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MAY 16, 2009 5:51PM

When You Look At Me

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Yes I fly,

my feet fall on clouds

my arms hug the sky.


Yes I fly,

each night as I dream

as I turn on the moon.

Light as a feather

I salt the sky,

and also pepper,

the cosmos -

with holes of black

and comets of white,

with metal rocks

and stars of light.

I tend to this menagerie

that you call sky,

Yes - I fly.


I stream the firmament with dust

and color the supernova.

I breathe reality,

and exhale the rings

of another Saturn.

I speak minds into existence

and fill them with laughter.

Yes - I fly. 


I tickle the back of your knee

and I know that you smile

because of me.

Know that when you look at me,

Yes. I. Fly.


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This is just right. You say it all well.

I love the word "firmament'. Love it.
"I stream the firmament with dust

and color the supernova."

so cool... well done! --rated--
nice. Really nice. It felt good to read it. All three times.
Absolutely beautiful.
and have i told you recently i am glad you are back....rated!
yeah, like it alot :D
So it's you who salt the sky.

That's beautiful, J.
A testament to the power of love. Well-said. :)
Ah! Oh! Ah!

"each night as I dream
I turn on the moon"

Oh! Oh!

"and exhale the rings
of another Saturn.
I speak minds into existence
and fill them with laughter."

Mmmm, yes!

This reminds me of something I've got that you might enjoy. It's old, but I'll dig it up and post it within the next few days. I'll alert you when it's up.

Just oh, yeah, flight lines, yes!

Thank you, again, for stumbling across my area, which made me aware of your area.
Waking - thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate your compliments.

Mr. Mustard - Thank you for the visit and the comments!

Owl - I am happy to hear you enjoyed this offering :)

Charity - thank you very much, you are too kind!

scupper - always a pleasure, Ms :)

HJulie! Thanks!

"Hello",she lied - Thank you for the compliment very much :)

Natalie B - I appreciate the visit, and the kind word, always!

Ms Delia! - thank you :)

gailrae - I appreciate your comments and look forward to yours, please find it! :)

I am always amazed and unbelievably happy at how my stuff is received. I can not tell you all enough how each of your comments and visits affect me. It makes me want to be 'worthy' of your praise and helps me focus the beams of thought as they enter the lens of my soul's heart. Hopefully they leave fairly intact and readable lol :)

David J
"I speak minds into existence/and fill them with laughter" wow that is powerful. wish I could do that!
enjoyed the flight, Jimenace, and for the favour - iting :)
meant to write "thank you" for the favourit-ing. slipped. see, that is why I wish there was an edit function. whats the point of having cancel and delete and no edit? being civilized means we get a chance to re-do, and let learning happen yada yada yada...
sorry Jimencae - got angry for a min. I almost lost a post last night bec of this
This should be in a textbook of poetry to teach students about rhythm and imagery.

You always have at least one line that I keep coming back to. This time it is:

"Light as a feather
I salt the sky

I'm not sure why, but I'm stuck on this intriguing line. Your poems are always a good place to be stuck for a while.

Thanks. And thanks for leading me to your sister's work. Amazing.
I want some of what you must be on.
ha, you s ound like a frequent flier......the only thing bad that happens is

nothing..ha ...the day is growing old, friend, and my woman is gone, and she will soon be home, and i will be properly put down for the Night unless the night

from the sky...? hm..........pope in israel! war in iraq! afganistan, still good opium and....hashsheesh!?...did it only once

and it grew me some damn LEGS,

story for another day...peace
Beautiful! I love it.. Thank you
In the dark of night we are free of the bonds . . . free to soar and experience the unimaginable. Great verse that awakes our own reality. (Rated for excellence again)
what an energetic and creative poem
I loved coming back to "yes I fly" over and over... ironically, it was a grounding sentiment for me. Good writing must be in the genes - glad to have found both you and your sis.
yo jim...

yah, the high midnight fell upon my head last nite & suddenly, shit, yo, i am shakespeare jim.....

the rain man came and left manchester....now it's what? nothin....gray shit in the sky.......too autumnal...i'm not leavin my house...it'll bring me down....

ground, with the ground always melting anyway......the melting is mindmade,

but it seems to be a property of the physical world, ya dig? kant said, "ja, its all in yr head, yo" and then

hegl said: "ja but same shit in my head as in yrs, yo" and nietsche said, "yo, the other is done, i am it, and there aint no i but what we got. whatdya wanna do with it? kill 6 million jews, or sell yr little puny nouveau crazyass nazi brotherhood of aryan crapola like you painted? damn painter, cant even paint outta the lines, yo....

