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One Woman's View from the Concession Stand

Jody DiPerna

Jody DiPerna
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
April 06
A proud rust-belt resident and free-lancer who writes predominantly about sports. I spent an entire year following around a barn-storming women’s football team, have survived more nights on the sidelines of high school football fields than I would care to admit, and conducted one of my finest interviews in a laundromat. I have written for print and on-line outlets such as Table Magazine, Pgh. Quarterly Magazine, Pgh. City Paper, Pgh. Tribune Review, Pgh. City Paper, the Washington Informer, Thought Catalog and True/Slant. I am nearly finished with my book about the Pittsburgh Passion women’s football team, "Rough & Tumble: Pioneer Women in the World of Female Full-Contact Football.”

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