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MARCH 14, 2012 2:31PM

Small Spring

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Cherry Blossom season in Washington, DC  is almost here. The sea of pink, the heady, intoxicating bursts of beauty, it's something I look forward to every year.

There is smaller beauty here in Spring. Quiet and less showy.  No less blissful, no less intoxicating. You just have to look closely. 

The first sign. Predictable, yet always a surprise.


More surprises in the sky~ 


 A patch of blue~


 Clusters of purple~


Delicate and frilly~


 Happy blues~


The daffodlils, of course~ 


Sometimes the flowers come with a message~


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We didn't have to work for it this year, but Spring came just the same...
First after you!!! What lovely pictures. Wish I was there to share!
I love the flowers...can do wothout the allergies! Oh, well-can't have it both ways, so I definitely prefer this to winter! R
The third photo blew me away. My favorite shade of blue. Flowers are so symbolic of hope and we need lots of that these days. Lovely, Joan. R
Gasp! That last one. Happy spring, Ms. H.
No Creeping Charlie?
this makes me want to get out in the yard and start digging :)
So beautiful! So wonderful! Thanks for taking us there.
Beautiful, beautiful photos....!!
Yay, spring is on the lovely, Joanie H! :)
~nodding~ Heck, predictions here are for like 70s and 80s here for the next 7 days which is good, going to go to the zoo on Tuesday with some friends!!
Aw, thanks! I love dandilions! When they go all puffy and white, I used to tell my daughter they were fairies, and when we blew them away from the stems we were setting them free. R.
A treat. Thank you.
it's great, isn't it...76 in Asheville...
I love the colors of the early bloomers. They are so vivid. Rated.
Oh beautiful. You are so far ahead of us...there well could be a dandelion someplace, but otherwise we'll have to wait a few weeks...
I can't wait to visit your beautiful city. It will be a much too short stay but better than nothing!
all those yellow flowers gave me pause
how gorgeous, how gorgeous!!!
Oh, so that is what spring looks like! Today it snowed/rained (like usual) here. Buds are here, bulbs just coming up, but it doesn't look (or feel) very "springy."

So thank you for sharing yours with us. :)
These are gorgeous, Joan. Since we had a 70-degree day today, I'm definitely thinking spring.
"Predictable, yet always a surprise." So true! We know they're going to pop up from the ground at some point, but every year we get to be amazed all over again.
So many colors--stunning in a quiet, sublime kind of way.
Thanks...Beautiful, Joan. Guess you've heard the quote: "Flowers are nature’s way of smiling."

These sure made me smile!
According to the climate change folk in another generation DC may have Magnolias, Spanish Moss, orchids, palmettos and Birds of Paradise...
You have some really pretty flowers! A whole mess of grecian windflowers at the bottom. Mine are multiplying slowly.
Again you have made me yearn for that city that is the nation's capital. And a capital place to find so much flowery color.
A rainbow of colors. Thank you. It is the small things that signal Spring. Love it.
I remember the cherry blossoms the year I lived in DC -1965. But not flowers like that. You must have a better camera than me, or know how to use what you have. I can never get flowers like that. Then again, I just point and click.

Happy Spring!
Schaweet! A floral rainbow. I love dandy lions. I also hate to weed. You can imagine my backyard.
Thanks everyone, for taking a peek at the small view of Spring. Cherry Blossoms in full bloom next week! :)
Beautiful! It will be another 6 weeks before we see that kind of color. I'm jealous.
Ahh, the treasures of Mother Earth.