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January 26
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    Saturday, 10.25.14   3:00-4:00 pm Eastern  

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OCTOBER 23, 2014 1:09PM


Ban all travel to and from Texas. 

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     People, however sincere and passionate, err when they demand art censorship. Such people nearly always err artistically and always err philosophically. Art --  even art majorities for a time insists is not art  --  must be subject to the marketplace-in-ideasRead full post »
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                 PASSIONATE JUSTICE  


    Saturday, 10.18.14   3:00-4:00 pm&nb

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OCTOBER 13, 2014 10:24AM

Woman Steals Leg At Eagles Game

     My fellow Philadelphia sports fans tend to be proudly crude. Legendary are stories of fans booing and hurling ice-chunk snowballs at Santa, fans so drunk and boorish that the bowels of old Veterans Stadium and the new Linc, are home to make-shift court rooms manned and womRead full post »


      Scott Roeder, the Kansas murderer of gynecologist George Tiller, was, in April, 2010, sentenced to 50 years. He'll be then eligible for parole. His sentence was, rightly, doubled by the court because of overwhelming evidence that he'd stalked Dr.
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    Saturday, 10.11.14   3:00-4:00 pm Eastern  




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As Senator Rubio and others have now signaled renewed interest in threatening a government shutdown over the Affordable Health Care Act, I thought to re-post this piece, from 2010.*
 The enormous rift in our culture that undergirds debate is fundamen
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OCTOBER 7, 2014 3:38PM

Watching This Site, Leaving This Site

It is not politics that has sullied this site. 

It isn't the landlord-absenteeism alone.

It is this:

Largely it is one individual, sad, desperately sad and in intermiable mourning, a mourning that each day must find objects for a rage that is apparently unquenchable, cloaks her bigotry and absoluti
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     Are you as concerned about toddler-terrosists as you are about ISIS, Al Qaeda, other terrorists? No? You may wish to reconsider.
     Stacie Borrello, at Opposing Views, asks if you know how many Americans have been killed, here, by terrorists and how
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    Saturday, 10.4.14   3:00-4:00 pm Eastern  




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OCTOBER 2, 2014 4:26PM

On Opinion, Valid, Invalid

     There are writers with whom we're too generous. Some just do not think very well, follow a thought-thread, compose and lay out their own ideas much beyond invective. I do not think they write largely for shock-value; most aren't feigning. This is to say:  not all expre
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OCTOBER 1, 2014 8:48PM

I Learned (My 5+)

In the past month or so? I've learned...
. I can get about outside home w.o the wheelchair. It's good to know.
. I remain gleefully addicted to "Perry Mason" and I'm hopelessly in love w Della Street.
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Has the wholesale removal or elimination of a nation and a

people, as a potential solution to political disagreement,

aside from Israel and Jews, ever been raised in modern civil

discourse without those raising that potential solution being

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Their sole remarkable characteristic is the length to which some racists will go to twist language and history (personal and cultural) to maintain their teetering equilibrium in a world fast out-distancing them, hurtling them, terrified, toward a Justice they cannot fathom.
 362887_d4dd48eeaf514cab9b7026fc3da85ab2.jpg_srz_340_390_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz (340Ã390)
Reverend Patrick Mukajanga

Oh Uganda! 


may God uphold thee, we lay our future in thy hand.  


United; free for liberty.  Together we'll always stand.  


I start out here on the first few line of our National Anthem,

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While I'm tempted to re-post several pieces on the abject foolishness of some white people's consistent, insistent and hopelessly shrill demand on minorities for cultural/experiential symmetry, I won't, now, because the minds needing them most are shut like Loperamide-stuffed rectums.

The only sal
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    Saturday, 9.27.14   3:00-4:00 pm Eastern  




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     In a conversation I had the other day with my son, my African-American son, he expressed some real chagrin and disgust that it falls yet again, through a combination of actual events as well as media’s chosen focus…it yet again falls to the vast majority of AfRead full post »

                    PASSIONATE JUSTICE  


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SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 10:10AM

why i don't write erotica

i'm far too private a person to write erotica here and i feel uncomfortable reading it unless it's performed by a relative such as my great aunt ethel or my cousin eddie but let's have none of that hawaiian shirt salesman on ocho islas thisRead full post »
SEPTEMBER 15, 2014 7:21AM

Supporting Hamas Is Hardly Progressive

     People of good will disagree passionately about political language; in a spirit of good will people may learn from one another even when, in the end, they tend to hold to ideas they embraced when discussion began. Still, I don't think it's helpful to speak as if wordsRead full post »
Open/Our Writers on 'Passionate Justice', 9.6.14, 9.13.14
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                   PASSIONATE JUSTICE  



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