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    I published this here four years back, when the issue was first raised in the U.S. press. I re-post it along w a piece by Peter Ross Range, published today in the NYT.
  Should "Mein Kampf" be back on German bookshelves? Right now there's
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James Emmerling
Rachel Velamur (Post-Mormon Girl)
Suzanne Smith (Zanelle)
Ludmilia Jones (Zumalicious)
Starshine Roshell
Padraig Colman
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And next Saturday, 12 July, 3:00 pm Eastern...
Open/Our wri
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JULY 6, 2014 7:38AM

Flags on the Grill

As to some public holidays and their too-public nature...
Presidential Birthdays
     I feel as if I should wreck the 'white' sales with Hawaiian Punch.
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JULY 5, 2014 8:29AM

Why *Snip* When All Can Write?

     Some read exceedingly long, quotation-laden posts through. More might were their writers more often to make their own arguments and present supporting evidence without continual resort to the *Snip*, were they to make more of their own ideas accessible in their own words andRead full post »



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JULY 3, 2014 7:36AM

A War on Women? They're It.

The Center for American Progress reports that 5,315 U.S. troops have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
That's war.  
6,410 American women have been murdered with a gun by an intimate partner since the U.S was attacked in 2001 and yet the National Rifle Association evenRead full post »
     My thoughts here are most immediately prompted by Delia Black's offering at Open Salon and by a Josh Rogin 'Daily Beast ' piece Ms. Black links at the end of her own. They raise Mrs. Clinton's insensitive, selfish, as well as mysogynist/Read full post »
...and here's terrific news: 
on the strength of the program's growing audience/ratings, beginning
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                                               PASSIONATE JUSTICE  

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JUNE 25, 2014 7:41AM

Meteor at the Authors-Tea

Did a local authors-tea at a lovely arts venue, read this piece.


Among the authors was a fellow, dressed as I was dressed in a black suit and coral shirt (he wore a tie, I did not), a man younger than I by half, a self-announced poet-chef whose readingRead full post »

     When any religion trumps the fundamental human rights of people, any people, anywhere, it's worthless save to the religiously-addicted, and to sacless cynics who, from afar, revel from a variety of motives, in its geo-politics. And when segments of the Euro and U… Read full post »


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       Not really.
     The neighbor of long-retired Philadelphia-toolmaker-now-extradited-Auschwitz-guard-soon-to-be-in-a-German-prison-for-the-rest-of-the-sundown-of-his-life, 89-year-old, Johann Breyer, complicit in the gassing of 216,000 JewRead full post »
These are the three most recent PASSIONATE JUSTICE Radio podcasts.
-  JW
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JUNE 12, 2014 2:01PM

Islamic Cannibalism-R-Us


 Islam R Us. 


 This is to say, the Near East/Central Asia Sunni-Shia sectarian

cannibalism unleashed after Europeans decided, last century,

to exploit the region  in ways other than direct-rule, is not a great deal

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JUNE 10, 2014 8:00AM


Edited and re-posted from Spring, 2011.  


    You may recall this not-altogether bygone American cultural oddity. You may recall thinking  How Ironic!  after a day at the beach or the summer club watching white people slather on the/Read full post »

JUNE 9, 2014 7:26AM

The Fix Is In? -- Hillary Clinton

     The question's raised at 
as to why people imagine that Hillary Clinton offers an uncluttered, genuine liberal/left opportunity for the United States and the West, a brRead full post »

It's nearly universally acknowledged that bullies are weak and afraid, frightened as a condition of their beings and this holds for bully-regimes as well as for bully-boys and girls. And it's no less well understood that willing agents of bullies are, while perhaps less tremulous, no lessRead full post »

As you know, today's 'D-Day+70'. I'm grateful. -JW









Today's the twenty-fifth anniversary of the workers and students massacre at Tiananmen Square, Peking. 

 This piece ... some here have seen it before dedicated to Ms. Zhang Ying, whom we got out of there some time after. Sadly, we've lost contact w Ms. Zhang and her… Read full post »


     I may have not decided to return so fast to guns were it not for that brazen idiot, Samuel Wurzelbacher, known to enthusiasts as Joe-the-Plumber...just one more moral genius, like Sarah Palin, inflicted on decent Americans by that Addled Arizonan...yet last week in the faceRead full post »

     The point's been offered, in response a recent piece ('What Is To Be Done?' If the Fix Is In, Why Care at All? - Jonathan Wolfman - Open Salon), that there's risk in putting hopes for structural change in compelling individuals, whether SenatorRead full post »