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JANUARY 21, 2011 12:09PM

Obama 2008 and Thinking Ahead

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I was inspired by Razzle Dazzle's post about her memories of the Obama 2009 Inauguration.  It made me look up my old post about the day I was on stage with Obama.  The link is below.   When you click on it, it is set to open up a new window so you can click back here and comment if you like: 

 On Stage With Obama!

Turn off the  Activia ad so you can see the video.  I like the last part which is a close-up of the young people looking beamingly at Obama as he goes through a line of supporters.  Then, Obama comes back to where we are standing and thanks us!  Wow, I will never forget that day! 

 In the video, you see Senator Webb and our Representative  Rick Boucher.   Boucher was defeated in 2010--bombarded with attack ads by a secret organization (thanks to the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling).  Also, when I worked at the polls, the tea partiers put up posters of Obama together with Boucher since our representative supported Obama early on.  Obama is not popular here so that hurt him too.

Now, the tea partiers are targeting Senator Webb so I hope he fares better.





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I know someone who headed up Boucher's campaign - that was a great blow and it's hard for me to watch that video. As for Webb, I only hope that NOVA will carry him and that by the time 2012 comes around, they will have lost some steam.
George Allen is running and I suspect he will be the nominee--a replay of the 2006 election. Hopefully, the "macaca" comment will get the minorities out to vote against him. Jim Webb is pretty conservative and hasn't supported Obama all the time but that will probably help him in this state.