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     I am the only person I know to have fainted at a brit milah, the ceremonial religious cutting of an eight-day-old Jewish boy’s foreskin. I was among c/

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MARCH 1, 2015 9:20AM

When Religion Kills Babies

    Religious communal practices bringing actual or potential harm to children, sacred text-based or no, narrowly or widely performed, must have no legal support, must be condemned and criminalized by civil authority. Our courts do not condone par
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FEBRUARY 23, 2015 7:03AM

For Third-Partiers [& 4 Latest Podcasts]

     What so often binds together contemporary third-party advocates, no matter the party they promote, is their seeming need and and ironic wont to convince others that the fix is "in"  --  fostering the sense it's useless to vote as they, themselves, vote. 

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     We haven't Destroyed ISIS yet!

     Oh. Dear.  

     Far too many daily worship at Our Lady of Instant Gratification.

     We haven't Destroyed ISIS yet!

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FEBRUARY 19, 2015 6:01AM

Drones & the Ethics of the High-Ground


     Given that manned bombers routinely inflict more damage and death than drones, is the core ethical objection to drones that they don't put the joy-stickers behind the bombing at risk and so drones seem radically unfair, not at all "sporting"?

     Yet the
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FEBRUARY 18, 2015 8:16AM

Your Very Own Personal Holocaust

    The best study ever, and the worst, of how your stress contributes to cancer was recently released in Israel. Researchers tracked just under 316,000 Holocaust survivors: of men studied, those who spent the entire Second War in occupied Europe, survived,
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     I do think all social institutions, including nominally religious institutions, given our common nature, involve Power, although not necessarily, strictly-speaking, Politics, which I view as smaller, gaining control, (elections of all kinds, at all levels of social organization, pRead full post »

FEBRUARY 16, 2015 8:10AM

1-Question Atheism, Agnosticism, Theism


Why does it matter?




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     Picketing military funerals to spread the gospel that God kills our soldiers because Americans have become increasingly intolerant of gender-bigots isn't enough for Westboro Baptist. The Kansas stalwarts, taking the (very) long view, have bigger plans.           




 Saturday, 2

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Bev Cowling of O' Fallon, Missouri, a friend, is the editor of the site, House of Public Discourse and the editor of the site's Facebook page. I thought to bring this to you because it personalizes a critical national issue.

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FEBRUARY 10, 2015 6:02AM

How Do You Read?

     On Saturday's program, I'll ask listeners this question, at the top. 
          HOW DO YOU READ?
     As I wrap, hoping they've given it some thought, I plan
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3 latest podcasts with work from:
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FEBRUARY 4, 2015 5:57AM

Is This the Moment of ISIS Overreach?

    Evil always overreaches; it is in its nature. I wonder if this will be seen in future as the moment when the group overreached. I cannot see Jordan's King not greenlighting his outraged military, allying with those states who see themselves as vulnerable as Jordan,&nbRead full post »



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FEBRUARY 3, 2015 7:39AM

1-Sentence Vaccination

I Don't Believe in Vaccines

is said by those whose commitments and world view are fundamentally religious; they've no place in public health/science policy debate.

Unfortunate is that too few see when present the classic ruse of anti-Semites, racists, misogynists -- deflect, self-righteously, their bigotry, attack objection to it.
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JANUARY 31, 2015 8:58AM

@ OPEN, Equating Israel, Jews? (Yes.)

"Can you point me to any examples here on OS...where someone has equated Judiasm/Jews in general with the actions of Israel and their Zionist supporters?"
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     Can you imagine, say, Rachel Maddow at MSNBC or, say, Bret Baier, at Fox, telling management they're going to devote a segment to raise up a recently partially-paralyzed fourteen-year-old Nashville girl, a rising country music talent?

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JANUARY 28, 2015 8:49PM

Let's Clear It All Up: Jew. Did.It.

As we see increasing and ever-more crunchy-credible-edible online speculation that JEWS DID PARIS,
Let's. Clear. It. All. Up.  
My family. (We found a note in the basement.)
Ford's Theater
Grassy Knoll
Bridge at San Luis Rey
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     I asked this question in early fall and I ask it now in the newer context of Paris, and in light of The (British) Telegraph's Emma Barnett's writing, a touch of which I paraphrase at the end of this repost. (I'll share her full piece on 'Passionate Justice' onRead full post »