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Lochgelly, Scotland
December 15
Married to Joan. (of course, not the Joan thats often mentioned on here) The father of Faith Dawn Magee, who died as a baby in November 1977. In addition, father of 3 girls and 2 boys. Grandfather of 2 girls. this seems like a busy start! Currently, author, Pastor, chaplain to 3 schools, chaplain to a factory, Community councillor. Previously, Son of a member of the Royal Air Force, then I also joined the RAF as an electronic Technician. consequently lived nomadic life in Singapore, Aden (Yemen), Kenya, Cyprus, Malta, Germany, as well as a variety of places through out the UK.





 Born 136 years ago, the man who inspired Britain to victory in the Second World War, Sir Winston Churchill, is also the oldest person to make the pop charts.

'Winnie' is one of the performers in Reach for the Skies, the official album of the Battle of… Read full post »

OCTOBER 2, 2010 2:44PM

Any body got a room for Christmas?


 The following arrived in an email. I know that not everyone shares the same theological position, and some are very sensitive about posts that lean in a Christian direction. However, I still thought that this would be something that some would appreciate if it was copy and pasted here.

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Another day of discovering the clippings kept by my late mother. Two newspapers with similar headlines. Both of them are reporting the same story.




The Daily Mail has the headline "One day old baby saved in major heart operation", with a sub heading declaring "It was aRead full post »

We live in an age when we can journey the world with such ease. The story of "Paradise island, heavenly journey" is set at a time when that was not the case. As a family our journey to the Far East was by ship, voyaging over a number of weeks. I… Read full post »

Over the next few days, I shall be posting extracts from my latest book, "Paradise island, heavenly journey". My last post gave the comments of others who have already read my work. Here is the introduction. Next will include, well, why dont you take a peek and see when it arrives.… Read full post »

AUGUST 26, 2010 6:15PM

Paradise island, heavenly journey.

Following on from my published book, "From barren rocks to living stones", it is hoped to see another book published soon called "Paradise island, heavenly journey".


NOTE: This is intended to be part of a seies,  and wee "appetizers" will appear in subsequent posts in the series.

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""Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few"  Anyone remember those words of  Sir Winston Churchill, on the 20th August 1940?


You mean you were not old enough to remember? Well, here is my memory.


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 For those of you who love looking at childrens photos, you may think this is a post just for you. Childrens pictures certainly appear in the links. Look at those innocent looking eyes as they look back at you. Now, look deeper and see if there is anything else to… Read full post »

Globally, the "market place" of employment are going through troubled times.


In the midst of these times, here is one resource which some employers are using to care for their employees. MCE, enhancing lives as well as enhancing business. full post »


I just recieved this email this morning. Irrespective of whether you share the same theological persuasion as myself, there is an important principle here. The little things bring a new perspective to life.

Here is the email copied:


The ' T E&nRead full post »

JULY 28, 2010 9:08PM

Mystery, "take a chance on me".


Today, the title of my post is a mystery. Even I am unsure which way t will go, so noting misleading. Recently I was charged with a missleading title on OS, so the complainer said "bye bye".


One of the big debates on OS relates to how one… Read full post »


 ................. least, it may not be something he is considering, but now I have your attention lets move on with the story.


After all these months of political manouvering, and using a crises to gain political points, rather than working with the teams who are trying to address… Read full post »

Before we find ourselves in any big theological debate on some of the following, this is intended to be humourous. (Why does such a note need to be appended to posts in OS?)


7 reasons not to mess with a child

A little

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Amazing the interesting titbits one picks up as one moves around.


In the north east of Scotland is a town known as Forres. I remember the first time I arrived in the area it seemed so far north that many thought we were heading somewhere near the arctic circle.… Read full post »

Adding to the paper back writer theme that I did some time ago, here is the book on the market. Worth googling the book title to see how many companies have it listed 



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or just too busy singing to put other people down.


Can you believe that?


a little bit more to come? full post »

JULY 9, 2010 5:32AM

The high life of swimming!


I thought I would pass on this information that came in an email today. Sorry for being lazy and not bringing my own composition this time.



If you fancy a dip in this pool, you'll need a head for heights - it's 55 storeys up.

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On the 4th May I revealed some family secrets. Here is the secret I revealed.


My mother had a distinction that surpasses the aspirations of many Amerians. As a young person in the early 20th Century, she actually resided in the WHITE HOUSE!!



It was a true story,… Read full post »



Recently, as I travelled through Norfolk, yes the real Norfolk, the one in England, I was reminded of my royal connections. Did I never tell you I have royal connections?


I believe it was the summer of 1964 when I had the honour of being a guest of… Read full post »



Its always good to be known as being bright. Bright, it can mean having a pleasing personality.It can mean bright as in being pretty smart and clever. Whichever the understanding, it brings a good reputation.


Not everyone can be instantly recognised in the way. However, if your… Read full post »

Dundee, Scotland.


Known universally as Dundee, city of Discovery. With some measure of pride the local folks will speak of its history in this respect and also point out the places of interest to the locality.


Some may enjoy the walk up the Law. No, not the Law hill.… Read full post »


Imagine a world without technology.


Imagine a world without satellite communication.


Imagine a world without computers.


Imagine a world without internet facilities.


Thats how the world used to be, and it was accepted largely because we knew no other way, it was part… Read full post »

I was looking over some pictures once again today. A photo of a large hill with a huge building at the top.


I was reminded of some of my childhood spent in Germany in 1960/62 at the height of the cold war. We were based at RAF Scharfoldendorf (sch is… Read full post »


 Transportation changes so much through the ages. Often I have voyaged on the ferry across the Atlantic to the Hebrides.

The following route is one know very well, a 2 hour crossing, having driven onto the ferry and relaxing whilst the car is cared for below


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