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DECEMBER 5, 2011 7:03AM

Occupy DC

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I walked through McPherson Square yesterday where the protestors have set up camp in this little park for the last two months. I was struck by the number of DC police officers surrounding the perimeter. None in riot gear, just kind of hanging out, shooting the breeze with each other. I knew there could be trouble since the Park Police had given instructions for the protestors to dismantle a wooden, two story structure that had been built apparently for shelter in the winter months.

The Park Police have jurisdiction over the parks, and the city of DC wanted the structure taken down. I arrived before the protestors were removed from the structure with a cherry picker to lift them down. (We are nothing if not innovative...)

Although I was not there for the cherry picker scene, I did manage to take some pictures of the mostly peaceful camp. (The camp itself was allowed to remain.)

The sign welcomes you to Occupy K Street~ 


 Office buildings in the background~


 A walk through the narrow path of tents~


A large painting of Scott Olsen, the Marine who was among those injured by police at the Oakland protest.


This is as close as I could get to the structure the city wanted taken down. When I was there, only two people were sitting on top of it. The cherry picker hadn't arrived yet.



 This sign had fallen to the ground. I liked it because it invited people to "tell their story." One person simply wrote: I was born.


I came away with many impressions. Mostly I walked away hoping that violence would not be a part of my city's efforts for change.



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Joan thanks for this. I'll get down there next weekend. r.
It's great that the Occupiers haven't been completey eradicated from Washington. But I do hope they'll get through the cold winter all right!
One of my students is still living down at occupy Boston. I don't know how he does it. My heart and spirit go out to the occupiers everywhere!
I really like your posts and seeing DC from your eyes.
Perhaps you really are a photojournalist???
Thanks for sharing.
Thanks, Joanie. This is the Valley Forge Winter for the Occupy Movement.
Jonathan, let me know when you get there and I can come say hi!

Alysa, I think they will be there for a while.

greenheron, I don't know how they do it, either. Deep commitment, I'm guessing.

ladyfarmerjed, such a nice thing to say. :)

Thank you, Sheila. Wish I'd gotten the cherry picker in there, but...
Fantastic artwork on the signs. Great job capturing the scene in D.C., Joanie.

Glad to see that the tents are allowed to stay. I can see how a two-story wooden building (!) was not going to make it. A couple of the camps here were going to set up yurts, which originated in wintry conditions and which would be (warmer) communal housing. They still (sort of) pass as tents.

Thanks for the coverage!
Interesting Joanie, nice photo essay. Philly dismantled last week, our mayor said he hand picked the policeman and they received special training. I don't think he wanted us in the national news, it seemed Ok I am guessing although the OCWS folks did fight it, I don't believe their was violence, at least what I saw on our news.
The movement will morph soon from tents in the park to agents in cyberspace. You did good here Joan!
Great story. Deserved the EP.
I love Washington and was happy to see this. Occupy the Capitol. That is where the you-know-whats who are legislating our country into ruin are.
I hope nothing bad happens. Thanks for sharing your visit with us.
Telling one's story ... and deep commitment ... why does anyone ... want this ... to stop ...
Thank you, Joan.
*there*..ugh. coffee.
Where are the bathrooms? Where are the showers? Where are the cherry blossoms?
My digit camera is a cheap-o.
There's coffee on the front lens.
Butter smears the f-stop viewfinder.
Thankfully you are the photojournalist.
I forget to put film and take camera cap off.

Maybe the stage was to sing Seasonal Carols.
I want my two front teeth back
I just want a hippo pot mouse
I wish to share my Porto-Pot
It nice to share with field mice.
No leave seat up. No wet seat.
No toss butts down outhouse.
I hear about this on the news.
Fox Views this as free gumbo.
A crew was gonna serve grub.
Free Soup for stolen holes.
DC politico's steal man holes.
They steal commode seat boards.
They give to all friendly DC whores.
Joan H.? Wear pink bunny ears too.
Then we will be able to hop to see Ya.
Larry, the bathrooms are at Burger King, I didn't see any showers, and sorry, I should have photographed the cherry blossoms. (They are blooming in December.)
Of all the OWS protests occurring all over the world this is the one that gets my full support. Nobody should fault a Wall Street firm for trying to make money. It’s what companies, whether on Wall Street or Main Street, are supposed to do. However, I can totally understand frustration with our elected leaders for bailing out Wall Street firms, as a good use of the Government’s financial resources. I also can understand frustration with so many Government programs that essentially funnel taxpayer money to the rich. I mean, have you seen the subsidies provided to The Volt and noticed the median income of the buyers of that car?

Ultimately, the protesters in Washington understand that whatever beef you may have with our current economic system, the change needs to occur at the political level. The protesters wearing masks don’t agree with that statement, hence the police presence at the perimeter.
Always glad to take a photographic stroll with you, Joan.
the photos really do tell quite a story. hopefully dc remains peaceful.
You really have multiple and very talented callings, Joan! These are wonderful:)
great honest journalism - and why i read OS - to read you - the brave people who bring us truth. I love when an EP is worth reading.
Thank you
Thanks for the personal look at this national/worldwide story. R
fantastic, Joan. Great stuff.
Very cool, Joan. Solidarity!
Funny, I thought of the cherry blossoms too. A strong hold there, Joan. Thanks for sharing it.
Thanks for a taste of the action Joan.
Great reporting Joanie.
Great reporting Joanie.
Lovely post and update..The writing is on the wall and thanks for showing us it.
Thanks everyone for taking a look at my slice of Occupy DC. I wish I could have provided more pictures, but I had battery issues. :)
Thank you for taking us a long with you. Great photos. -R-
As always, you take me someplace I need to be and show me what I need to see. I like the sign best; it kind of gives me shivers. town's Occupy just ended up to be embarassing. I guess I should tell you about it....later maybe.
Your walks through DC are one of my secret pleasures here Joanie. Outstanding.

Thank you for posting this.
washington makes the most sense for that protest. great post and photos Joan!
I was wondering about DC...thanks for this.
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