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MARCH 22, 2012 5:11PM

The Newest Verb in the American Lexicon

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Etch-A-Sketch, v., to throw over, willy-nilly, over and again, the long-or short-held social, political, and/or economic views for hoped-for political gain.




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I LOVED Etch- A- Sketch as a kid. Couldn't do a darn thing with it but still liked it.
Please note that the past tense is "Etch-a-Sketched," not "Etched-a-Sketch." As in "I etch-a-sketched my entirely fabricated core convictions in order to fabricate an entirely different set of core convictions."
", twist and shout...come on, come on now, baby..." I can see a whole audience with Etch-A-Sketchs twisting and shouting and shaking it up.
beauty this may well become emblematic this year for the guy
Brilliant! Your idea?
Matt yes; tho I cannot imagine I am the only soul who realizes it can be used as verb!
Love it when Buddy the Elf used an Etch A Sketch...
Shake it up baby now!
Twist and shout

It's really amazing what some people will say out loud. What good can it do your campaign when the candidate is compared to a toy that can be 'reset'? With friends like that, you don't need enemies!

Alas for the Romney campaign, my eyes and ears and my mind are not etch a sketches, and cannot be "reset"

"Planned Parenthood, we're going to get rid of that."
W. Mitt Romney one week ago.

Nope, you still laid that egg. You can't dive into the elephant's outhouse for three months and come out smelling like a bouquet, Mitt!

shiral he's a thrill-a-minute this fella
THIS JUST IN: Romney just bought out Ohio Art Company & says he's giving every voter a free one! Well, that's why I'M voting for him! R
Marilyn then he'll sell it to China... ... ...
I don't see how Romney can get elected. He's had to spend the last several months running against his strengths, which are his moderation and ability to work with the opposition. If he tries to go back to his strengths in the general election, he loses the base that brought him to the election, so he's got to run as Santorum Light.

It still amazes me that this guy has had to run from his biggest achievement, which was suggested by the Heritage Foundation of all people, because it is now contaminated with Obama Cooties. He's spent the entire primary season burning his bridge back.
I call the iPad a glorified etch a sketch hahaha
I can sketch a square and that seems to be all these idiots are!
I bet he has one of those Magic 8-balls too. In case he needs an answer for the hard questions.
Damn, that's right up there with the verb "swift boated".
Just watch his polling numbers start to descend, rather like a Slinky going down stairs.
Abra uhmhmm tamar and i actually tht of the slinky!
I love being informed on the latest words I can add to my vocabulary ;)
JessyeLynn I am some Public Service... ... ...
Twist and shout while you are at it. I am sure it was an unspoken strategy, until he opened his mouth.
rated with love

I really meant to stay out of this for awhile, but doggon it:

CUSHING, Oklahoma (Reuters) - Standing in front of a row of pipes, President Barack Obama pledged on Thursday to accelerate approval of the southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline, seeking to deflect criticism that his rejection of the full project helped drive up gasoline prices.

The campaign-style stop was immediately dismissed as a stunt by Republicans, saying that Obama doesn't have the authority to really jump start the project. Analysts say it won't likely be finished until 2014 at the earliest.

Rising fuel costs are threatening to derail Obama's hopes of winning re-election in November

Sometimes I just cant help myself

Aint politicians grand?
Token you're gonna LOVE my offering Friday morning... ... ...
I will hold you to that :)
You might enjoy my "take" on Sanctorum", and I'd like your comment:
It is definitely going into a political dictionary. R
To you and Linda:
Keep shaking it up, J!