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MARCH 25, 2012 3:21AM

Dick Cheney Survives; Rename the Banker's Heart in SF

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Former Vice President Dick Cheney underwent a heart transplant operation today and is recovering at a hospital in Virginia.

The Banker's Heart, San Francisco

I'm listed as an organ donor on my driver's license. I firmly believe in the life saving generosity of organ donation. Some kind soul gave their heart to Dick Cheney. It probably wasn't the first person whose heart was ripped out by Cheney.

Dick Cheney may have needed to change his heart, but I really hope he doesn't change his name. Some people just have names that suit them so well. I think Dick is an entirely appropriate name for Cheney. It suits him perfectly. Don't have a name transplant, Dick. 

 I'm now wondering whether it's possible to attach to my organ donor status a "Do Not Donate" list of individuals whose life I wouldn't care to save.  A person has to draw the line some place. There are certain people it might just be better for planet earth to let go when it's their time. I'll put some thought into who would be on that list. It would be a very serious and legal looking document with a paragraph at the head stating that "Under no circumstances are the following people allowed to touch, possess, have implanted, or in any other way benefit materially or spiritually by the insertion or use of my heart or any other organ which is designated "mine" by virtue of it being connected to and thus part of my body". And following that would be a list of people I really don't want to receive any kind of comfort or support of any kind from anybody, but most certainly not from me. I think Cheney would be on that list.

I suppose Mr. Cheney is relatively harmless these days, so it won't really be such a great burden to the world if his life is prolonged. I'm sure his family appreciates the borrowed time. Somebody had better appreciate it; it cost someone their life and heart, for goodness' sake, and Lord knows it certainly wasn't the first time Cheney benefited materially by people losing their lives or limbs.

I was unable to obtain any specific details about the condition of Cheney's old heart. I imagined it would be kind of black and hard and icy, not unlike the sculpture pictured above. The sculpture is named "Transcendence", by Masayuke Nagari. It's located in front of the Bank of America building in San Francisco, at 555 California Street. The more commonly used local name for the sculpture is "The Banker's Heart". Maybe it should be renamed; from now on let's call it "Cheney's Heart".

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". Some kind soul gave their heart to Dick Cheney. It probably wasn't the first person whose heart was ripped out by Cheney. "

I wonder if the donor went hunting with Cheney right before he decided to "donate"?
rw, I'm sure that to a man like Cheney, all options are available. I think when your criminality enables a certain level of wealth and power, you transcend the means and methods of ordinary criminals.

Amy, If Dick had needed to resort to those methods, I don't doubt he would have done so. But I'm sure his level of privilege gives him wide enough latitude that he didn't need to resort to that. Being approved as a recipient at the age of 71 is extremely rare, almost unheard of. I personally don't see why Cheney should be approved, and not some average person's grandmother. Even so, apparently he waited 20 months for the heart. I hate myself for thinking bad thoughts, but given all the pain and death that man contributed to, I struggle with the instinctive hopes that his body rejects the heart.
Jeff J, I think its more likely the heart will reject him.
after the transplant & it wakes up in its new surroundings, I think the new heart will have a heart attack.