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February 15
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Okay, so maybe I am a cranky old fart, so what? The US government gives me ample reason. I'm very much opposed to a criminal cabal running this nation, and I rant accordingly. Things gotta change.


APRIL 2, 2012 4:01AM

Just how far is too far?

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"If your purchase contains pork or alcohol products please use another checkout".

This sign is at a Wegmans grocery store in the USA. Apparently, a Muslim checker's religion effects people who shop there, because her rights are more important than our rights.

Hey, well you know what? I don't like seeing fat people at the beach, especially a whole family of fat people, with big fat little kids running around scaring the whales. But I deal with it, in my own warped little way. Or how about stupid people at gas stations? You don't pay for gas, put the gas in, then go back in to buy a coke. STUPID PEOPLE.

Anyway, it's not like the customers are making her eat the pork, or swig the scotch, they're buying it for their own reasons, probably to offend the checker. Why does this store even sell such offensive products? Surely other Muslims must shop there occasionally, what about offending them? You don't have to walk down the liquor isle to still see it.

What about people with shellfish, or peanut allergies, are there warning signs in the peanut butter isle's?

I don't have a problem with other peoples religion, as long as it has no effect on me, whatsoever, as you can probably tell from this rant. The FDA is warning pig farmers that a certain kind of rogue pig is hazardous to other pig populations, or something, so if any farmers are caught with these rogue pigs, they go to jail, and the FDA slaughters the pigs on the spot. If this checker has a problem with selling certain products, don't get a job at a grocery store, or the FDA, work at a gas station instead. 

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Heaven's Gate Motel . . .
the sign on the front door
proclaims 'No monkey allowed'
a renown lawyer and editor enter . . .
in the waiting room
of a renowned foot surgeon
ugly toe contest
motel bathroom . . .
a prior guest banana peel
left in the shower stall
a guest at the 5- star inn . . .
for one honest emotion
in annoying ad
a monkey at the Olympics . . .
holding the gold
a winning triple jumper
hops to the editor
to hive a bare fir hug
and both have lice
and itchy panties
Poisonally, I think organized commercial religion is a sham for insecure people who have to have something to take their minds off their mundane lives. I like my mundane life just fine without some psyco- Rolls-Royce drivin' bible thumper screaming that I'm some kind of sinner, signs, signs everywhere are signs blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind, do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign?

Whoah, think I just had a flashback.