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September 23
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Johnny Noir
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FEBRUARY 28, 2012 9:51PM

The Amish Prostitute

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tumblr_lwo7ptlufv1qif4c6o1_5001Free form open verse structure: beauty plus chaos equals infinity, past and future, I don’t hate you because you’re ugly; I hate you because you’re human and so am I unfortunately, wouldn’t we all like to be subatomic particles such as those they can never find and atom smashers can never discover: Tachyons, Higgs Bosons, Neutrinos, photons, Muons— 

Gloria Graham made love to and married both father and son,

A dream girl who never became an A-List star, utterly reasonable in every way possible in black and white and color—

I never read von Hartmann though I live in the sea of the Unconscious, I have dreams that inexplicably explain everything—

Peter and Paul proselytized and popularized an obscure pop star,

Poet and philosopher unknown to Mohammed Ali’s stupid old mother— 

We are illuminated Gnostics created perfect,

Will and Reason replacing Good and Evil— 

If the Virgin Mary was a hottie I would worship her but she’s not,

So I worship Bettie Page, I don’t hate you because you’re ugly,

I hate you because you’re human and so am I, unfortunately,

Jesus often ate Mary Magdalene’s sweet hairy pussy, Mary Magdalene was a Jewess, heir to the wonders of the ancient world—


She didn’t watch television and never read the tabloids, so we suppose Britney Spears’ feet smell like Zanax: they used to smell like whisky and coke, her eyes are brown but also bloodshot—

No one wants to see her eyes; she used to smoke a lot of pot but now that’s contraindicated; her sentences short and pointless, one day she’ll be fat—


Her eternal Christian body smokes barefoot and big breasted,

St. Sebastian adored by Yukio Mishima, Sylvia Plath idolized by feminists, heroes, martyrs and homosexuals have walked the sacred earth of Ethiopia where Jesus never walked, Jesus never farted—


Constantine’s conversion changing the course of the world, what did Jesus know of logic that wasn’t known by everyone from Pythagoras to Archimedes to Hypatia to Socrates to Aristotle—

Free form open verse structure allows chaos theory to rule and cheerleaders leap somersaults and headstands and poets reject popularity and jocks get head trauma and Whitman and Kerouac scream and moan: Christianity conforming entirely to quantum mechanics, in the end is the beginning and in the beginning is the end— 

The past is the past and the ancient future to an Amish prostitute,

Her soul metallic like the sun she works from home, come let us adore her calloused bare feet and receive her blessed handjob

And the Heavenly choir sings sounding like The Supremes—

Her name is Marybeth and I have come miles through snow to lay with her but she never touches money but knows every great poet is a prophet and every great pinup model is an image of the blessed Mother, Hölderlin was crazy but he believed in the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, I don’t hate you because you’re ugly; I hate you because you’re human, free form open verse structure abandons ritual and habit in favor of infinite chaos

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