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MARCH 21, 2012 2:29PM

FOX News Covered Trayvon Martin Case

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Between Feb. 26 and Mar. 19,  all the major networks covered the tragic case in Florida of Trayvon Martin, who was gunned down by self-appointed Neighborhood Watch vigilante George Zimmerman. Zimmerman appears to be trying to take legal cover under Florida's questionable "Stand Your Ground" legislation.

 We are familiar with FOX news groundbreaking and aggressive coverage of race in America from other stories in the past: diligent blow by blow coverage of the New Black Panther Party election fraud crisis to American Democracy, President Obama's Hip Hop BBQ, reminding us that our President is a half self-hating half black man,  and keeping us up to date with the President's black style-trends.

True to form, FOX has worked over-time to make sure it's audience has all the information they need on racial matters in America. The following chart compares coverage of the Trayvon Martin case on CNN, MSNBC, and FOX over the three week period.

It's very encouraging to see that FOX is doing its share of the work to keep our nation informed about important issues on race and law enforcement. Would anyone have expected anything less? 

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R! thanks for posting this stat.

I've been noticing Conservatives across the blogosphere run to the Florida Law and Zimmerman's defense, and not only portray him as the "victim," but they are sending out links (a la Breitbart) to doctored photos of Trayvon to maliciously and intentionally portray him in a false and negative light, i.e. as "threatening" and "dangerous," etc. SICKENING.
It truly is sickening. White conservatives have a vested interest in portraying themselves as morally superior advocates of a post-racial society whose principled stand on social issues like affirmative action represents an enlightened color-blind approach. But they are quick to scream about reverse racism against downtrodden whites while hastening to criticize any usage of the "race card" as a black victim-hood complex. They want to pretend that 350 years of systematic violence, hatred, torture, denial of educational and economic opportunity, and psychological pain just goes away overnight. They want to sweep it all under the carpet and pretend nothing ever happened. At the same time they whine "what about us?" they tell blacks to "just get over it".
Looks like it was thoroughly covered (as in "buried").
Nice that you did the work to put the facts out. Of course, those that get their "news" from that sham station will not understand why this is so shameful.
What else can you expect?
What would it cost Faux News and its followers to admit, just this once, that something is rotten in Florida? Have they all lost whatever ability to reason they might have had at one time? I cannot understand how this case can be controversial in any way, I really can't. This is very distressing.

Firstly, Fox News is not a news organization, it's a Republican Party organ under absurdly shallow cover as a news organization.

Secondly, I think there should be some controversy over the Trayvon case, though not of the kind most people think. It occurred to me while responding on Seer's post today that what differentiates this case is a mixture of race and class. Here was a kid whose father lived in a gated community, wearing a hoodie in part because of the weather, running an errand to get a snack while taking a break from watching March Madness. White kids wear hoodies and go on these kinds of errands from this kind of community. This wasn't an inner city kid, this was One Of Us, our kid's Black friend from down the street, a good kid. We're not bigoted and to accept this shooting we'd have to be, so this one is Not OK. I don't care if he is Black, you don't get to shoot my neighbor's kid. If we let this one go, we couldn't conceivably hide from an accusation of being racist, even if we did vote for a Black President.
Thank you for posting that graph. Says it all.
I don't know why, but I find this the most upsetting story in a long time.