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MARCH 31, 2012 4:30PM

My Favorite Music (

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It may seem boring to some, but to me it is sublime.

 Here is my favorite music: 


And I'm cheating by posting a runner-up. Here is another classic of a different vintage..

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Two most excellent choices!
Jeff,excellent choices...Thank you for sharing..Rated regards!!!
Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed the music. There are so many memories associated with this music, places and people and times gone by. The music stays the same, and we change around it so it's always new in some way.
Wonderful music. Thank you./r
I want to send my apologies. I have been away and was cleaning out old email and found this. Each choice is beautiful in it's own right. Are you a player or simply a lover of classical music? R
I should have clarified. I regard jazz as America's classical music.
Way interesting choices. You at least take your music seriously.