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July 24
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MARCH 7, 2012 10:22AM

Incredibly, Unbelievably Small

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She lays curled in her father's cupped hands.

 Mother's hands folded around his. 

Her tiny hands together in seeming prayer,

pillowed under her porcelain cheek. 

Breath-taking, breathless, beauty.

Unopened eyes,

never to see sun, sky, moon.



She is so perfect, so delicate, so small.

Hardly there at all.

A tiny bud plucked too soon from her cozy womb.

A tiny bud waiting to open,

never to flower. 


A still life photograph.

Those two large hands,

holding perfection.


She doesn't seem real this fragile fairy-child.  

A dream

that for only a few brief hours

had come to light.

Dream come true.

Dream made flesh.  

Dying dreams

being laid to rest

in those impossibly large loving hands.

Dreams of what would be,

could be,

might be,

fading in the harsh glare of

never will be. 


She lay in the palms of her father's hands,

enfolded by her mother's sorrow.

So incredibly, unbelievably small.

As time passes by,

hardly real

at all.





[Author's note:  This is not my story, but it is a heartbreakingly true story.]

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Heartbreaking and eloquently told. "Breath-taking, breathless, beauty": it begins to turn on that middle word, and the movement from the first to the second and then to the third captures the deep tragedy of it all.

And I thought these two lines--"She lay in the palms of her father's hands, / enfolded by her mother's sorrow"--were just stunning.
Sarah - Thanks for coming by!

Pilgrim - Thank you for commenting on the movement, I worked hard at crafting that and I'm glad to hear it was noticed. Your thoughtful observations are always greatly appreciated!
She lay in the palms of her father's hands,

enfolded by her mother's sorrow.

Well it was a quick intro to our world,
and it sounds that it went pretty good for her while she was here
(some might say: mercifully shortly!)
and then slipped back into the One.

She will have a few nice things to say about us here,
maybe, to her infinite friends?
Every syllable in this is visual and rhythmic. Beautifully done.
It's beautiful and very tragic.

I should warn you, though, in case you haven't noticed,
that those of us who are new to your blog are reading this poem while looking at your avatar.
Koshersalaami - I have had my avatar for four years now and I don't even register it any more. I can see how the picture juxtaposed with the opening line and subject matter can be very disjointed and disturbing. I apologize to anyone who might find the combination offensive.
Not offensive. Perhaps the best word would be Distracting. If the subject matter were less serious, I'd characterize it as comic.