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AUGUST 9, 2011 11:38PM

As riots spread, England devolves into a Smith's song

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On the fourth night of  rioting, the chaos has spread from London and Birmingham to Manchester and other environs. It only reminds me of what Morrissey once sang.


More information about the English riots (I am trying to say England because, to my knowledge, they have not spread to Wales, Scotland, or Ireland) at the Guardian

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Ah yes, Janie, the proles have been stretched as far as they will go and are now snapping back. Cheers!
No one does gloomy depression as melodically as Morrissey and Marr!
You said it, Jeanette. You said it. And England has been living in a state of gloomy depression, way too long. Glad they are working their way out of it with a little anger. I think they could have done it more constructively, though. Oh well, we don't always use our best judgment, if at all, when it comes to emotions. I hope the country can buck up, get a stiff upper lip and move forward.