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AUGUST 3, 2014 10:21AM

Update: Uganda's 'Kill-The-Gays' Law

     You may have read that last winter's law that can and has thrown lgbt Ugandans into prison, in many cases for life terms, for their sexual identities has been ruled unconstitional by a federal court there.
     The Ugandan lgbt community and its supportersRead full post »




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Podcasts have returned, healthy now, from a few weeks' cyber-convalescence . Enjoy!

(And this coming Saturday, OUR/OPEN writers Rosigami and Robyn Martins.)

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JULY 30, 2014 7:27AM

Cheating Ourselves

     Because patriotism has come to mean, for far too many of the hopelessly brainless, stockpiling as many weapons as we can, most in Congress would buy new, idiotically expensive weapons systems no matter the cost, no matter the quality, even without daily threats from weapons indRead full post »

JULY 29, 2014 7:19AM

Latest UnFun AIDS Theory Going

The Daily Kos shares yet one more piece of evidence suggesting that a job requirement for Republican office holders is the ability to make up absolute rubbish and call it science, especially when the lunacy has to do with sexuality, rape, lgbt citizens.


Here’s aRead full post »

This is a reasonable likeness of our fighter-biter tabby cat, Ms. Miryam Gumdrops.
This is a reasonable likeness of our son's Honda 1000.
 s780_2011_honda_cbr_1000_rr_black_red_review.jpg (500ÒÂÃÒÒÂÒÂÃÒÂÃÒ363)
Our son's new work takes him to tracks where he both races (oneRead full post »
Program Announcement's early this week as we're off on a brief beach holiday...pls make a note, save this...pass it on...and join us (for the show)!



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     The wealthy Muslim nations could have, years ago, and could now, pour billions into the West Bank and Gaza and they do not do it

. bc a sad non-secret in the Near East is that wealthy Arabs look down on the poorest ones in every
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     The other day I asked a friend just how idiotic and mean-spirited and yet still credited, even a teensy bit credited, some foolishness about the Near East would have to get before some come to their senses and might not swallow the verbal and
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JULY 21, 2014 6:52AM

It Isn't Muslim Children

While it is true that no one, here, 


children killed or harmed, not Muslim kids, not Jewish kids,

not one of the daily Far Left writers here who write, shrilly and constantly as if Evil itself is an Israeli invention...

not one of these writers took the care 

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JULY 19, 2014 5:09PM

Snipping Israel, Hamas

The first piece, from Mr. Krauthhammer, is likely the first time I've read the man and have, overall, agreed with him (even as I do not hold with what he says about the film. "Munich", here).
The Pew Research report is, for length, edited. It's out this week and… Read full post »



Saturday, 7.19.14   3:00-4:00 pm Eastern  




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     In the discussion about the Near East it's been suggested that there's no significant difference between Muslim nations' sharia law as to women and lgbt citizens and Christian fundamentalism vis-a-vis women and lgbt citizens.
     While sharia law's and ChrRead full post »
JULY 16, 2014 6:55AM

Think YOU'RE Dissed @ Open?

Think YOU'RE persecuted? Dismissed? Mistreated?

When I told people here, eeeee-ons back, that Crank tried to have his way with me in a New York cab, and that I 

my honor,
and that he left me flat near a used ticket receptacle at the PortRead full post »

     In addition to being the cheapest date I know, my rep suffers as to record-keeping. I think the last time I balanced a checkbook, unthreatened, was before Winston Churchill considered diving from a New York rooftop hard upon the '29 Crash. So this mornin

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I have watched nearly every match of this high-flying World Cup and have loved it.
We first appreciated world class futbol when we lived in China, a soccer-nuts nation. The Tianjin University students jerry-rigged satellite receivers and huge screens on roofs, set up hundreds of folding chairRead full post »
    I published this here four years back, when the issue was first raised in the U.S. press. I re-post it along w a piece by Peter Ross Range, published today in the NYT.
  Should "Mein Kampf" be back on German bookshelves? Right now there's
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James Emmerling
Rachel Velamur (Post-Mormon Girl)
Suzanne Smith (Zanelle)
Ludmilia Jones (Zumalicious)
Starshine Roshell
Padraig Colman
... more ...
And next Saturday, 12 July, 3:00 pm Eastern...
Open/Our wri
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JULY 6, 2014 7:38AM

Flags on the Grill

As to some public holidays and their too-public nature...
Presidential Birthdays
     I feel as if I should wreck the 'white' sales with Hawaiian Punch.
     In my experience the more traditional the celebRead full post »
JULY 5, 2014 8:29AM

Why *Snip* When All Can Write?

     Some read exceedingly long, quotation-laden posts through. More might were their writers more often to make their own arguments and present supporting evidence without continual resort to the *Snip*, were they to make more of their own ideas accessible in their own words andRead full post »



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JULY 3, 2014 7:36AM

A War on Women? They're It.

The Center for American Progress reports that 5,315 U.S. troops have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
That's war.  
6,410 American women have been murdered with a gun by an intimate partner since the U.S was attacked in 2001 and yet the National Rifle Association evenRead full post »
     My thoughts here are most immediately prompted by Delia Black's offering at Open Salon and by a Josh Rogin 'Daily Beast ' piece Ms. Black links at the end of her own. They raise Mrs. Clinton's insensitive, selfish, as well as mysogynist/Read full post »