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AUGUST 12, 2010 9:03AM

Mississippi Summer—Seasonal Affect Disorder

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Another hot and muggy day across Mississippi…another hot and muggy day…another hot and muggy day…expect highs in the 100’s.  Beware of the heat index pushing temperatures over 105.  If you must be outside, drink plenty of water and seek shade whenever possible.

Having heard this very same forecast every day for three weeks, maybe four, I feel like Phil Connors (Bill Murray character in Groundhog Day) who wakes up each morning to Sonny and Cher singing “I Got You Babe” and knows he must repeat that day again.

At night I dream of a cool breeze coming, not from an air conditioner or ceiling fan, but from Zephyrus that god-force of early summer gentle winds.  In my dream I walk onto my downtown Seattle condo deck with a cup of coffee and watch: the ferry shuttling people from Bainbridge or Bremerton to Seattle; the container ships heading for Harbour Island and the crane towers waiting to unload the containers; further southeast, if the morning is clear and Tahoma, god of the mountain, is willing, Mt. Rainier graces me with its mammoth power and presence making the day particularly magical; the Olympic Sculpture Park off to the right with Alexander Calder’s Eagle perched predator-like while the actual Olympic Mountains rise up further in the distance.  In my dream, downtown Seattle residents walk to work or to the bus or the light-rail which will take them to their destination.

My Seattle dream is a romantic vision, I’m sure.  Lots of days in Seattle are foggy, misty, cloudy.  I don’t know anymore if all the people on the streets are off to jobs; maybe they are searching for work, desperate and worried.  Maybe they are quietly panhandling for money to buy a beer or bottle of wine. Maybe the state transportation system has rescinded funds designated for replacement of aging ferries and has increased fares so much that riding the ferry has become a hardship for those who must.  Romance aside, Seattle is much cooler even on the hottest day of the year.

And back to the unending, intense heat and humidity of Mississippi, I’ll share some news from around the state.    

“Moss Point, MS - Jackson County coroner Vicki Broadus says an autopsy shows a 48-year-old construction worker has died of hyperthermia.”

“Jefferson County Coroner Lee Felton says 48-year-old Richard Sims of Fayette died Monday evening while mowing a yard.”

“A 50-year-old man was found dead in his home north of Aberdeen Tuesday by sheriff's deputies. This is the second death in Monroe County.”

“Gulfport - Authorities said two sisters found dead in their mobile home this week actually died of heatstroke about two weeks ago.”

 A study of seasonal affect disorder in Mississippi is in order.

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Sounds like Arizona but with more humidity. Dare we say the honeymoon period is over if there ever was one?