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January 26
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MAY 18, 2014 9:11AM

Nuclear-Free Me?

     There's a subdivision here in western Montgomery County, Maryland, Garrett Park, that has, for years, along with Takoma Park, a town in the eastern end of the county, promised the world that nuclear war will not start here.
     Garrett Park
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MAY 15, 2014 6:57AM

Gay Gray Panthers Revolt!

      You all know about Michael Sam; the former Missouri defensive end was drafted last week by the St. Louis Rams, breaking a barrier. A man, a star athlete, Mr. Sam had the sac to say, Yep; I'm A Gay Man and I'm Going to the

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Some draw a distinction between  ant-Zionism and anti-Semitism. The distinction itself isn't illegitimate. Yet I do see the distinction in an academic sense only because in any practical sense, anyone who in even the smallest way understands the 20th Century (its history aRead full post »

A Brief Taxonomy of Homelessness/ New PASSIONATE JUSTICE Podcasts
     These are the two initial programs that, in addition to other segments, raise up The Counter, Robin Sneed's Seattle 'Homeless-Feeding-the-Homeless' Justice-Effort. It includes:
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     This 5.10.14 'Times' editorial makes a case for pursuing justice as to every discoverable Nazi camp guard possibly found. I agree w the piece. Is there a cogent counter-argument? What would it be? 
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I do wonder when more will realize that wealthy Near East Muslims can't stand poor Near East Muslims and have no desire to integrate them into established Muslim Arab or Persian nations, nor to help raise them up economically in situ, and wish to keep them poor as/Read full post »







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I thought to offer this in the wake of the rash of comments I've seen to the effect that Ms. Lewinsky's ill treatment is, at least in part, about this country.
It isn't.  
It'd be tough to make a convincing case that the rich/powerful in anyRead full post »
These are the two most recent 'Passionate Justice' podcasts, including the piece on my creative and gutsy homeless Seattle writer friend and her small-group project cooking for and feeding other downtown homeless people in that city. It includes, too, among other segments, a pieceRead full post »


                   HUMBLY KICKIN' YOUR ASS

              TEXAS  CASSEROLE


I'm really excited that later today, 3:00 pm Eastern, 'Passionate Justice' will present its first story about our writingRead full post »




   Homeless Writers Feeding Seattle's Homeless                


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MAY 1, 2014 7:32AM


Here's the next installment of RECOVERY DIARIES, film director, my pal, Bud Clayman's remarkable project. 


APRIL 30, 2014 7:34AM

May 4th, Early, Abiding

Memory's an eel. 



forty-four years' reach

so unreliable.


No news, that: 


plagues us all—


 .two-timing lovers,


 .conspiracy enthusiasts,


 .fans of Classic Series stats,


 .Gospel Writers


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APRIL 29, 2014 7:27AM

...and so as to white privilege...

...and so as to White faux-Patriotic/faux traditional Christian...privilege...and I do want this to be the last time I feel compelled to speak to the Nevada Deadbeat Tax Cheat…


But…it occurs to me and and not only to me to ask the simple question: 


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I am delighted to continue to promote your writing and commentary.
Over twenty-six Saturdays we've presented perhaps twelve or more Open/Our writers, including four yesterday. 
And next Saturday the plan is to showcase a terrific social justice effort, very new and as grassrootsRead full post »
There may come a day when we recall, as one Collective Humanity, celebrate, as one group, as one preyed upon collective, all those who've lost their lives as a result of systematic marginalization and the bigotry that engenders it. 

That would be a good day.

It's not,
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     What surprises is that the loony Right and the far Left have
in common an intense anti-government zeal (which comes
from different places, of course) and wind up squirmily
having to defend and then run from people they'veRead full post »





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     The Reverend Scott Lively, an anti-lgbt preacher I’ve discussed here, recently suggested that gay citizens should be imprisoned if they don’t submit to ‘Ex-Gay Therapy'. A Republican candidate running for governor of Massachusetts, ReverRead full post »




 PodOmatic | Podcast - Star Com Media's Podcast



 ...and some Podcasts of another terrific network program, "Insurrection with Brent Lengel".





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Raise a glass with me to Miryam, to Mary, of the village of
Magdala, who believed so delightedly in her friend's, that
magnificent performance-artist rabbi's Justice-message,
repeated and profound Justice-renditions, that she ran from his
unjust tomb faster evenRead full post »




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While conspiracies have existed and do exist, an issue with conspiracy theorists can be that because what they believe with something akin to absolute faith is often, to them, self-evident, they may regard those who ask for evidence, evidentiary linkage, real su
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  You’re aware I have no problem challenging the 
benighted Religious Right.



     Right now I want to take up a  writer who calls herself a progressive, an American living in New Zealand, Dr. Stewart Jeanne Bramhall* -- I use her name with he

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