That was about Hitler. He is still on tv, shrieking from the History Channel. The lifetime network offers a more contemporary vibe...

Why do we fall, when we imagine we are built to Rise? Why do we rise when they built us to Fall? Didnt we

already Fall with adam and eve? yes, but that was necessary sin, to get us acquainted with the ways of the New Thing, the Human, after we were just these fuckin tribes f

half man half apes.....we got gruntin and then built a Brain....the neocortex is an evolving organ except when you slice it up and eat it like hanibal lector eatinoff that guys head in "hannibal", the funny sequel to "silence of the lambs"...

Yo, jim: the Lambs were silent on the day of the crucifiction of our saviour, that slippery dud jesu....

jesu the ultra-neo orthodoxest of all the Hebrews...

cept i aint a damn hebrew, says the nazi...

well, yah you are...its in yr head cuz you accepted it as a child with yr Bible, you pisspoor artist...

the only ending we need is the director shouting, unexpectedly,
"thats a cut" or "a take " or: "wrap it"

jim in not of La
Wonderful images of flight. My favorite dreams are when I fly. I've only had them a few times but your poem describes how I feel. Thank you.
Super-sweet. 'metal rocks and stars of light' was my fave line. rated.
Looking over your comment stream, it seems that "Poetry Jim E" came and left you a buncha nonsense. He's a good guy, but a bit obscure. Now: here is "Literary Critic Jim"...

Images of flight. They are the oldest of our dreams, perhaps? As apemen we looked always to the sky, no? The birds. Yet: we are grounddwellers.

We built aeroplanes and we even made it to the Moon.

But along comes this hip poet, jimenace, and somehow insinuates that we fly inside, somehow. We fly with the help of our loved ones. We tickle a shapely knee, with the firm sweet succulent flesh covering it....how we crave to rest oour lips on that knee...to feel the rush, the takeoff, the...

flight. A flight of fancy, say the fancy people with their fancy words. Yet we troubadors know the fancy language, and use it in our plot

to lovebomb the earth. Loveattacks are coming. They in their wisdom will think something is amiss...perhaps an islamo fascist plot to take away our godgiven blessing of freedom and pursuit of happiness and riches and hot women? no! just love...goofy, crazyass love....absurd hard love...

the public arenas will be well guarded, but the women will still roam in their shirts and we'll see their knees and that'll do it! Woo...offf we go...

and to touch them? Perhaps being near them is enough, for now...in 20 yrs we'll have public touching of strangers w/o getting the cops involved...

Jim, very serious and literary today.blessings of peace.enjoy the weather...where are you again? bermuda?
Dont let it all go to yr head &
all is well i find..

that means: i thankfully have an empty space

for a damn head...ha best wishe d with yr

head tow...yow jim, jumpin jack flash style

At the risk of quoting poetry twice in one evening, I thought I'd share these lines from one of Mary Oliver's less-quoted pieces, "Landscape":

". . . And now
the crows break off from the rest of the darkness
and burst up into the sky — as though

all night they had thought of what they would like
their lives to be, and imagined
their strong, black wings."

Keep flying, David.

I'm hanging onto " I Salt the sky and also pepper the cosmos..." and committing it to memory. Lovely.
Dude, you are in a zone lately - This is wonderful stuff - Present and Eternal, Individual and also Universally Cosmic...This is LOVE LOVE LOVE emanating via your soulful creative expression!!!
Clearly superb. Bravo! (you have a standing ovation here. I mean for real this is killer!)
Thank you, Apache :) I'm glad you like it!
Moved me to tears - thank you.
Irie! Thank you for your words - and welcome to OS :)

It has long been a favorite of mine and is some of my more recent (last year lol) work. I look forward to reading more of your!