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Jerry Kavanagh

Jerry Kavanagh
New York,
April 19
Jerry Kavanagh is a former Assistant Arts Editor at New York Magazine, Editor in Chief at Conde Nast's Street & Smith's Sports Group, and New York Bureau Chief at SportsBusiness Journal.



MAY 10, 2012 6:13PM

Mistaken Identity and Love

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“I saw you yesterday!” Jordan greeted me excitedly when I entered his third-grade classroom.

You did? Where was I? I asked him.

“You were in your car.”

Was I even in my car yesterday, I wondered. I backtracked in my head over the previous day. I remembered that I mowed the lawn and then went for a run. No, the car on Monday was parked right where I left it on Friday.

“You have a pretty big car, right? Dark red?”

My car is small, I told him, and gold-colored. You’ve seen it in the school parking lot.

“You were driving near the dead-end street off Lakeview,” he said.

Wait, was the guy behind the wheel a very handsome man, I asked him.


Well, then, it wasn’t me, I said.

Later that afternoon, Remi was concluding the day with her “Star of the Week” presentation. It’s a prolonged show-and-tell in which the children take turns revealing themselves to their classmates via poster, photographs, drawings, and personal artifacts. There were photos of Remi as a baby and others at various ages, with family members, and at different vacation spots.

“This is my dog,” Remi said, pulling a stuffed animal out of a tote bag. “And look, she has puppies,” unzipping four smaller stuffed animals from the mother dog’s stomach. Remi also talked about a purple plush carry-all bought for her in Italy by her musician father.

“And here is my favorite,” she said, holding up a locket on a ribbon. “It was my great grandma’s. She opened the locket. “This is a spot for a small photo of me, but I didn’t put one in yet.”

I was standing next to Athan, one of her classmates, during this part of the presentation. He motioned for me to lean over so that he could say something. When I did, he whispered conspiratorially, “Sometimes when two people are in love, they put photos of each other in the locket.”   


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