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MARCH 14, 2012 7:15AM


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                      Actor Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump is shown. | Reuters



                                                                                         w some thanks to Politico

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I know. I am a Very Bad Person.
if it were only that simple.... "Momma says life is like a box of chocolates" The Republicans believe that crap....
The base and the candidates. When life hands you a box o' chalklits, hide it and grab another one...
Matt uhmhmm ... ... ...
Holly see: I already acknowledged I Am A Bad Person. :)
Are you sure that isn't a photo of their youth wing? By the way, did you catch those polls showing that around half of Repubs in Mississippi and Alabama believe Obama is a Muslim and do not believe in evolution?
Abra I did and don't know whether to snicker or weep.
Can I be your one thoughtful Republican friend? Buckley's dead.
I rated you...even though. I am one of those "thoughtful" Republicans... However will stay home and vomit if Santorum is the chosen.
Ande I think there's a fair chance that if Santorum's the nominee you'll vote for the President after you recover from the nausea...ans then you may become nauseous again. :)
I read an article once where the authors claimed to have done some research about the superior attractiveness of democrats...something about how rigid, conservative ideology is correlated with plainness or homeliness. Intellectually, I know this is ridiculous, but it does seem like liberals are sexier. Of course I'm biased though.
Babe of course, I can speak only for myself... ... ...
Today's "Republican" party is really a nutsy-cuckoo strung out group that wants to take 'their' country back-back to 1840. I feel bad for many of my conservative friends who just shudder at the clown car of nominees-the game show host, the Booty policeman, the lusty moonman, and the grumpy grandpa! R
Jane yes; these guys do not represent good, clear-thinking people such as Ande and Con here.
Hey, you are not a bad person. I hate the blanket labels and statements, but you know I totally get the humour here. Thanks for this, it is a keeper....
Sheila ;) ;) Thanks, my nuanced friend.
I want a chocolate.
Myriad here ya go: @ @ @ ;)
Now, now,now. . .

If we were only so lucky that stipidity only reared its dopey head in certain corners of our country.

Plenty of stupid conservatives, plenty of stuypid liberals out there. Maybe the real difference is that we who tend toward the left try a little harder to hide the idiots. I can't figure out why Conservatives don't try to do the same.
Steve maybe it's a matter of intensity... ... ... ;)
RW so is Forrest... ... ...
Yup you never know what yo are going to get
Linda in this case, Oh Yes, You Do!
He sold his soul to the Seafood Lobby and killed poor little Dolphins in his nets. Just like a damn republican. I also heard he had sex and wasn't married. Just like a lying-ass republican!
Hmmmmm, does that mean that the prototypical Democrat base voter would resemble Peter Sellers' character "Chance" from the movie "Being There"?
Kenny! Sa It Ain't So!
Walt Gimme a Minute...... :)
OMG, thank you for this.
For those of you who comment on here and refer to themselves as "thoughtful Republicans" ( I cannot find any where I live), I just have a question. Who are ya'll voting for???
"Oh Forrest. Momma always told you..."
Dem Con and Ande are very thtful people.
That's an insult to Forrest Gump.
Tom and it may violate HIPPA regs... ... ...
As I recall, Chance walked on water, which surely makes him a Christian Conservative and a Republican
The Republicans want to corner the market on the chocolates ... and the Kool Aid!
Tom and yet he also "likes to watch"... ... ...
I heard that something like half the people in Mississippi still think our President is a Muslim. You remember our President? He's the one who was LEGALLY elected president of the US, not like the one before that. What was his name? Seem to have blocked it out....
Amy that % was of MS. Repub. voters. Bless Their Little Hearts.
Forest Gump was a great man, who served his country, and started a business.
Don You're right. His fictional prowess is more potent than that of the real Rep-base voter.
he liked to watch -- again evidence Chance was a Republican
I get the "simple" part, but Forrest had a good heart and was very forgiving.
beauty would that the Repub-base voter live up to his example.
Looks a little like Santorum, truth be told.
Do you think that the current band of GOP candidates simply misunderstood the true intentions of folks that were telling them to "Run, Ricky/Mitty/Newty, Run!"?
Barb It may well be! :)
Maybe that will come next:" Run Forrest, run!"
Don he'd have my vote!
Forrest Gump just called -- he is highly offended!

Unfortunately, calling the GOP a "box of chocolates" is a terrible insult to chocolates. Everyone is happy to get Chocolates as a gift; Who wants to get a box of Republicans? "The Santorum Sampler?" GAG!!

I just hope this over reach and appealing to their very worst and craziest impulses is absolutely going to Obliterate the Republican Party as we currently know it on Election Day.

Shiral--Kiddo, you've just coined a phrase!
The Gumpster would never join the Klan, and that is EXACTLY who the Southern and Midwestern "To'R'y + Flat Earth Party" is ... the photo should instead be a montage of Bull Conner, George Wallace and Lester "Ax Handle" Maddox.
I think you're onto something.
Oh, that was so funny and witty. I wish I could be as funny and witty as you.
perd takes hard work... ... ...
Thought I'd already left a comment; must have been interupted and never hit Send.

I don't think Mr. Hanks would approve of being a GOP symbol in any capacity. I also don't think the GOP is after people with obvious mental disabilities. What they're after is people who don't want to go through the trouble of thinking, just reacting, the more angrily the better. Their ideal type would be the Dittohead, a person who relies on someone else to decide their views.
Kosh this isn't intended to suggest that the party is in a alicious way after the intellectually challenged.
When was the last time you got a good spankin'?! I love Tom Hanks!
Now you've got me going...

I loves me some rich dark chocolate...and life really IS like a box of chocolate: Everything we bite into has a slightly different flavor...and the dark outer shell is always the same, mouth watering goodness.

Seriously, I am only talking about chocolate now and I am going to go get some from the fridge.
Most of the Republicans I know are more likely to suffer from Aspergers Disorder than intellectual handicap.
...and then some. R
You're not a bad person, but that photo is a bad example. I loved Forrest Gump!! If everyone were more like him, we'd have a lot fewer problems in the world, and I think that was the message of that film.