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July 03
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MAY 8, 2012 12:23PM

Liberal Denial and Deceit

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Been following the John Edwards story here in the Durham Herald Sun, a liberal rag laughingly called a newspaper, and I’m struck by the cravenness of this perfectly coiffed, despicable cockroach.

I’m also struck by the fact that this man was allowed to appear on the Democrat ticket as vice-President and then again allowed to announce and campaign for a run as president.

Are liberals & progressives - hard to distinguish them these days, so let's call them Libgressives -- a) stupid, b) insane, c) deceitful, d) liars, e) hypocritical, f) cynical, g) dishonest, h) deniers, i)  all the above?

The correct answer is "I." 

With definitions taken care of, is the Libgressive cabal in the Democrat party so (see "a" above)  as not to see through Edwards? 


Is the Libgressive cabal in the Democrat party so despicably   (see "b", "c", & "d")  that they might have suspected what a scumbag Edwards was and STILL stood by him  even though he could have been inflicted as President on the country  should former bemedaled Vietnam veteran John Kerry have suffered PTST from the time he didn’t spend in Cambodia during the war? 

Ohhhh, yeah.

Are libgressives so "g" and "e" as not to have come out in force against Edwards’ affair, his mendacity, his disregard for his dying wife and children.

A hundred times yes.

When I say “in force,” I’m talking about Larry Craig “in force,” the Republican congressman who allowed his foot to slip under his bathroom stall as an invitation  to who knows what?  That story had thoroughbred legs for quite a while, thanks to the parasitic delight of libgressives and the running dog enablers of the libgressive media.

And for those with short memories, think "Republican" Herman Cain.  I've yet to see "Democrat" John Edwards in any story about this bedbug.

Now, remember the grief over Sarah Palin?  The attacks?  The lies?  The spin? The gleeful proclamations of her “stupidity,” the Tina Fey impression that stupid libgressives morphed into Sarah Palin reality (“I can see Russia from my house.)? 

Remember all that?

Remember how “scary” it was to libgressives that Sarah Palin was a heartbeat away from the presidency?  It created a vilification industry that continues to this day.

And yet, here we are!  Now!  Sarah continues saying her piece openly and honestly.  Doesn't matter whether or not you agree, she’s a productive spokesman in the political arena, while John Edwards may go to jail for being, well, a total prick.  How’s that for a potential president!?

And libgressives continue their hear, see and speak no evil about one of their own.  They are indeed, a very k) sick, l) dysfunctional, m) unhappy, n) angry bunch.

Oh, speaking of vice-Presidential candidates, how about the true Ringling Brothers clown we have now?  If his name were Palin, the o) feral libgressives would be all over him.

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Edwards is distasteful, if prosecution.... I liked that story if not his politics, and try to remember a happier time, if, I see your point that "liberal" people can be savage in their peculiar way. That's why a lot of people stay away from politics, and always have one wonders.
If this was early 2008, Edward's dicky-dunking would be a powerful story. If Edwards were still in the Senate and had tried to solicit gay sex in an airport bathroom, that would be a powerful story.
The media is playing up the story well beyond public interest or importance and you're trying to make it into something it would never be unless the above conditions were met.

I don't get the Sarah Palin angle or how the massive disinterest in the Edwards story shows "liberal" depravity, so I'll just assume it's a understandable, though incoherent, expression of angst.

Perhaps I should write a response. I can point at the intellectual debasement and general depravity of people that elevate a self-serving airhead like Palin to some sort of presidential stature. I can say it's a) sick b) depraved c) adolescent or d) indicates an uncontrollable, destructive masturbation obsession.

I'm not sure that would even the score, word-for-word, but at least it would be as contrived, irrelevant and as unworthy of the effort.

Good seein' ya again, John...:)
aside from the sport you take in name-calling I've no idea how you or anyone else was to know of this jackass behavior prior to a year or so back let alone prior to the '04 nomination process you seem content to let the assumption slop around in this piece that the bastard's perfidy was either known and deliberately hidden or that Ds should have divined that he was/is a schmuck

should Rs have divined that Nixon and all of his fellas would conspire to subvert the constitution?

oh that's right...Ds were behind that, too
Libgressive? Clever, if you're in middle school.

Next time, try penning one for the grownups.
One word: Limbaugh. Two words: Tea Party. However many words (too tired to count): John Edwards was a mistake. Republicans have made plenty of their own. Both parties are overflowing with morally bankrupt politicians.
A great roundup. Highly rated.
You see John, it is this way, liberal progressive puppets are so deluded into following their puppet masters that they are actually blinded to the Truth of their puppet masters’ behaviors. They would rather not bring their slime up in the press, which is actually State Run Press now, than have to acknowledge all of the violence and immorality being perpetrated on Americans. This is typical denial syndrome.

Then you have the liberal progressive slime that strategically tries to keep all Truths from Americans, by covering it all up. They will use the Not So Free Press and every trick in the book to avert all attention to their evil deeds. According to liberals, Bush is still to blame for everything. Talk about wearing something out.

Liberal progressives have always been a type that can try to dish it out but can never ever take it. It sends them into a frothing frenzy.