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NOVEMBER 19, 2013 6:43AM


   Unlike many who revel in the Health Care roll-out's having been bumpier than the cheeks of the Before-Pic in an early 60's Clearasil ad, I wanted and as yet want the damned thing to work becuse, as I said on Saturday's Passionate Justice Radio show, despite

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NOVEMBER 13, 2013 12:52PM


    I already know I am a bad person so, no, I'm not gonna pass this up.

     She's been insinuating herself again into media venues with a clear intent to influence public policy so this is fair game. 

     And it

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NOVEMBER 11, 2013 10:01AM

For My Dad & Boomers on Veterans Day


Over a thousand of our Second War Vets die each day.

This is an edit of a 2010 post. A version of it is in the book, PASSIONATE JUSTICE: A PROGRESSIVE MEMOIR IN ESSAYS.

My dad died in 2011. 


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NOVEMBER 7, 2013 2:52PM

Bigotry's (specific) Co$t


From a colleague in the equality justice movement on the states lacking marriage equality laws:  

"I wonder if there are straight married couples who think that the states without equality laws are violating their 14th Amendment Right to Equal Protection.

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     Those who say we needn't care much about warming because it's a cyclical, natural phenomenon, miss the point entirely. The issue isn't whether or not there's cyclical global warning every so-many tens of thousands of years or eveRead full post »

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      I listened with a steadily rising gorge to the hearings yesterday during which one after the next congressional shill for the narrow interests of the Haves pretended not even remotely convincingly to care for the health needs of their Have-Not constituents whose old

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     The problem at the core of the Affordable Care Act isn't a set of computer glitches more or less predictable given its rush-to-market. The crux of the issue isn't even the fallout of the needless complexity Mr. Obama's hybrid government/private insurer compromise the

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      Like you, I've always appreciated our Constitution's strict separation of Church and Brothel. While I understand the history of the arguments that suggest we are a Just Society to the extent we are screwed equally by all social institutions, I thinkRead full post »



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     I've been waiting for this ever since I read then saw Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose. This is to say that I've been holding out some hope that in my lifetime I'd see the Church evidence that it can answer the question
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Note:  This is for our friend, Zanelle. It was published originally at Open Salon in late December, 2011. Read Zanelle's wonderful post on this topic here, today!
      Kabbalah (in Hebrew)   (Kabbalah; Jewish Mysticism)


     America doesn't do sea-change:  by increments we move to extend Justice.

     We here tend not to grow as a result in changes of the heart, in response to trumpet-calls.

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queer-eye-for-the-straight-guy-cast-2005-emmy-creative-arts-awards-arrivals-1AyFvu.jpg (480×338)



     Queer Eye for the Straight Guy recently brought together the cast of the ground-breaking show ten years after its Bravo debut. Sharing memories and ideas of the show's four years on television and of its significance were Kyan Dou/Read full post »

    I recall the core of this clear-as-a-bell, though I may have the magazine wrong. 

    I was in a doctor's waiting-area in 2002 and I picked up a random copy of, perhaps, Time. I skimmed, didn't read, was rather bored, until I was struck by

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What do you do when you're so despised no one will bury you in either hallowed ground or plain dirt? It's enough to make you rethink becoming a Nazi thug, that's for sure!
     This is precisely the predicament...sort which poor former SS officer
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      As we face the possibility of a new right-wing-inspired economic catastrophe, I want to raise up a concern among my fellow Jews (and others) that always accompanies these disasters, reinvigorated anti-Semitism. No doubt the economic downturn Europe has suffered and the fooli
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     The hits just keep on coming.

     Over the past three years the death penalty has been taking it on the chin, not only from juries who, pretty much everywhere throughout the United States are increasingly skeptical about imposing it, but from state legislaturesRead full post »


     We execute more of our fellow citizens than every other people save for the Chinese, Iranians, Iraqis, and the Saudis, and here, while American juries are increasingly skeptical about imposing the death penalty, Texas killed fifteen of the

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   I have long recognized my rather definite libertarian leanings, odd, perhaps, in a man whose most basic political and social sense and body of writing is decidedly transactional if not collectivist. This is, I think, because I prize individual rights as integral to

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      Among the insincere canards raised against the Affordable Care Act is that many of the nation's poorest, many of whom are African-American, aren't covered. The disingenuous criticism is that a black president, far from caring about black people, has knowingly signRead full post »

  Several weeks back I shared here why I would join no Sochi Olympic boycott aimed at punishing the Russian government for its collusion with the worst elements in the Russian Orthodox Church to encourage anti-lgbt propaganda, legislation, and hooliganism.* Among other arguments agains

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    Notwithstanding some of the 2012 Republican presidential candidates, most in the U.S. and its closest allies have rejected child and forced labor for some time. Mr. Gingrich did suggest that the children of the urban poor be put to work along with prisoners  --  terrificallRead full post »