Jason Bachand

Jason Bachand
Connecticut, United States
September 09
Jason Bachand is an author, independent scholar, and blogger. His blog, A Bright Blog, is located at http://a-bright-blog.blogspot.com/.


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SEPTEMBER 27, 2011 9:21PM

Why I'm Godless for my Daughter's Sake

Children are often described as "a blessing." I confess that as a new father positively giddy with excitement and awe over my daughter's birth and development, I've felt the occasional need to express gratitude to something. This is a new feeling - but becoming a parent is… Read full post »

I submit to you, dear reader, that there's no such thing as a liberal Christian.

Colby Chapel at Andover Newton Seminary Recently, I was engaged in a debate with a 'conservative' Christian about same-sex marriage. A self-professed 'liberal' Christian interjected with a comment about Jesus Christ's message of redemption and radicaRead full post »

SEPTEMBER 8, 2011 1:52AM

Tales of a Seminary Nothing

There is a bit of common wisdom, in religious circles anyway, that seminaries make more atheists than clergy.I'm proof that - at least occasionally - the adage proves true.

The author at Andover-Newton.Many of my readers (and friends) have taken it upon themselves (as a moral imperative apparently) to explain my atheism…

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Atheism, A New Ethics of Social Justice?

What if Martin Luther King, Jr., an avowed Christian, or devout Hindu Mohandas Gandhi, had been secularists? Suppose they'd even been atheists - could they have accomplished as much as they did in… Read full post »