled!"


But not a word about who the fuck she is, and how much of a downgrade appointing her means for a job that was virtually meaningless anyway.
Welcome! Hope you have fun and enjoy yourself and don't get too annoyed.
I'm new...just joined today...and just wanted to say hello!
Congrats on the new position and may your Christmas be a merry one!
Just reading all these comments is a job in itself. I am relatively new here and I notice that many newbies arrive almost if not daily. So my wish is that you keep in mind we who are not savvy not about the etiquette nor the moves we can make on Open Salon. For example, I don't understand what is an "open call." Nor do I know how to answer responses to my new blog, etc etc. I hope you keep in mind that though you know Open Salon really well, many of us do not. So keeping us alert to what terms mean and how we can best express ourselves would be a great boon. And congratulations, what a great job and whoever said most of us applied for it is right on. Happy weeks ahead to you. WendyO
Since I joined up last February, I've had an agenda to get more poetry on the front page . . . but I realize verse is pretty esoteric, even a turn-off to many readers, so if that's not possible, I'll understand. If that's the case, how about more emphasis on poultry? Getting closer at least. All best, HB
Greetings, greetings! I have been absent awhile from OS but many of the those who commented here know me well. I would echo cartouche in many respects. For my own 2 cents, I've found the "front page" especially frustrating - so many truly talented and vibrant writers - but what I usually saw featured looked suspiciously tabloid.

I suspect that if that if we see less Enquirer fodder, we might see the return of the brilliant writing of many absent friends - as well as new members who will be more likely to want to invest their time and efforts.

Interesting open calls would also be most welcome.

I haven't had as much time to be here, and I'm still hurt that my brilliant application was denied, but *snort/sigh* I will live through the heartbreak and disappointment.

Don't let people bust your chops over the EP's, and here, you will need some of this stuff that's going around:

!♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥
Cartouche's suggestion about telling us your criteria for choosing Editor's Picks will not only be welcome to us, it may save you hours of frustration, Judy. =o) To be fair a lot of the people who show up on the front pages are very talented and enjoyable writers, and nobody expects to be on the cover all the time. But it's a nice surprise when it does happen. =o)

Welcome, Judy!
I'm relatively new to Open Salon and am a little sluggish about jumping in, mostly by nature of my weekly blog, but welcome to your new position as editor. I look forward to being a part of this community as you help it evolve.
Hi Judy,
I just found out yesterday that OS had a new editor. Welcome
Congratulations, Judy!

Visit my blog for startling, new fiction--I recommend "Small Man Syndrome" and "Idiot Boy"--when you have time.

I wish you the best in your new job, and I hope it's a ball!

You, dear Judy, are a brave soul!! I just got back from a two week vacation in California and I believe the first thing you should do is insist on a transfer from NYC to the place of your choosing in California! I suggest Manhattan Beach!!!

Good Luck & Welcome!! is a fantastic resource because it allows writers the opportunity to produce and to have that product immediately read and reacted to. It is the marketplace of ideas for writers, storytellers, pundit, chroniclers of culture and other creative people. I feel very fortunate to be here. Given all that goes on, I think that hiring a new editor provides a clean break from the past and a refreshing start to the future. It even starts at the beginning of a new year and a new (arguably) decade. Welcome Judy, I wish you nothing but success in this very important new endeavor. Have fun!
Welcome, and good luck to you.
I love your response to Dr.spudman - someone down to earth is now in control! (If anyone can control this ruly bunch).
Welcome, welcome, welcome and don't let the bitchers get you down - - but have a feeling you can stand up for yourself :-)
Congratulations, good luck and welcome aboard Judy.
I am new to Open Salon - . . . I specialize in family and faith and culture writing. . .I look forward to connecting and would love to be a guest editor, etc., whatever else you might need.

Cornelia Seigneur' aka Real-Life Mom
Mom of 5 between the ages of 6 and 19...

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New Yorkers are judged to be the third most
neurotic people in the country. --news item


Third? That's all? And which are the other two?
Studies demeaning our city can't be true.

Washington, D.C.? San Francisco?
Comparing a kiddie skating rink to a disco.

Boston? Los Angeles? Second City Chicago?
Everlastingly, impossibly no!

New York City's six million neurotics
Thrive, along with another two million psychotics.

Point to any syndrome or loony complex,
New Yorkers have it, every dad-and-momplex.

Any way you look at the shrinker game,
Neurosis surely is our middle name.

Live here? The self-disrepecting are hot to;
He or she or they'd be crazy not to.