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APRIL 18, 2012 6:14PM

Why I So Adore My Wife -- Thank You, Dick Clark

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      We heard the news in the car. I turned to Tamar, said, "Well. This Philly boy may have to grow up, now." 

     She said, "No you do not. Don't you dare."

     Then 50s on 5 played

                          Dion Dimucci -- 'A Teenager in Love'.


Love you, too, Mary, South Philly.





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Me thinks you are a bit sweet on someone and your sentimentally poetic side is showing...lovely!
You are always first, kiddo!
I tend to forget that you come from where Dick Clark got his start.
Kosh I really love Philadelphia.
That sounds like the real thing. No puppy love there.
r. For sentimental.
Philly's always seemed a little exotic to me. At least in part because of Bandstand. Though I lived a long time in Jersey & the DC area, I only went to Philadelphia once & then in some dock area. It seemed exotic.
Cred Philadelphians would be surprised to hear the hometown described that way.
I think I rated, maybe, who knows!! ROCK AND ROLL 4EVER, IT WILL NEVER DIE!!

We might but well, thems the breaks!!!

Rated for love, not growing up and rock and roll!!

(Wifey always tells me I'll never grow up everytime I say WHEN I GROW UP, I WANNA BE....:D)
Tink How sad Indiana and Maryland are two different planets.
RIP Dick Clark.
~nodding~ That and Maryland has a restraining order against me!! Weep!! ~:D
Tink not to worry I know people in the smarmiest places in B'more
@Jonathan Wolfman

I can only make one comment in a DC posting, I give it an 86 it's got a great beat that's easy to dance to.
I'll bet she feels the same way.
beauty often enough :)
Annette, of course. He gave me Annette. And more...
I love Dion so much that I cannot even hardly speak of it. Perhaps it is because my Sweetheart once danced upon my dorm bed singing "The Wanderer."
I agree with you about Philly. Always an underrated town in my book. Also, in my opinion, possibly the best radio town in America. I've driven through listening to a lot of good and often alternative stations in the metro area.
Philly radio:

Harvey in the Morning,
Brahin Ahmadiyya,
Blavat just gets up my nose,
Kim Fox, Saturday Nite Dance Show
Hyskiorooniemcvoudieo' zoot...

RIP Dick Clark, you started it all.
Yep, this shows your sentimental side, Jon; cool! R
Kosh and Philly sports radio is funny and cut-throat.
What will we ever do without Dick Clark?/r
Christine You always have me. I sing DooWop...All the parts at once in 5-Part Harmony. :)
I sing Don't Wop. I can hit all the notes, but the sound of my voice isn't something you'd want to hear singing.
Kosh When I told my sister I sing bass, she said, "Jon, You'd Do Much Better as the Audience." Needless to say, she was wrong.
Don't grow up, it is a boomer law. Not just this but LeVon Helm is likely to be gone by the morning.
Forever Young!!! Tamar is one lucky lady. :)
B. ForeverYoung was a fun flick! :)
You may have a tough exterior but you're a softie on the inside. Sweet.
Linn just ask my son. He says Pushover. :)
Love "Don't you dare" Jonathan. R
wendy! so great to see you!
Nice post Jon, The folks at Walt's King of Crabs would no doubt agree