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APRIL 17, 2012 7:01AM

I Am the LIFE-STYLE LIFT First Male Infomercial Model

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lifestyle lift

      I have been wont to assure my friends, cheerily, in order to help them past middle-years birthday-blues, that sixty-one feels very much like sixty. I have said this both to my male as well as to my female friends. The word appears to have gotten about...that I am indispensible to those in tremulous anticipation of next-birthdays...for a few months back I was approached by the people at Life-Style Lift Infomercials and asked if I'd be the company's first male before/after model. 

     Not one to stand in the way of science or gender equity, of course I agreed. (Also, the money is very good.) 



      Here I am before my Life-Style Lift:






      Here I am after my Life-Style Lift:








      "Fifteen  Minutes & A Scalpel to a Whole A New You!"







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I've been lucky in life but never so much as now.
I see you've been watching Smash on television
Now you can go to the White House and sing for the President.
Kosh well, no, but the advert-mercial's pretty ubiquitous.
Ande My God! You're right!!
wow, absolutely stunning, Jonathan...

You looked better in the first photo~
Kenny I knew I could count on you, man.
I have been wanting to have that done!
Miguela You won't be sorry!
I'ma...I'ma...cough cough...
You never looked better, Wolfman.
Bud awww that's the nicest thing a filmmaker ever said to me.
Julie I am deeply troubled by your monosyllllllabicism.
Now I really believe it works! Thanks for the laugh!
Excellent outcome but what do you do about all that unsightly facial and ear hair?
And so much brighter!
asia oh i don't know i think ms. m. was pretty bright.
They approached me a few years ago, these results are amazing.
I might reconsider.
How wonderful that you are blessed with so much luck, I feel the same.
rated with love
Hang tight brother, that stuff is trying to make you look like you've been dead for fifty years.
So much for growing old gracefully. My granddaughter would like me better as the earlier version, so no sale here.
beauty I am surprised and saddened by your too easy dismissal of cutting-edge science.
Love this. Can't wait to have it done. /r
Christine I await your testimonial!
Go to the whitehouse, sing for the president as Ande suggested, but in a very tight dress!!!
They missed a teensy-tiny crow's foot.
Sheila I'll report back!
Please send two right now, do I get get a BOGO offer with it? I would also like "the Marilyn".
You're still a dog, dude. Just say'in. ;)

(the boob job looks nice though... :D )
Amy I knew I could rely on you for an ego-boost. :)
ONL after I marry Ronnie Spector.
John, it's just amazing what they can do these days. You are looking good, buddy.
Amy it's all worth it to have seen you write this.
No cutting, no sutures, no lasers, no masks and anesthesia! A modest compliment works for me!
You look so sexy in drag, Jon!